Goodwill Hunting Part 2

goodwillhunting8  goodwillhunting9

Top: shirt from Goodwill (drawn on by moi), cropped shorts from UK charity shop, shoes Superga. Bottom: Club Monoco dress from Goodwill.

Since taking these photos last week, a strange thing has happened — a new season. Somehow the end of summer rolled into town. Why and how and why so fast?

I’m sure Cath is rolling her eyes at me in Hot-lanta where the temperatures still soar and the humidity smothers. But here in the temperamental PNW, we’ve had one or two 90 degree days nestled between chillier 60-70 degree weeks. I’m not complaining — nooooo. It’s far summerier than the summery of summers in Edinburgh, but it’s still ending too soon.

And for some reason, this change in season has me moving away from the above pictured minimalist style and into piling on rings and a sweater or two with a (gasp!) print or pattern.

Does that happen to you guys too? Change in season or time of life and your style asks for a shake-up without you realizing it?

It’s confusing because I thought in my 30s I would sort of start sticking to one style a bit more (Cath and I have talked about this repeatedly on the blog here and here). Maintaining one style is friendlier on your wallet and your closet (aka living with less). So I’m kind of baffled by this need to, stylistically-speaking, maximize my wardrobe — at the same time as limiting acquisitions.

But I’m going to go with it. I find any time I try to stick too closely to one school of thought — even when I can feel things shifting to explore new avenues — I end up frustrated and feeling stuck. So let’s embrace the confusion and the arm parties and contrasting patterns.

Happy almost-Fall!

5 thoughts on “Goodwill Hunting Part 2”

  1. Totally. On the one hand, being nearly 32 means that I have a much better idea what works on me and doesn’t and what suits my lifestyle, but in the other hand, I can see someone randomly who changes my aesthetic all at once. Like I went to a conference and saw this cool hipster girl with baggier khakis and I don’t wear khakis and I keep my legs slim and suddenly it’s like yes! That’s what I needed. I think of it as tweaking the recipe but the dish is the same.

    1. I love that analogy, Amy — tweaking the recipe, but the dish is the same. So, so true! And I totally have those moments too where you see that girl with the perfect outfit and you’re like –yes, gonna wear all that right now ;D

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