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Making goals or resolutions can be a bit daunting, can’t it? I think goals can be great motivators, but there’s also a heavy shovel-full of guilt that can tag along with any unfulfilled to-dos that I think is worth avoiding because guilt is the opposite of good-for-the-soulness. And if you are making goals they should make your toes wiggle with glee and excitement at new possibilities for growth and not feel like one more thing on your list of a million should-dos.

When Cath mentioned doing her four simple goals last week, I did hem and haw a bit about doing it with her but I love the fact that these are mini and bit-sized which equals more toe-wiggling potential. These smaller, short-term goals seem much less daunting and onerous. So without further ado, here they are:

1. Random acts of kindness
As much time as I spend shopping for gifts for other people during the holidays, I feel like I end up thinking a lot about myself and what I want. To pull myself out of the me-me-me trap I’ll replace the wish list in my head with things that I can do for other people, not just the ones I’m buying gifts for but strangers too.

2. Work toward staying calm during the holiday madness
Like most people, I tend to get a little overwhelmed during the holidays: keeping track of who to buy gifts for, making sure I have the appropriate outfit for an office Christmas ‘do, coordinating and scheduling travel plans. I think the way to tackle this would be to stay mindful. Being mindful is tricky during the calmest moments, so I’ll need a bit of help. This article seems like a good start.

 3. Move mah body!
I’ve never been good at consistently exercising so I’m going to keep this almost ridiculously easy goal-wise. Yoga once a week for an hour. I know that sounds like a weeny goal, but it’s more than I do now! We don’t own a car here in Edinburgh so I do walk a fair bit throughout the week, but I know that doesn’t cut the mustard or really work-out my muscly bits.

4. Draw/Sketch
I’ve been saying that I’ll draw more and I never do. So again, teeny baby steps, but it’s a start: one hour a week. For some accountability: I have to show what I’ve done to someone else, either my husbando or Cath via skype.

As Cath said, we’ll check back in with you guys and let you know how we did with our four simple goals. And I’m going to be sneaky and tack one more on.

5. Sneaky #5: No guilt
Even if my four goals don’t quite work out the way I expect them to, I’m not allowed to feel guilty about it. I think that would be the worst take-away from this goal-making, don’t you? I want my list-of-four to be gentle reminders and not strict task-masters with wagging fingers and stern looks.

Now what do you guys have to say about this goal-making? MichelleK, Mia and Diane at Snapshot Fashion shared some great goals on Cath’s post in the comments. Anybody else want to share?

p.s. There’s no little note to Cath this week because SHE’S COMING TO SCOTLAND ON SATURDAY!!! Matt and I are spending Thanksgiving together in a grand ole house Downton Abbey style like we did last year and this time I’ve got my twinie with me. Hope you guys have something equally as awesome to look forward to this week!

xx, Lar

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10 thoughts on “Lar’s Four Simple Goals”

  1. I like your goal-setting attitude! I’ve been letting my goals get the best of me and become stern, finger-wagging task-masters myself. Good luck with yours.

  2. Lar, I love how thought-out this is. I was more like, “Four goals! Blah!” and just typed the first four things that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Maybe one of my goals should have been: Make your goals with intention. Har har.

    I like the message of no guilt because it really has a tendency to kill all momentum, doesn’t it?

    That Edward Gorey sketch is the best!

    1. Isn’t that Edward Gorey sketch awesome, Cath? I can’t believe we hadn’t seen that one before. I never would have thought Mr. Gorey drew dancers, but I suppose it makes sense.
      Guilt totally kills momentum even before you start! So evil that G. And I thought your goals were great and very practical.
      xoxoxoxox, Lar

  3. yes i agree.i often look at goals as resolutions or something. and i HATE making them because i feel like i’m setting myself up for failure. *sigh*
    i’ve recently started doing something that i feel will help me start achieving my goals.and that is that i started to say NO. so often i feel like i have to say yes to everyone and everything! but sometimes you have to put YOURSELF first if you ever want to get anywhere. a very hard thing for me to do.because i like to please everyone and make them happy. but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

    1. That’s a genius addition to goal making, Diane! I know how hard that is too. I am a fellow people-pleaser. It’s been easier to say no here in Scotland because I know fewer people – ha! But your comment has truly reminded me to keep this as an intention as well: say no to things that don’t align with my goals.
      Good luck with your No-ing!
      xoxox, Lar

  4. A long time ago, I had a girlfriend of mine tell me: “Guilt is a useless feeling.” And ever since then, yes, I still feel guilt, but about major things (like disappointing my parents) but not about little things, like eating 6 cupcakes in one sitting. 🙂

    Loved both of your lists, btw!!!

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