Ramen Pop-Up Shop

Last week Troy and I went to Guy Wong’s first evening of his ramen pop-up shop at Octane Coffee in Grant Park. The pop-up started at 6pm. We arrived hungry at 6:30pm, saw that the line was insanely long, and then decided to come back the following week.


And we did! This time we brought our friends, Ellen and Sam, and arrived at 5pm. We were 17th in line and had our piping hot bowls of ramen by 6:30 p.m. Totally worth the wait.

Miso ramen

Ramen pop up

ramen back room

ramen chopsticks

In addition to ramen, there are a few other delicious items on the menu. We all got an order of the Soft Shell BLT Bun (soft shell crab, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and sambal mayo) and two orders of the KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) for the table. Everything was melt-in-your-mouth good, but I think the bun was my favorite.

soft shell crab buns

Guy switches up the menu a little bit every week. This week the two ramen options were beef stew and shoyu. I ordered the shoyu ramen: savory, soy sauce broth, pork belly, shoyu egg, spinach, menma, scallion, and naruto maki. Sooooo yummy.

ramen bowl

If you’re in Atlanta and craving a bowl of ramen, come by Octane around five on Sunday. Bring some friends, then grab a coffee or cocktail while you wait and make an evening of it.

I’ll be out of town this Sunday (visiting Lar in Seattle – woohoo!), otherwise I’d totally go back to Octane this weekend. Local readers, let me know if you go!


Dearest Lar,

I hope you had a smarvelous time in San Luis Obispo! Your instagram of the beach made me so jealous. I hope you were able to soak up plenty of vitamin D and eat plenty of Mexican food.

Alison and Greg’s wedding party on Saturday was wonderful. I wish you could have been there! They used the quaich that you and Matt gave them, which was awesome because it brought a little bit of Scotland to their party. I took a quick video and will show you when we see each other in four days!

Love, Cath

13 thoughts on “Ramen Pop-Up Shop”

  1. Hi Kitcath!

    I saw your ramen pics on instagram and was totally drooling! (does Guy make vegan, gluten-free ramen? — I think then it’s called vegetable soup!). I had no idea he was doing pop-up ramen shops. So fun!

    Yes, SLO was beeeyoootiful and sunny and I had a tantrum getting on the plane back to Seattle because I didn’t want to leave the sun. Very mature. Matt was so lucky to be my travel companion this weekend!

    I’ll post some piccies on the blog so you can see the sun, glorious sun!



    1. Oooooh, I can’t wait to see pics. Then i can live vicarious through you. It’s 18 degrees in Atlanta today! Argh!

      If some chef could invent gluten-free/vegan ramen he/she would be a genius. It’s really the vegan part that takes away all the ramen-ness. You’re right. It would be veggie soup with some seaweed in it 😉

      Can’t wait to be in not-so-sunny Seattle with you!

      xoxo, Cath

  2. Mmm ramen! One of my all-time favourite foods.

    Have you seen the Japanese movie Tampopo? I think you’d enjoy it. There’s a brilliant scene where a very young Ken Watanabe learns the right way to eat ramen from an old man who’s studied ramen for years.

    1. Me too! I’ve heard rumors that there will be a permanent ramen shop opening somewhere in Atlanta, but it has yet to happen.

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