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The New AsianCajun Design

Hello Lovely Readers!

So we have a few kinks to work out with our new look, so excuse us while we get through the next few hours of tweaks. In the meantime, I’ll be adding some actual proper content from Scotland (finally!).
Miss you all mucho!
And a big hearty thank you to our amazing Code Monkey Chris!


For A Little Happy: AsianCajuns Attempt Lanvin Dance

For the next few days, we’ll be at the Decatur Book Festival (see our post below), but we wanted to leave you with a little somethin somethin in case you have a spare minute this long weekend (happy Labor Day!).

Now even if you aren’t a fashion fan, I think you will still love this video that Lanvin shot for their Fall 2011 campaign (that’s the delightful and talented designer Mr. Alber Elbas making an appearance at the end):

Pretty awesome, non? Cath and I are in love with Mr. Elbas (“he” makes an appearance in our video too!), so we had to do a tribute no matter how embarrassing.

Disclaimer: we might have taken a few liberties with the choreography; that might or might not be the real Alber; we in no way think we look anything like the tall and willowy Karen Elson and Rachel Zimmerman or those lovely boys in hats; music is I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) by Pitbull).

Hope you guys have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!


Cath and Lar

Twinsies Together – For One More Month!

Matt and I bought our tickets for our big move to Scotland – flying out of the ATL Sept. 21. That gives me just over a month to 1) finish the kitchen remodel 2) get rid of, or pack away, most of my belongings and, most importantly, 3) spend time with all the people I love. So I’ve been trying to work on #3 as much as I can: see this post’s pics for confirmation. 

On Lar/moi (left): thrifted dress worn as top via Ramona West • AE shorts • Duex Lux purse • Unleashed espadrilles • Target sunnies
On Cath (right): Top is Son of John • UO shorts • Madewell shoes • thrifted Longchamp purse • freebie sunnies from college orientation
Twinsie photos by Troy Cono 

I have a little confession to make about my short hair-cut. I don’t like it. Not how it looks or the way it was cut (lurve my stylist). I just can’t control the natural body/wave of my hair at this length. You can see in these photos that I’ve beaten it into submission with a hot iron and a hair pouf, but I hate high-maintenance hair. That said, Cath makes it look gorgeous (see below), don’t you think? She just washed it and let it air dry and it has perfect Alexa Chung waves. Shouldn’t our hair act the same? I mean we do share the same DNA and whatnot – come on, Lar hairs, make like Cath hairs and stop freaking the &^%$ out!

The above image is a close up of the fabric of my dress-worn-as-a-top. I looove the marbly paper pattern and the gold with the pops of color.

Just let me know if you are getting sick of photos of our AsianCajuns necklaces Cath got us for our birthday – I just loves them. Who knew it was so easy and painless to brand yourself.

‘Scuse these last two images, they are a bit random and for a selfish purpose. Even though I still have a month left in Atlanta, I’m already getting nostalgic for all things Southern. I want to remember summer flowers and the Georgia evening sun when I’m living by sun-lamp in cloudy ole Scotland. This first photo is from a yard in Oakhurst, a neighborhood in Decatur. The second photo is an image of my backyard, looking out of my bedroom window (cue premature nostalgic sigh).


So let the countdown begin. One more month of twinsie togetherness (cue massive and absolutely warranted sigh).


Yogurt Break

One of the things I’ll miss the most when Lar moves to Scotland is being able to meet her for a couple of minutes after work or for a quick lunch. In the summer, our meet ups usually involve New Orleans Sno Balls or mixed drinks at Leon’s or frozen yogurt from Yogurt Tap. Maybe we’ll figure out a system where she can go to a yogurt shop in Scotland and I’ll go to Yogurt Tap and we’ll Skype each other. Has the frozen yogurt craze hit Scotland or is it too cold there for that to happen?

Lar’s outfit details: second hand shirt, H&M tank, H&M shorts, Target belt, and Unleashed espadrilles.

Our AsianCajuns necklaces are perfect for layering. The top necklace is from Squash Blossom Boutique. It’s three different colored threads wrapped around a cord.

Pink summery toes! Hey Lar, if for some reason you think you won’t be wearing those espadrilles much in Scotland, you could always leave them with your beloved sis in Atlanta for safe keeping *cough, cough*.

Ahem. Moving on.

Outfit details: Forever 21 shirt and pants, Madewell shoes and second hand Longchamp bag.

This is probably not my most flattering outfit. The shirt is cut wide and the pants tapper so it makes my middle section look all blehhhh. Ah well, it’s one of my most comfortable work outfits and I just tell myself that it looks better in person than in photos.

A close up of the shirt. I don’t usually buy patterned shirts, but I loved the colors on this one.

I hope you all had a great weekend. I’ve spent the past two days at home trying not to spend money, doing work around the house and wearing some very unfashionable outfits. Needless to say, you won’t be seeing photos of me from this weekend!


Ocean City Update

Hi Lovelies!

So it turns out getting the wifis in our retro condo by the sea was a lot harder than we thought. Right now we are at a hotel just outside of D.C. (happy belated birthday, country!) getting ready to meet our Maryland  fam for dim sum. One more night on the road and we’ll be back in the ATL.

For me this vacay started out pretty miserably (sick for the first 2 days or so – even on our birthday, bah), but there have been some major highlights once I managed to drag myself out of the condo: boardwalk funnel cake, doughnuts, sunny beach days, putt-putt golf!

We’ll “see” you guys back in Atlanta soon! Hope you’re having a wonderful week – let us know what you’ve been up to!

Dim Sum Delights and Away We Go!

Hello all! Look at what Lar wore around her head the other day when we took our parents out for dim sum – a schnazzy headband! What you can’t tell from the photo is that Lar’s headband is homemade. Impressed? I was too. She bought some stretchy neon fabric at Hancock Fabrics, made a few cuts, did a few twists and tucks and voila! I’m in love with it.

Yum, yum, dim sum! Our favorite isn’t even pictured here. Anyone else out there love steamed cha siu baos – also know as steamed bbq pork buns?


Lar’s outfit details: homemade headband, Gap tank (word on the street is that this tank sold out super fast in stores and there’s only XL sizes left online), FCUK for Sears skirt and Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

My outfit details: H&M sweater worn over a dress from Rockit Boutique, Vivid Boutique bag and Nine West sandals. I would normally not advise anyone to wear a sweater during the summer in Atlanta, but a lightweight sweater is perfect for the indoor AC temps.

The photo above is a kind of behind the blog scenes view. Although we consider AsianCajuns to be a lifestyle/fashion blog, we spend a good portion of our picture-taking focusing on food. I also like how the photo shows off the, uh, inviting ambiance of Oriental Pearl with bright red walls, a pretty clear view into the kitchen and one of the many LCD TVs hanging all around the restaurant allowing you to stay up to date on your Asian news or soap operas while you eat.

But enough talk about food! Lar, Matt, Troy and I are heading up to Ocean City, Maryland tomorrow for a much needed vacation. Why are we going to a beach all the way up in Maryland – especially one that could compete with the Jersey Shore in tackiness? Because our extended family owns a condo up there and we get to stay for free! Plus, the condo’s retro decor alone is worth the 12 hour drive:

To see more photos of the condo, check out the photos that Troy took of the place last year here.

We’ll be bringing our laptops with us and have every intention of blogging. However, if you don’t hear from us for a week, just know that we’re thinking fondly of all of you as we sit on the beach, sipping margaritas.

A Little Healthy Competition

Lar and I don’t consider ourselves competitive types – we’ve never competed against each other. But once in a while, a little competition isn’t bad – especially if it involves getting to wear a beautiful dress for a few minutes. Enter: WARdrobe.

Our friend, Mr. B3rtrand of 2econdFloor, invited us and two other fashionistas to style a little black dress by Atlanta designer Lake. That’s the stylish Mr. B3rtrand pictured below.

Check out the full post here to see how the other ladies styled their LBDs.

Lar and I both tried to go the non-Audrey Hepburn black dress route (no typical pumps or pearls) – and boy did we ever! Lar outfitted herself with a BCBG straw hat (yes, that’s black fringe on the circumference), mesh gloves, a red/pink ribbon around the waist, a vintage straw bag and her pair of ruby slippers from Burlington Coat Factory.

I wore my Sam Eldman booties, BCBG blazer and a stack of bracelets to go for a kind of downtown/uptown/working girl thing. . . look. It ended up being more of a hobbit look, but I can honestly say I was at least headed in the direction of what I pictured it to look like in my head. You follow? No matter!

At the end of the day, the lovely Charee won the contest and we had a lot of fun playing dress-up. I only wish I could have kept the dress!

A big thank you to Mr. B3rtrand for including us his WARdrobe series and letting me steal these photos for the post.

The Haircut(s)

We did it! Cath and I have lost (what feels like) 10 lbs of hair all together.

Here is our beautiful stylist Robin chopping into the first braid:

Our four braids will be on the way to Locks of Love shortly. We were originally worried they wouldn’t take our hair because of our highlights, but Robin – genius that she is – cut from the underside (un-highlighted) locks. Wooot! We have so much hair that we should really be donating about once a year. AsianCajun harvest! (Ewww, sounds creepy, but for a good cause!)

Doesn’t Cath look awesome?!

On Lar: UO dress, thrifted shoes, Madewell belt. (In the pic on the left I’m showing Cath how easy it is to swing our my hair now).

On Cath: H&M romper, Madewell shoes, freebie sunnies from years ago

What do you guys think? You likes?


Want some more big AsianCajun news?

I’m moving to Edinburgh in September!!!! (More info to come – including how Cath and I will cope with the distance via, and if that doesn’t work I’ll come back to the states and bring her back with me – sorry, Troy!).

Book Signing Outfits

Oooohh, this blog post title makes it kind of sound like our own book signing event! Ha! Chapter 1: Asian, Chapter 2:Cajuns, The End. As Lar mentioned in her Magical Monday post, we headed over to Feast for Mary Kay Andrews’ summer book launch earlier this week. Lar’s favorite part about the launch? The amazingly delicious brownies from Sweet N’ Sinful. Nom, nom, nom.

Lar and I are both saving our copies of Summer Rental for our Maryland beach trip in three weeks. I can’t wait!

Lar’s outfit: Tracy Feith for Target dress, Unleashed espadrilles and Deux Lux bag.

Cath’s (my) outfit details: Second hand Rebecca Taylor tank, Forever 21 skirt, H&M belt, Madewell heels, necklace and purse from Vivid Boutique in Decatur.

Yep, that’s a weird face in the following photo, but I wanted to include a close-up of my nails. I don’t know the exact color, but it’s a gray-ish/green-ish Essie color and I love it. I’m not usually the nail polish-buying type, but I might break down and get a bottle if I can figure out the color. Sew Psyched, maybe?

Tomorrow morning I’m waking up at 5:30 a.m. to hit up the giant annual Baptist church yard sale in Decatur. Here’s hoping I’ll find some good storage solutions for my new (but old) itty-bitty house. Wish me luck! I’ll be posting updates on Twitter.