Four Simple Goals (Before 2014)

Caths Four Simple Goals

I stumbled upon A Beautiful Mess’ Four Simple Goals post and wanted to take a stab at it. I love the idea of having action-oriented, simple goals before the new year instead of huge, impossibly impossible new years resolutions.

My goals are pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll add a bit more thought to them:

1. Make something pretty and fun for the home. Lar and I were big crafters when we were younger and I think my inner crafter is coming back. I recently made a felt flower wreath for my front door and I want to find a good holiday craft for the next month. Drop me a line if you have a great holiday project in mind!

2. Don’t shop for myself when I’m shopping for gifts this season. This one is the hardest for me. Even if I don’t have a ton of money to spend I’ll still be tempted to buy myself a little something. I’m the worst at this when I’m shopping for Lar. It usually goes a little something like, “Ooohhh, Lar would love this. I love this. I’ll get one each!” I’m determined to not let this happen this year.

3. Streamline my style. I talked a little bit about this in a previous post. I’m clearly drawn to grays and blacks, and want to stop being so tempted by the latest trends. I don’t usually buy a lot of clothes in December since I spend most of my money on gifts and other holiday stuff. Nevertheless, if I do happen to be shopping for clothes, I’ll make sure to stick to a strict shopping list.

4. Make oatmeal or green juice every morning. Earlier this year I was on a roll with my morning green juices and smoothies, but at some point I just got out of the habit. As a result I’ve early been eating less healthy breakfasts and/or spending too much money at my local Starbucks. For the next few weeks before the new year, I want to make an extra effort to prepare green smoothies for my weekday mornings. I’ve frozen some pre-made smoothie packs (spinach, lettuce, celery, banana, pear) so it’ll be easier to make each day.

What are your four simple goals? Lar will post her’s next week. Let us know if you post yours on your blog – or if you don’t have a blog, write your goals in the comments section.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Hi Cath!

    I just love this idea. Making goals manageable and bit-size. I’ll definitely put mine up next week.

    I seriously make a green smoothie and oatmeal every morning. And I only do the green smoothie because I know that means I get to have oatmeal after. I think I’m going to turn into a bowl of porridge. I’ll show you my recipe when you come over and it will make it uber easy for you to reach #4!

    Hahah and you know I do #2 on your list too! Though this year will be a bit trickier: buy Cath and plane ticket, buy me a plane ticket?

    ONE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I love this idea, and agree that setting mini goals at any given time is a smart way to change. So here are mine:
    1. Make a quilt – for the past year I’ve been planning to make a quilt out of these two fleece plankets I have and an old duvet cover that was a gift that my god-mother made for my christening when I was a baby (it’s falling half apart and is for a single bed so I never use it and I figured that this would be a great way to re-use of something that I don’t want to throw away out of sentimental reasons). I have never made a quilt before, so I have not idea if finishing it before the end of the year is attainable, but I want to have made a decent start.
    2. I’m joining you on the “Don’t shop for myself when I’m shopping for gifts this season” – I am guilty of this too!
    3. Breakfasts – before my summer holidays I got in a good routine of having a healthy and nutritious breakfast at home every morning, but this fell by the way-side post holiday and now is a good time to reinstate this healthy habit.
    4. Workouts – I’ve gotten into a bit of a workout rut as off late and want to get out of that, I just recently heard of the 7 minite workout app, which I want to make use off.

    Excellent post, thanks!

    1. Love these, Michelle! I’m so impressed by anyone that can sew! I don’t have the patience, but I love quilts. You’ll have to let us know how yours turns out.
      It’s so hard to not shop for yourself during the holidays, but I’m determined to! Also, I’m going to try to make more of my gifts this year.
      Holidays are always when I fall out of good habits.
      Let me know if you do use the work out app. i’ve heard of it, but I’ve never tried it!

  3. This is a great idea! It’s kind of like the “Every Damn Day” list from Yes and Yes that I’ve been trying for the past couple of weeks–you should check out her post:

    My four simple goals:
    1. Send presents or cards to everyone I love and think about often, even if we haven’t been in touch in a while.
    2. Spend time outside everyday.
    3. Bake “fall-flavored” things and buy fall produce that I’ll miss when they’re gone (especially persimmons!).
    4. Streamline my style–this is something I need to work on too!

    Thanks for the inspiration, Cath! 🙂

    1. So glad I could help inspire! I love the “Every Damn Day” list too. Maybe I’ll do that for the new year.

      I love your goal of sending cards. I used to be much better at that than I am now.

      Lar and I have both tried to bake more “fall-flavored” things this season. I don’t know why I don’t make pumpkin pie more often 😉

      Thanks for sharing your goals!

  4. such great goals cath!
    here are my goals before 2014:
    1)get unpacked. we’re moving on november 30th (2 weeks earlier than we were planning), and it would be great to start the year off without boxes filling my apartment.
    2)stop biting my fingernails. this has gone one way, way, way too long.
    3)start giving my blog a little more love and attention. lately i haven’t had time to do anything.and i hate that i’m neglecting it. 🙁
    4)make some new friends in my new apartment building/neighborhood.

    1. Diane, these are great goals! I didn’t realize you were moving. It seems like you just moved to NYC!
      Does painting your nails help prevent biting. I used to be a nonstop nail bitter in high school, but found that if I painted my nails about once a week, I kind of fell out of the habit.
      I know how you feel about neglecting your blog. I always hate it when I don’t feel like I have enough time to devote to it! Just don’t beat yourself up about it. xoxo, Cath

      1. yeah it does seem like we just moved.right??? well it’s been practically a year. we’re not moving far. just to williamsburg (brooklyn). love that neighborhood!
        and no.nothing keeps me from chomping on my nails. so gross i know. half the time i dont even realize i’m doing it.until they are bleeding. ugh!!! i think i need to get hypnotized! for real!

  5. This is a fantastic idea. I’m always thinking of the big picture and end up being overwhelmed by the loftiness of my goals! Breaking it up into smaller action items will hopefully get me off my butt. Time to work on a post!

  6. i saw that too! i was thinking about doing it but was afraid to add 4 more goals to my existing list 😛 and just using old ones are no fun either. i’m trying to streamline my style too and with my 100 days of less challenge i know i’m not supposed to shop for myself while out looking for gifts for other people but man it is SO hard!!

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