My Corolla Trip to Blue Ridge, GA

Corolla 2014 Unexpect Everything

Last weekend Southeast Toyota Distributors gave me a 2014 Corolla to drive up to Blue Ridge, GA for two nights. I had been wanting to do a mini fall getaway with Troy this season, so it was perfect timing. Blue Ridge is only about two hours north of Atlanta and is especially beautiful this time of year with the leaves changing color.

This was basically my outfit for the two days we spent wandering around the north Georgia mountains:

apple picking outfit


apple picking outfit details
Fantas Eyes sunglasses • J. Crew jacketSo Worth Loving tee • black pashmina (similar here) • Gap jeansJeffrey Campbell bootsFjällräven backpack
The Jeffrey Campbell boots are my new pair of boots for the year. I love how simple they are and the slit down the sides are unexpected. You’ll probably be seeing them a lot on this blog :)
Downtown Blue Ridge has really grown and evolved in the past five years. Not too long ago it was just another sleepy, north Georgia town. Today it has a number of fine dining restaurants and shops along its main street. During this time of year it’s packed with tourist like me and Troy.

Downtown Blue Ridge GA

Even though the downtown is growing fast, there aren’t really enough restaurants for all of the tourists. So, if you take a trip up to Blue Ridge during the fall,  make reservations at the nicer restaurants a week ahead of time.

Blue Ridge Georgia

I didn’t make any reservations ahead of time, so Troy and I missed out on Harvest on Main, the most popular Blue Ridge restaurant. Nevertheless, we did have excellent meals at Black Sheep, Joe’s BBQ, and Blue Ridge Brewery. Joe’s BBQ was my favorite. It’s so small and so popular that the restaurant usually runs out of food by the afternoon.

Blue Ridge Brewery

We stayed at the Aska Lodge Bed and Breakfast and loved it. It’s only a five minute drive from downtown Blue Ridge and has that perfect lodge/cabin feel that you want in the mountains. There are only four rooms (each with a bathroom ensuite) so it’s really intimate and cozy. Troy and I loved the owners, Janet and Ric, and really enjoyed eating breakfast with the other guests. My favorite part was the communal snack area, which included homemade cookies.

Aska Lodge

Our room had its own private section on the upstairs porch. It was perfect for reading with a cup of hot cocoa and for applying makeup ;) I also took full advantage of the fake fireplace/heater next to our bed.

Aska Lodge stay

Aska Lodge Room

In addition to spending a few hours exploring downtown, there are a number of other things you can do in the Blue Ridge area.

We spent a morning at Mercier Orchards, which has been around since 1943. The place is huge! There’s a market, gift shop, deli, and bakery.

Mercier Orchards market

It’s a little too late in the season to pick your own apples, so Troy and I just ended up buying half a bushel of Black Arkansas apples (recommended by Ric from our B&B), and then had a mid-morning snack that included an apple dumpling and the amazingly, delicious fried apple pie.

Mercier Orchards fried apple pie

Blue Ridge isn’t far from the start of the Appalachian Trail so there are tons of outdoorsy things to do if you’re staying in that area. It’s also close to Amicalola Falls, the tallest cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi River. With so much beauty and so many trail options in the area you would think Troy and I spent a good part of our trip hiking. Well, we’re not outdoorsy types, so we chose the shortest and closest (and I think best-named) trail to our B&B: Fall Branch Falls.

Fall Branch Falls

I really don’t think it gets more perfect than beautiful scenery, an awesome place to stay, a sweet ride, local BBQ, and drinking hot cocoa on the porch on a chilly morning. Even though the trip was only two days, it’s one of our favorites we’ve taken. Troy and I already want to bring all of our friends on a Blue Ridge road trip next month.

Mercier Orchards tree

I’ll leave you with this last photo from Mercier Orchards. Happy fall!


Dearest Lar,

Troy and I spent the whole weekend talking about how beautiful Blue Ridge is. . . and then I saw your photos from Perthshire. Whoa! Blue Ridge is beautiful, but Perthshire is like magical unicorn beautiful.

I think you and Matt would really like Blue Ridge. It would be so fun to do a couples trip up there some day. It also made it really fun to drive a new, fancy car. I’ve never driven a car that has a backup camera and a touch screen audio system – exactly what you’d need for a road trip. Makes you kind of miss America, doesn’t it?

Only twelve more days until we see each other again!!!!

xoxo, Cath

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Local Shopping in Atlanta: Worthmore Jewelers

Once in a while Lar and I sit down and talk about what kind of content we want on AsianCajuns. We frequently circle back to topics like outfits, personal style, and travel, but we always decide we want to include more fun things about the cities we live in. I always enjoy reading blogs that unearth shops and restaurants that I wouldn’t know about as a visitor. Lar has done a great job with posts on FYUL and Falko, but I need to step up my game with Atlanta.

I don’t blame people who write off Atlanta as a giant suburb with an international airport. If you stick to the typically touristy stuff, you don’t get to see what makes this city so great. To get a true feel of Atlanta, you have to explore the inner-city neighborhoods where you’ll discover amazing shops and restaurants. So that’s where AsianCajuns comes in. I want to start including more posts on my favorite spots.

Let’s start with a trip to Worthmore Jewelers!

Worthmore Jewelers trying on session

The Worthmore Jewelers in Decatur (the original store is in Midtown) is less than a three minute walk from my work. I pass by it every time I go to Starbucks and always want to press my nose up against the window and see what’s new.

Worthmore Jewelers Nixon watches

What sets Worthmore apart from other jewelry stores is its inventory. It has a great mix of price points, styles, and items. I’m not a big jewelry person – at least not the fancy kind – so I usually just write them off as places where you buy engagement rings. But I’ve been going to Worthmore for years because they have unpretentious jewelry you’d want to wear everyday, they have the best selection of watches in town, and the staff is super welcoming and friendly.

Below I’m trying on this amazing Nixon watch. Isn’t it a beaut? It’s already on my Christmas wish list (hint, hint Troy)!

Worthmore Jewelers Nixon rose gold watch

Since I don’t know much about stones and gems I might be a little slow on the morganite trend. Have you heard of it? Apparently it’s part of the emerald family. It’s a little hard to tell in these photos, but the morganite gems are more of a light peach than pink, which I like because it makes it less princess-y – or less J.Lo/Affleck engagement ring-y.

Worthmore Jewelers morganite stones

See the delicate necklace in the photos below? Every one of those little beads is a rough cut, black diamond – kinda reminds me of this ;)

There are so many facets on each diamond that the whole necklace sparkles like crazy, but it’s ultimately very understated. I would absolutely put this on my Christmas wish list if I thought someone would plunk down $1700 on a gift for me. Still, a girl can dream, right?

Worthmore Jewelers diamond necklace

Worthmore carries Nina Nguyen jewelry based out of Colorado, which uses organic stones like geodes and fossilized ammonites.

Worthmore Jewelers Nina Nguyen Ring

Other reasons why I love Worthmore:

1.) The store is like a jewelry store and art gallery in one. They’re always having art openings and participate in the bi-annual Decatur ArtWalks (the next one is Nov. 8!).

2.) Did I mention the staff? Harris, Olya and the whole Decatur Worthmore team are wonderful!

3.) Troy brought Wheatie with him when he came to take these photos and the staff loved him. You might be able to have breakfast at Tiffany’s, but can you bring dogs to Tiffany’s? I think not! Actually, you can’t have breakfast there either, so really you should just shop at Worthmore.

Worthmore Jewelers is dog friendly

Have you ever been to Worthmore before? For you non-Atlantans, what are your favorite local jewelry shops? I can’t wait to hear from you!


Dearest Lar,

I still can’t believe that I’m going to Scotland next month! Never ever did I think we’d be spending Thanksgiving together this year – best Christmas present EVER!!

My only concern? I don’t think I can handle real cold anymore. Atlanta weather has made me a weakling when it comes to the cold. The other day I was really cold in my house so I checked the thermostat and it was at 68 degrees. That’s just sad! I’ll be permanently wrapped in a fleece blanket the whole time I’m in Scotland.

So I’ll pack lots and lots of layers for next month and just drink lots and lots of tea.

I can’t wait!!! Bring on the cold!

xoxo, Cath

Catherine Lee

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Dirty Ego Exhibit


A few months ago Corey from The 2econd Floor reached out to me to see if I wanted to be in an exhibit called Dirty Ego. The photographs in the exhibit capture “good people doing bad things.” My bad thing? Murder by poison! Muwahahahahaha

I spent a few hours one afternoon with Corey and photographer Leah Roth getting the perfect murder-by-poison photo.

Dirty Ego photographer Leah

Corey and Leah were awesome to work with. I was so nervous because I felt so out of my comfort zone, but everyone was really sweet.

I felt silly in my outfit and kept trying to pull down the crop top the whole time! It’s pretty far from my style, but it was actually really fun to wear for the shoot because it made it easier to act like someone I’m not (i.e. a murdering, trashy housewife). My outfit consisted of my own Paige Denim short shorts, a cropped tank Corey found at Pacific Sun, and my super high Simple Vera nude heels.

Dirty Ego hair

Beth Corbley of Bloome Bar did my over-the-top make-up and was so encouraging – she put me at ease immediately.

Troy and I went out to eat at The General Muir right after the photo shoot. I changed back into my regular clothes, but didn’t remove my make-up. I got a few stares, but for the most part it was kind of fun wearing crazy make-up out in public. I’m usually too lazy to apply more than eyeliner and blush when I go out.

dirtyego makeup

In addition to the photo that’s going to be in the exhibit (which I haven’t even seen yet!), we took some mugshot photos for the promo (see the first photo of this post). I was supposed to look like I didn’t care that I got caught poisoning my husband, but I think I look drunk instead ;)

Dirty Ego mug shot

If you’re in Atlanta on Oct. 26, stop by Mint Gallery for the opening party of the exhibit – Corey and Leah deserve tons of support for all of their hard work! I can’t wait to see the final photos. Hopefully I’ll see you there!


Dear Lar,

What do you think of my outfit? Did you ever think your twin sis would be wearing a crop tank with a giant leopard face on it? Let me tell you, it took a lot of work trying to suck in my stomach for the whole photoshoot!

Do you want to fly into Atlanta for the opening of the exhibit? Please?! Well, a girl can dream. I suppose I can wait until you come home for the holidays. Even though I just saw you last month it feels like we haven’t hung out in ages!

Miss you as always!

xoxo, Cath

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Hello Fall

So I might have been a bit premature about saying goodbye to summer in the last post since the highs have been in the 80s this week. I just so badly want it to feel like fall right now! I know, first world problems and all that. . .

This past weekend, the weather was perfectly crisp in that almost-fall-in-the-south kind of weather. Troy and I took our dogs for a quick walk to our local doughnut shop.

Fall outfit dog walking

Revolution Doughnuts is walking distance from our house and is always packed on the weekends. On Sunday I got a latte and pumpkin spice doughnut. FYI, for those of you in the Atlanta area that are vegan, a lot of Revolution’s cake doughnuts are vegan. For you non-vegans, everything at Revolution is delicious – no matter whether or not they have animal by-product in them – yay butter!

fall outfit patterned sweater

 Outfit details: Minnetonka Nickel hatGolden Tote sweater • cross body bag from Salon Red (years ago) • Blank NYC cargos • Mia clogs (no longer available, but similar here) • Fossil & Hide necklace

fall outfit details


revolution doughnuts fall

I’ve lived in Decatur for almost a decade and tend to take the small-town feel for granted. Can’t everyone walk to a local doughnut shop on the weekend?! But ultimately, I know how lucky I am. I know all my neighbors and I live 6 miles east of a large city (hello Atlanta).

Speaking of large cities, I’ll be in New York City for a few days next week (work related, not blog related). If you’re in the area, let’s meet up! I love meeting up with my blogger friends and already am planning to meet Diane from Snapshot Fashion in person – finally! Just email me at asiancajuns at gmail dot com.


Dearest Lar,

Do you remember the very first day we arrived in Edinburgh on Jan. 2, 2004? We dropped our luggage off at our hotel and walked the entire city, well at least most of the city. That was such a magical day. Exploring an amazing city together. Little did we know that we would totally fall head over heels in love with the Scots and the city AND that you would call it your home 8 years later.

I always remember that day and am reminded of how well we explore cities together. I wish you were coming to New York with me next week. I know we’ve been to New York together, but it’s been years! I think the last time we visited together, American Apparel had just opened up its first east coast shop. How young we were – so naive!

Who knows, maybe the next time we visit New York together, the federal government will be functional again! I kid of course :)

Hope you’re having a smarvelous week!

xoxo, Cath

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Goodbye Summer

Atlanta might not be as chilly as Edinburgh this time of year, but it’s slowly beginning to feel like fall. Late September/early October is still pretty warm, but you usually have to wear a jacket in the morning and evening. Having to wear a jacket at all means fall has arrived in the south – at least according to me.

These photos are from a few weeks ago, but I figured they were good end-of-the-summer ones. I wore this outfit to the Decatur Kitchen Garden fundraiser dinner along with a gallon of bug spray. It didn’t get very cold last winter so the bugs have been extra bad this year – don’t even get me started on the amount of Raid I’ve used in my house for the past few months!
garden party outfit
Headpiece by Flower Crown Society • Prabal Gurung for Target dress • American Eagle belt • neon Birkinstocks • yummy prosecco cocktail by Leon’s

garden party accessories

The dinner featured multiple courses by local chefs and bottomless glasses of wine that was of much better quality than I’m used to drinking. I can never go back to two buck chuck again! Actually, who am I kidding? I will never turn my nose up to wine from TJ’s.

decatur kitchen garden party

Did I mention the event was in the historic Decatur cemetery? Sounds weird, I know, but it was actually a beautiful setting.

garden party couple

The best thing about this summery/springy Prabal Gurung dress is that it’ll actually transition to winter really well. There are bits of black in it so it’ll look really good with black tights and a long cardigan.

This is my favorite time of the year: jacket weather, cool evenings, pumpkin spice everything (Lar and I have been making these healthy cookies). Stay tuned for my Wednesday post for a more fall-ish outfit than this one.

Before I end this post, here are two more things to get you started on a Monday:

1. If you haven’t done so already, make sure to enter our Fantas Eyes give away. I’ll choose five lucky winners tonight. Each winner will get two pairs of sunglasses and a scarf. Contest ends at 5pm!

2. Download your free copy of Sarah’s ebook Be Your Own Style Icon – 15 Insanely Clever Tips and Tricks. I love how she included photos and tips from dozens of bloggers – including AsianCajuns plus some of our favorite bloggers like Already Pretty and Respect the Shoes. Enjoy!


Be your own Style Icon



Dearest Lar,

You would laugh at me if you came to Atlanta right now. It probably feels like a hot Scottish summer here. Nevertheless, I’m grasping onto signs of fall because I love this time of year. It’s still a little too warm to wear boots in Atlanta but I see women doing it so I know I’m not the only one looking forward to cooler weather.

Did I tell you about the sheep at the local cemetery? They’ve been shipped in for a week to eat all of the invasive plants and they’re so cute! It’s probably not that impressive to you since there are ten times as many sheep in Scotland as there are people. Still, you have to admit that it’s pretty cool.

I wish I could send you some extra sunshine!

Love, cath

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you are So Worth Loving

I first heard about So Worth Loving about a week ago on Cool Atlanta’s Instagram. SWL is a lifestyle + t-shirt + screen printing + band + blog + ball of positivity all rolled into one company. Read more about the concept here.

Yesterday, SWL hosted a pop-up in Plywood People’s Reynoldstown (east Atlanta) offices.

so worth loving pop up shop

Love You Love People

I dragged my friend, Ellen, along with me. We perused the shirt collection, nibbled on some whoopie pies and pink lemonade, and got to meet the founders (Eryn and Jared) and their incredibly cute puppy (Sprocket).

I ended up getting the Ribbons and Curls tee, which I’m sure will end up in an outfit post soon.

So Worth Loving tshirt

So worth loving goodies

It was such a lovely end to my day that started with my early morning hunt at Target through the Phillip Lim collection (IG evidence here and here). As soon as I got home from my Target trip, I changed into my Phillip Lim sweatpants and I wore them all day.

I know dressed-up sweatpants aren’t for everyone, but I could get used to wearing these every weekend. Elastic waistband? Check! Deep, zippered pockets? Check! An excuse to wear sweatpants out of the house? Check! (P.S., Lar was way ahead of this trend. I’m about 4 years behind. Remember this post?!)

sweat shirt blazer
Target Merona blazer • Alternative Apparel tee • necklace from Sq/Ft Boutique in Decatur • Cuyler Hovey-King ring • 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target French Terry SweatpantBC Footware wedge sneakers
If you don’t live in the Atlanta area, So Worth Loving might be coming your way. They’ve started a Kickstarter Campaign to raise money for a tour and there’s still a few more days to donate. I also encourage you to follow their blog for weekly inspiration.
Best of luck to Eryn, Jared, Sprocket and their team!
Dearest Lar,
Sounds like we both had good Sundays – at least as good as any Sunday can be without each other’s company! Fyul Cafe looks heavenly! Promise me that you’ll take me there when I come to visit next. I’ll consume enough clotted cream for the both of us.
Love you so much!
xoxo, Cath

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Summer Dress Fever

After writing about my Gentle Fawn summer dress last week, I realized that I had a bunch of other summer dress photos that never made it onto the blog.  I always pegged myself as a skirt and top kind of girl, but clearly I’ve been relying on summer dresses to stay cool in this muggy, mucky season.

My friend found this classic, navy blue, lace dress at the J.Crew clearance sale (only $15!) in Asheville a few weeks ago and it’s become one of my work favorites.There’s something so Audrey Hepburn about it and it’s easy to create a completely different look with accessories. Plus it has pockets!

JCrew dress with American Eagle belt

Madewell necklace (old) • J.Crew dress • American Eagle belt • Sole Society sunglasses • BCBG black pumps (covered by my tall grass and weeds – whoops)

JCrew dress with Sole Society necklace

Sole Society necklace and shoes • Libeskind bag

The outfit below is what I wore to the office on my birthday. I’d love to find a belt that matches the red flowers on the dress. Give me a shout out if you know of one. The colors are pretty true in the photo. And for those of you Atlantans reading this post, yes, that is the CDC in the background. Troy and I were just about to have dinner at The General Muir, one of my favorite local restaurants.



Talbots cardi • MINKPINK dress • C Wonder bracelet • Sole Society heels

I’ve had this gray/blue dress for ages. I love the way the jersey drapes and wish I had more clothes like this one. It’s not a trendy dress, but that’s one of the reasons why I love it. I’ll probably keep it until it falls apart.

FCUK dress

FCUK dress • Kate Spade purse • J.Crew necklace (very old) • Unleashed espadrilles

Today I’m back to my skirt and top routine at work, but I’m sure I’ll be wearing one or more of these summer dresses this week. Have you noticed that I’ve been wearing a lot of Sole Society items lately? I’ll be publishing a sponsored post this Wednesday that I’m super excited about. I dragged Troy around this weekend to take a bunch of photos of me wearing a lot of my Sole Society goodies and can’t wait to share them with you on Wednesday. Until then, I’ll be swamped with regular work and school work – when will this summer semester end?!?!

Hope you all are having a good start to the week. Come back on Wednesday for my next post!


Dearest Lar,

I can’t believe you’ve been wearing short – SHORTS! – in Scotland this past week. What is happening? If this type of weather continues you’re soon going to have to start a summer dress collection of your own. The weather in Atlanta has been more muggy than hot because it’s been raining off and on for the past two weeks. And you know what that means? Bugs! Lots and lots of bugs. Oh how I hate mother nature. I still have bug bites covering my legs, every time I open the front door a million gnats fly in, and our poor dogs seem to always have fleas no matter how many meds we feed them. This is what Wheatie looks like most of the time:

summer dress outtake

Poor guy. I’m so tempted to have our backyard bug bombed, but I feel like that has to be so bad for the environment. I bet the dogs you see on the meadows in Edinburgh aren’t so itchy all the time!

Do you realize it’s only a few more weeks until we see it other?! That thought is getting me through the end of this semester. Only two more assignments and one final to go!

xoxo, Cath

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AsianCajuns + These Odds Giveaway

Update 5/29/13: This contest has been closed, thanks for entering!

Happy Friday!

I love finding new places to shop online, don’t you? A few weeks ago the owner of, an online thrift store based in Atlanta, emailed me about her site. I loved the clothes and concept so much that I immediately asked if we could do a giveaway.

One lucky reader will win a $10-off code for $10 doesn’t sound like much until you see the site’s wonderfully reasonable prices.



How do you enter to win? All you have to do visit and leave a comment on this post about your favorite item on the site. My favorite piece? This Asian Inspired Dress – and it’s already sold out, dang it! I also have my eye on the Tanned Flowy Blouse. . . don’t blame me if it’s sold out soon!

The giveaway closes next Wednesday and is open to international readers too – woohoo! I can’t wait to read about which pieces you love.

I hope you all have a happy weekend!


Dear Lar,

Wouldn’t the dress in the photo above be perfect to wear for the pop up tonight?! Can you tell that I still really wish I could come with you?

What other fun plans do you have for the weekend? The Decatur Arts Festival is Saturday and Sunday, so I’ll definitely be stopping by at some point. Do you remember when we did this post on the festival six years ago? It seems like so long ago! Also, why did we use such small photos in our post? Sheesh! AsianCajuns has come a long way!

Can’t wait to Skype you this weekend!

xoxo, Cath

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In Between Workdays

Hello lovelies! First things first, thank you for your feedback from the last post. Just because we’ll be posting once a week doesn’t mean we’ll be any less dedicated to AsianCajuns. In fact, you’ll be seeing us more on other outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And keep in mind, we’re just testing things out and feedback is always welcome!

So, I haven’t had a lot of free time this spring and feel like I’ve spent the past few weeks either working or studying. But looking back through my photos on my iPhone and point and shoot, I realized that I haven’t been as deprived of breaks and fun things as I made myself to believe.

For example? I’ve been to two Hawks games in the past three weeks, which is a record for me considering I’d never been to a NBA game before.
Hawks_game atlanta-hawks

Lar and I aren’t sporty people (we always hated gym class), but watching a basketball game live is so much fun! Plus, all of those sport/Olympics-inspired Vogue editorials, like the one below, have warmed me up to sports a bit.


I was in Mingei, one of my favorite local boutiques, the other day and fell in love with these pom pom necklaces from Thailand. I ended up getting the mauve colored one all the way to the right. It reminds me of this summery JADEtribe straw tote.

Last Monday I took a few hours off of work to go to K. Logan Hair Salon and get a gloss treatment and blow-out. I’m totally in love with the glossiness. It lasts for a few weeks and I feel like a Pantene commercial model. See my front curly-dos? Akia, the salon owner, created those with a hair straightener. Amazing, no? She said she’ll be hosting a class soon on how to create those curls yourself so I’ll let you know as soon as a date is set – for you local readers.

On Saturday, I hung out with some friends and listened to Troy play in downtown Decatur for Sidewalk Saturdays. Doesn’t he look so dashing? I have a couple of Vine videos of his songs so if you have an iPhone, follow me at AsianCajuns.



Nothing beats a work-break like hot, gooey chocolate chip cookies sprinkled with sea salt (the ones above are from Victory in Decatur). Kind of wishing I had a whole plateful of those in front of me right now!

After compiling this post I’m thinking I should get the Refinery 29 tote. What do you think? Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Let me know what you’ve been up to!


Dear Lar,

I hope you have a little more free time now that your stressful work week is in the past. You know how we were chatting about the Brit’s obsession with tea and cake? I was thinking you should start an herbal tea and gluten-free cake club in Edinburgh! I know it sounds a bit silly, but I’m sure you’re not the only one eating gluten free in Auld Reekie. Just a thought ;)

Here’s another random thought, Before Midnight is coming out this summer and the trailer is finally here! What do you think? I can’t wait to see it, but I also would rather just wait and see it with you. If you were in town we could have a Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight day and watch all three in a row. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Hope you have a stress-free week and can treat yourself to some gluten-free yummies!

xoxo, Cath

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A Perfect Saturday

Does that title sound too saccharine? Apologies if it does. My Saturday wasn’t pink princess/magic unicorns/rainbows perfect – I did have a meltdown for about an hour in the afternoon – but it was all around a pretty great, perfectly lovely Saturday.

One of the main reasons it was a perfect Saturday: it was warm enough outside for me to go frolicking about in a t-shirt without a jacket (recognize the t-shirt design?).
skipnwhistle shirt

Hipster dog t-shirt c/o Skip N’ Whistle • The Limited skirt (ancient) • Feiyue sneakers • Claire Vivier Messenger Bag • Marc by Marc Jacobs cat eye sunnies • Nail color is Butter London Jasper c/o Buff in Inman Park

Because of the warm weather I didn’t have to blow dry my hair. Instead, I slicked it back into a braid clump. . . thing. . . I’ve got to think of a better name for this hair style. . .

hair braid

Troy and I slept in so late that we had to call around and see who was still serving breakfast. Huzzah for Oakhurst Market! Troy begged them to make us two breakfast sandwiches even though it was well past breakfast/brunch time. So our first real activity of the day consisted of us walking the dogs over to the market, sitting outside and stuffing our faces with croissant, cheese, bacon and egg deliciousness.

Claire Vivier purse

Next up: taking the dogs to the dog park. Somehow taking the dogs to the park makes us feel like we’re good, responsible dog owners – and then we feel like complete failures when our dogs won’t go play with the other dogs and just prefer to hang out near us.

dog park

Not pictured here is our second half of the day (except for this IG). We ended the evening with a trip to the General Muir, a local delicatessen/restaurant that is amazing! Troy and I must have spent at least three hours there chatting up the bartender, ordering drinks and munching on so much food that we had to roll ourselves back to our car. Needless to say, our walk to and from the dog park and market in the morning was not nearly enough to balance out the thousands of calories we consumed at dinner, but it was worth it. If you live in or near Atlanta and haven’t been to the General Muir, what are you thinking?!?! Get over there now! I wish someone had told me how amazing it was weeks ago (it’s only been open for about a month or two)!


Dearest Lar,

I can’t decide at which moment I missed you the most on Saturday. It was either during my trip to General Muir because I know how much you would have loved the atmosphere and amazing food (four words: homemade ice cream sandwiches) or maybe it was during my meltdown. I think you would have been able to talk some sense into me during my, uh, minor temper tantrum. Do you want to know what it was about? It’s actually embarrassing to type it out. I spent an hour pouting because Troy pointed out that we wouldn’t have enough time that evening to do everything we wanted/needed to do and also go to Old Navy. Yes, I wanted to go to Old Navy – don’t judge. There are a couple of things I’ve seen online that I’ve wanted to try in person and figured I’d have plenty of time to make a trip out to the store on Saturday. When I realized I wasn’t going to be able to do so, I did what every 29 year old does, I pouted – like a little brat. If you had been around you would have been able to talk some sense into me – or maybe you would have just whisked me away to Old Navy. *sigh* we’ll never know! Either way, it was definitely not one of my proudest moments.

I’m so glad we all got to talk as a family on Easter and you got to virtually knock eggs with us. Perhaps we’ll all be living closer to each other by next Easter? I hope so!

xoxo, Cath

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