Recap: Our Four Simple Goals


Remember when Lar and I wrote out our four simple goals in November here and here? Well, here’s how we did.

Cath’s Goals:

1. Make something pretty and fun for the home:
Done! I made a fall wreath for my front door. I created a bunch of felt flowers and glued them to a plain grapevine wreath I found on sale at Michael’s. It ended up being incredibly lopsided, but I was still pleased with the outcome. I also made a lot of my Christmas gifts this year, which I think kind of counts towards this goal.

2. Don’t shop for myself when I’m shopping for gifts this season:
Pretty much achieved. In past years I would almost always buy myself a little something for myself when I was shopping for others. The only time I did that this year was when I was bought Lar’s presents at Sephora. I bought her two Josie Maran make-up gift sets and then ended up buying myself the Argan Beautiful Eyes eyeshadow compact. That’s it. I swear! I did get some clothes (see #3) during the holidays, but they were in no way related to holiday gifts and all but one item was purchased with a gift card.

3. Streamline my style:
In progress. I definitely worked on this during the holiday season. I went through my closet in November and gave away items that are no longer my style. I purchased a few items of clothing on (Funktional sweatshirt, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Madewell pants) and a sweater at COS in Glasgow and they all go along with the simplified style I’m working towards.

4. Make oatmeal or green juice every morning:
Slight fail. I probably achieved this about 30% of the time. December got so hectic with finals, work, and gift shopping that grocery shopping didn’t really happen – and you have to do a lot of food shopping if you’re juicing on a consistent basis! So, this is one of my goals that I’m bringing over into 2014.

Lar’s Goals:

1. Random acts of kindness:
Argh! Nooo. I actually forgot this one. But I think in some ways it was the most important. Harumph. I’m not gonna feel guilty, but I do want to make a concerted effort to do as many random acts of kindness that I can this year.

2. Stay calm and centered during the holidays:
Yes! I felt fairly calm and that has never happened before. Perhaps it was the fact that Matt and I flew home on Christmas day so maybe we missed the inevitable holiday hullabaloo. Highly recommend making this goal every year.

3. Move mah body!
I did actually do this! Maybe it was just three times and it happened in the space of the last week and half. But that’s a step in the right direction, right? Right?

4. Draw/Sketch:
Shucks. Nope. Did diddly.

5. (Bonus round) Don’t feel guilty about not doing all the goals.
I actually kind of stuck with this one. I’d really like to do more random acts of kindness, but I’m not wasting the energy kicking myself for not doing them — I’ll put that energy into planning some good kindness tidbits for the near future.

In conclusion, we’re not perfect, dagnabbit! But in all seriousness, I really loved this experience. Working towards four achievable goals even during the craziness of the holidays helped keep me focused and sane. Thank you to MichelleK, Mia, Diane, and Christina for sharing your goals! How did ya’ll do?

Also, Mia pointed out the 4 Simple Goals concept is very similar to the “Every Damn Day” list from Yes and Yes. I love this idea and am thinking of starting it this month. Have you tried it?

12 thoughts on “Recap: Our Four Simple Goals”

  1. I’m so excited that I got a shout-out in this post! Thanks, guys! 😀

    Actually, it’s embarrassing, but I kind of forgot about my goals soon after I made them. I did meet all of them at least a little bit, though. I’ve found this year that if I make goals or intentions, even if I forget about them consciously, I usually end up taking steps to meet them without thinking about it. There’s something about taking the time to admit that you want to do something that helps it happen, I think!

    Anyway, here’s how all the goals turned out:
    1. Send presents or cards to everyone I love, even if we haven’t been in touch in a while. //I did not send Christmas cards this year, but I did take time to carefully pick presents for some people, and I’ve been making more of an effort to Skype with my faraway college friends. Next step: get back in touch with my cousins in Japan. The language barrier makes this so hard!

    2. Spend time outside everyday. //I did go for a few nice runs. Not everyday, but that’s okay.

    3. Bake “fall-flavored” things and buy produce that I’ll miss when it’s gone (especially persimmons!). //I have been buying persimmons like crazy. And I did put them in pasta sauce–surprisingly delicious.

    4. Streamline my style. //I got rid of 3 bags of clothes and bought a couple of things that really fit the style I’d like to reflect (here:

    Overall, not bad! Thanks for the inspiration and happy new year! I look forward to another year of great posts. 🙂

    1. I think you’re onto something about consciously forgetting about goals, but then following through with them anyways. I didn’t revisit my goals too much, but after I wrote the post, they stuck with me.

      Also, go you for getting rid of 3 bags of clothes. That’s awesome!!!

  2. November and December were insanely busy months for me, so I didn’t do as well as I hoped, but here goes:
    1. Make a quilt – I got as far as designing a pattern and cutting the strips of fabric, but no actual sewing has started yet – haahahaha! This has been carried over to 2014.

    2. I’m joining you on the “Don’t shop for myself when I’m shopping for gifts this season” – I did pretty ok on this, the only thing I bought was a bottle-vase, and I figured this was ok as I was looking for this particular type for ages as I am planning on starting an eco-system in a bottle thing and needed a large bottle-vase to do so (I got it into my head I wanted to make one after seeing this thing on the internet about this guy who has one going for 40 years – how cool is that!) Plus it was on sale.

    3. Breakfasts – like you this didn’t totally pan out, I think I made my own breakfasts about 50% of the time. I figure it is stil a win, just not as much of one was I would have liked,

    4. Workouts – I pledged to do the 7 minute workout. It turns out that HIIT style workouts are not my thing. I get why they are beneficial and love the idea of shorter workouts that are more effective, but I have a hard time giving it my all. Slow and steady is more my forte. My goal was to get myself out of my workout rut, and I did manage to do that by taking the 12 exercises in the 7 minute workout routine and doing 3 sets of 8 reps of each 3 times a week. In a few weeks I’m going to up that to 10 reps. I’ve got this week off, but as of next week I am planning on walking to the ferry 3 times a week (which is about a 45 min brisk walk) in the morning and cycle there the other 2 days.

    Hope you ladies are enjoying your twin time!!!

    1. Sounds like you did great with your four goals! I thought about trying the 7 minute workout but HIIT has always intimidated me. I don’t think it’s my thing either. But I suppose I should try it before I knock it. I just don’t know how you can get your body energized in under 7 minutes. I usually need a 7 minute warm-up!

  3. Well done, ladies! Goals are meant to be something to work towards, not something you just flip on like a switch! Also, Lar, I can name several kindness you have paid me, and many of them popped up at perfect “random” moments. 😉 thank you.

    PS- what the heck are you twos laying on in the photo? I love it!

    1. Thanks Rianne – so good to hear from you. I’m so glad you mentioned that Lar has been kind because i too can think of several kindnesses she’s paid me.

      In regards to the photo, we’re laying on the rug in my parent’s entryway. I think it’s an outdoor rug, but my mom got it for inside since we have so many dogs 🙂

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