Cemeteries, Skeletons and Stretchy Pants



I didn’t think about this at the time these photos were taken, but I hope it doesn’t weird you guys out that I look so cheerful in a cemetery. I know headstones and buried bones are morbid, but I’ve always been a sucker for old stone (Cath too — she just was partying at a cemetery in Decatur a few weeks ago). If they are in the middle of the city like this one in the pics, they are beautiful, serene green spaces tucked into bustling urban life. This particular cemetery is just below Edinburgh Castle — a pretty darn good view if you are going to rest your bones anywhere for eternity, eh? (Sorry, too morbid again?). And I do enjoy reading headstones and thinking about what those people living in 1830 in Edinburgh must have been like.

Even if you still aren’t a fan of tip-toeing around burial plots, doesn’t it get you into the Halloweeny mood?! It makes me want candy corn and caramel apples, and to smell bonfires crackling.

Since our two year stint in the UK began, it seems more and more people are embracing Halloween. Nobody knows what candy corn is (or Milk Duds) and it’s still sometimes tricky to find pumpkins, but there are more decorations this year than the previously. Just look at these at our favorite local, FYUL. Martha would be proud!


Re: the stretchy pants. I’m afraid Cath will continue to have to be the lone fashion inspiration on this blog. Apart from having a teeny tiny wardrobe these past two years, I’ve also discovered the joys of leggings and jeggings! Those black stretchy things that even at their peak of trendiness a few years ago made onlookers feel ambivalent at best and like they got a dose of TMI at worst.

But I’ve embraced leggings and their pants-pretending cousins, jeggings, whole-heartedly. My abdominal area is still not quite back to normal after my surgery 10 weeks ago, and an elastic waist band feels like a gentle hug rather than a corset like my skinny jeans do. And they are perfect for layering cosy sweaters and tees. If you are worried about a TMI situation occurring (or is that me just being paranoid?), layer longer tees under your shorter sweaters or blouses.


Outfit details: gray cardi Lands End, black tunic and leggings New Look, fair trade necklace by Mettle, shoes are Vara by Ferragamo


Dear Cath,

I’m so sorry you’ve been dealing with this nasty virus right when you are meant to be in NYC! I wish I could be with you to give you chicken soup and then fly with you to your conference. I’ll be thinking about you all week and sending you lots of healthy, happy vibes from Edi!

Love you like candy corn loves Oct. 31,


17 thoughts on “Cemeteries, Skeletons and Stretchy Pants”

  1. Oh goodness, I LOVE tights and jeggings. I actually ruined a few pairs over our move that I have them on my to-buy list when I get the time to go out and try some on. I love how you’ve worn them with the gorgeous tunic+ grey cardi. And that necklace is simply beautiful! ALSO, cemeteries! I LOVE going when it’s nice and sunny out. Headstones are fun to read and make stories about. But when it’s gloomy and all alone, forget it. I’m too much of a pansy.

    1. Hahaha! Laura, I would totally be a wimp about cemeteries if it were dark and I were alone. Then they are truly creepy no matter how cool the stone.
      Yahoo to the legging/jegging club!
      xoxox, Lar

  2. Hehe I’m all about leggings paired with cozy sweater dresses and boots on weekdays. SO COMFORTABLE. And hey, you had surgery!! That’s a legitimate excuse for forgoing pants if ever I heard one.

  3. I wish we could celebrate fall together! It still feels too warm in Atlanta to feel like fall. Remember when we first moved to Atlanta and were shocked that it was warm enough for people’s jack-o-lanterns to get moldy?!

    I would wear more leggings if I had longer tunics. You look so elegant in them and that tunic makes me wish there was a New Look here in the states. And your Ferragamo Veras are gorgeous!!! Really wishing I had a pair 🙂

    I didn’t realize how much we’ve written about cemeteries on this blog until now. We have an old post about the Decatur cemetery and then we had a picnic at that one cemetery in the west end. I think we must be more halloween-inclined than we’re ready to admit!

    love you! xoxo, Cath

    1. Ooo I so wish you were here for autumn (and always of course ;D). Days like today: beautiful and sunny and not too cold, but with a breeze that tosses the leafs around — such perfect fall weather. Though I think it’s going to start dipping into winter temps here pretty soon. Harumph!
      Miss you like mad, Kitcath!!!
      xxooxoxx, Lar

  4. I am also a lover of the macabre-a favorite running trail of mine is through a local cemetery! Such lovely places. And I’m so jealous of the halloween spirit up there in Edinburgh, nothing cool is going on down here, although I did see some pumpkins at the local sainsbury’s the other day!

    hope you’re healing well, take care of yourself 🙂 xx

    1. Thanks so much, Ashley! And great minds with the cemetery love!

      And what’s up with us not having pumpkins yet at either Sainbury’s or Tesco — dang it! I want my pumpkins ;D

      xoxox, Lar

  5. so many random thoughts-
    -you read my mind. i was thinking that same thing.why is she so cheerful? but that castle on the hill would make anyone smile.
    -i have to admit.cemeteries creep me out.
    -that pumpkin in your coffee drink is too cute for words!
    -i love that you love candy corn! why does everyone hate it? it’s my favorite!!!
    -did you have your surgery with the da vinci robotics? that’s what they used on me. i have five scars from it.and the one incision took quite a while to heal.
    -i’m SO BUMMED that cath is sick and couldn’t make it to nyc. *sigh* one of these days we’ll meet up!

    1. Yes! Candy corn is the best, Dianne!!

      I didn’t have surgery with da vinci robotics, but I read about that. It sounds amazing. I think the NHS here is a bit more old school. I just had three incisions and they healed quickly, but any feeling I have in my pelvis now, I’m like “oh gawd is that another cyst?!” I’m sure you can relate!

      I’m so bummed too! Cath was SOOOOO disappointed. She couldn’t wait to meet you and looooves NYC. Hope we can all meet up there one day!

      xoxoxox, Lar

      1. omg that sucks about your surgery. i know before mine i was reading a lot about different options.and da vinci definitely heals quicker. and that STILL took me 2 weeks! i still get weird pains to this day though. but i was told it could be scar tissue.

  6. the legging pants from uniqlo is all i wear these days! i think i have almost every color. haha i’m going to regret it one day when i decide to try on a pair of constricting pants. haha

  7. Love the look! I have leggings I bought YEARS ago and they’ve hung in my closet since. I can’t bring myself to wear them without feeling a little weird – but all the responses here are giving me courage!!!

    Glad to see you happy, smiling and having fun 🙂 Even if it’s in a cemetary

    1. CL, pull those leggings out! I’ve worn a pair every day this week and it is so comfy! Maybe this is a slow slide to me really not giving a piss about fashion (yipe!) — next up, full time yoga wear? But I almost don’t care because they feel that good.

      Thanks as always for your sweet and thoughtful comments!

      xoxoxox, Lar

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