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AsianCajuns Downton Abbey mask

How many of you watched the season premiere of Downton Abbey last Sunday? Lar’s mask is from a friend who got to go see the premiere a few weeks ago in Atlanta – so jealous! For those you who are fans of the show, take a look at this awesomely brilliant Tumblr featuring Edith and her googly eyes:

When not engrossed in the gloriousness that is Downton Abbey, here’s a few things that we’re loving this week:

• Wouldn’t it be so cool to drink in Britain’s oldest pub?! Now which one is it?

• Ethically made clothing up to 60% off!

• The best place to learn some photoshop magic for your blog.

• DIY antiqued mercury mirror glass tutorial.

52 vintage dresses. One for every Sunday of the year.

• Goat 4 Sale: best Doritos commercial ever!

• Breathtaking travel photographs.

On the to do list for this weekend. . . I’ll be running walking with Toby.

• DIY VHS case clutch. Ingenious.

• Period costume dramas tour. Yes please.

8 thoughts on “TGIF Link Love”

  1. never watched downton abbey.i dont think it’s my type of show. but i just FINALLY came across GIRLS thanks to free HBO and on demand. my husband and i have been catching up on season 1. we are obsessed.

    1. I like both shows a lot. However, if you don’t like period dramas, Downton is definitely not for you. I can’t wait for the season premiere of Girls!

      xoxo, cath

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