Sweatpants at Work


Ack! We’ve been so remiss on the internets of late. Beaucoup apologies to our wonderful readers. Somehow, every year, I forget how insane the holidays are: local events, shopping for the perfect presents, concerts, a house museum to decorate, baked goods to make (and eat and eat and eat), family and friends to visit. We love it all, but it means our blogging, emailing and commenting get left out in the cold.

Well here’s a lovely little warm up: a cozy pair of sweat pants! Yes, indeedy. The girl who wouldn’t even wear sweat pants when required in middle school gym class, is now wearing them to work! See Exhibit A below:


Can you tell how much I love this Nasty Gal shoulder-padded blazer? I’m hardly ever without it. And what better why to dress up sweats, but with structured shoulders and a neutral/minimalist (okay, nonexistent) palette?


So the sweatpants kinda sorta look more like leggings, ’tis true. And many of you reminded me that wearing leggings to work is pretty much like wearing sweats. So no ground-breaking fashion moments here. But I really do love when fashion and comfort collide – not so much in footwear (begone, crocs and uggs!). If my waist band can expand whilst I eat more Christmas chocolate and gingerbread, and I can maintain a certain level of superficial chic-ness, well, I’m all for it!

Here’s how some svelte models (of the non-waist-expanding-variety) donned their sweats on the runway (click image for photo credit).

Below, Chloe creative director Hannah MacGibbon makes sweatpants look so good, you’ll burn your Juicy Couture track suit. Heck, she’s even wearing a sweatshirt- on her runway! A sweatshirt and sweatpants combo to work? That’s the next step.

Cath and I are out of town this weekend, but we promise to respond to all of your wonderful comments and emails – they truly make our day/week/month/year!

Also, stay tuned for an upcoming post on some lovely things the boys over at Epidemik Coalition sent us. Thanks for the early xmas presents, guys!

24 thoughts on “Sweatpants at Work”

  1. Oh good! You’re not dead!

    How sartorially brave you are. Possibly crazy, but brave nonetheless. There we have it: sweatpants at work are the mark of our good man Don Quixote!

  2. now i dont know that i could pull off this look.but you do it effortlessly! so fab.

    i hope you girls have a fantastic weekend!

    a quick sidenote.my husband always sings this stupid song he made up about people wearing sweatpants in public everytime he spots one 😛

  3. i like the look. its basic and cool and comfy. its great to make fashion more wearable and versatile.
    and on guys- i find the sexiest thing they could wear is trackies
    WANT that blazer bad.! have a smashing weekend girls! xxxx

  4. i like the look. its basic and cool and comfy. its great to make fashion more wearable and versatile.
    and on guys- i find the sexiest thing they could wear is sweatpants
    WANT that blazer bad.! have a smashing weekend girls! xxxx

  5. well well i dont know if its called trackies or sweatpants but i think its kinda the same right. youre welcome to delete one of those not meant to post both xxx

  6. Ooooh, I don’t know if I could pull that off. Leggings have pretty much become my sweatpants. Yesterday to work I wore leggings, a long sleeved tshirt dress and (shhhhh) uggs! But don’t judge, I’ve got a cold!!

  7. Wow Lar, you make sweats look so chic! I love it!! Hope you have a lovely weekend. oh I have a giveaway on my blog check it out when you get a chance! Take care sweetie.

    Love & Aloha!!

  8. If only I looked as awesome in sweats (or jogging/trackie bottoms as we call them in the UK) as you. I love Nastygal and I am always perusing the website.in fact I just bought the cashmere petal cape and hope it arrives before xmas 🙂

  9. i love those sweats tucked into boots – very cut. yes wearing leggings to work is kinda like wearing sweats and I’m so lucky I get to wear that to work. i have a really nice pair of slim cropped sweats in a burgundy colour from marc by marc jacobs, and I’mwondering if i could also pull them off to work.

  10. Sweatpants for work? That’s amazing – well only you could pull them off ! Lululemons are super comfy and those could probably be worn to work too

  11. Sweatpants in public ewwww. Only OK when you’re headed to the gym or the dance studio! For about six months, when I thought I was sick of showbusiness and wanted a regular job ( I was WRONG! lol) I worked at a PR firm, where sweatpants were actually allowed in the office. since we did 13 hour days in there, we were all in Juicy Couture Monday through Friday, and only changed if a client was visiting. Yikes!! 😀

    You look great as always, though. this look is clearly not for me!

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