New Year, New Job, New Bag





Happy New Year, lovely readers!

So what’s new with you?

I’m back in Edinburgh (way too far away from Cath again) after a lovely two weeks back in the States. I have a new bag and a new (thrifted) skirt. And a new job! Yup that’s right. I no longer wear sweat pants 24/7. I’ve been so inspired by Cath’s workwear these past few years, and I’m trying to live up to her stylish ways.

Do ya see me with the tights, and the pencil skirt and the accessorizing?! I also have a lovely new Kate Spade bag with my name on it (or close to it) given to me by Cath and my mama for Christmas. I’m all professional and stuff!

p.s. Is it spring time yet? I have to admit that post-holiday winter is my least favorite time of the year. Resolutions schmesolutions — I miss the sparkle and warm fuzzies of December. Who’s with me?


Dear Cath,

You are my work-wear guru. I’m still getting the hang of it, but I haven’t touched a pair of “yoga” pants since starting this job. Maybe you should make a special trip out here to show me how it’s done properly. You know, like tomorrow. Wonderful! See you then!

Love Your Deluded yet ever hopeful Twin,


25 thoughts on “New Year, New Job, New Bag”

  1. Love every single part of your outfit! Want that skirt (and bag, and necklace.). And totally agree about post-holiday blahs. Ugh.

  2. Lar, you crack me up! I think my work outfits are so boring! I wish I could pull an outfit together like you! Seriously, all I wear everyday is a pencil skirt and a top. That being said, I would drop everything in a minute if I had the money to fly over to you and “help” you with your work outfits!

    xoxo, Cath

    1. They are not at all boring, Kitcath! You are so cra-cra. They are super-stylish and cute and always made me want to get out of my sweat pants. Can’t wait to see more of your outfits!

    1. I was very anti-tights after years of ballet classes, but they really are the only way to wear skirts in Scotland in the winder 😉

  3. Yay for a new job! What are you up to now– did you get a job in Edinburgh?! Love your outfit. I try to stretch the boundaries of work-wear as much as possible. You should join me!

    1. Hi Maggie! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! I do have a job in Edi at a design agency. And don’t worry, I don’t always wear skirts — the other day I stretched work-wear chic to include a neon sweater and sparkly belt with skinny trousers 🙂
      Hope you are doing well!

  4. you look fabulous lar! you and cath have started off the year so stylish.and i’m sitting here in my pajamas with the flu since monday. ugh! right now i look anything but gross.

    1. Oh no, Diane! I hope you feel better soon! Whenever I’m sick I avoid mirrors at all costs because usually I’m in my pjs for days too and my hair doesn’t see a brush for while.
      Hope your move to NYC went well!

  5. Congrats on the new job, Lar! I have to say, I can wear jeans everyday, and it gets boring too. I never thought that I would get bored of wearing jeans everyday, but I like fun, stylish clothes too. Sad to not have seen you and probably won’t be in the UK. 🙁

    1. I’m so sorry I missed you stateside, June. The trip was a whirlwind, and I ended up getting sick toward the last bit.
      I know what you mean about jeans though. When I was working from home and in the office stateside, I could be so informal and got jealous of Cath for having a reason to wear pencil skirts.

  6. So great to see you guys posting again. You do an awesome job with your blog. Congrats on the new job, Lauren!

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