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Get thee to a Target! Rodarte is here! Cath and I had our early Sunday (Dec. 20) morning line-waiting technique ready to go, but we headed to Target this evening for some Christmas shopping and we stumbled into nearly the whole Rodarte for Target collection!

How is it possible that the Edgewood Target in Atlanta got a “preview” of the Rodarte collection? Officially only a few places (New York and San Fran, I think) were supposed to get a preview. I imagine our Southern style preview wasn’t exactly official, but we we’re still giddy that it happened- inadvertently or no!

I think we spent a total of 30 minutes in a family size dressing room and tried on everything available. Here are some of our favs (Cath had less luck, so it’s just me in these pics. The only thing she purchased was the see-through mustard cardi- a bit tricky to photograph).


The blue dress above looks a lot more flattering in person. It’s super girly (I love, love a swirly skirt), so I’d probably toughen it up with some pleather and more black for the winter. 


Ooo this kimono dress! I wanted to buy it to just hang it on my wall! I think I looked a little too much like I was wearing pajamas. If it were an actual robe or if I had extra cash to spend on impractical wall hangings, I totally would have bought it. 


I did get this! I love how it’s not super-tight, so I don’t feel too Casino-y. Tight + animal print is a tricky line to walk. Some ladies can pull it off, but especially with my big hair I can look the wrong side of va-va-voomy.

Have any of you guys seen the Rodarte stuff in your Targets? Maybe this is yet another stellar aspect of the deep South, lack of long queues for designer lines. Now if only H&M would get Sonia Rykiel intimates- le swoon. 

Ladies, let us know what you pick up! Gents, are you fans of Rodarte? I’m always curious what the fellas have to say about the things that make us go crazy.

47 thoughts on “AsianCajuns Heart Rodarte”

  1. Aww I can’t believe you got a sneak peek of the collab! Not having a Target in Canada, I would looove the opportunity to see these clothes without having to endure the border crossing lineup. The sheer lace cardis looked pretty interesting as well as the skeleton dress.

  2. Oh, the blue dress is sugar and spice and everything nice! And I love the leopard dress on you, I really want something leopard-y for Christmas but no such luck yet!! I wish we have Target here:(

    p.s. I really thought the kimono dress was a robe:P

  3. The leopard dress looks great on you! I just could not get past the texture of the thing. I’m in Seattle at the moment, and had to try on the collection. And all I got was the black lace cardi.

    Glad you scored!

  4. The blue dress looks fab. we don’t have a Target in NYC, at least not in Manhattan and I’m not interested in going to the ‘burbs only to check out a diffusion line, even though it’s Rodarte (I would probably get lost on the way)! I saw a nude chiffon dress in some magazine that caught my interest, but I’m sure it will be on ebay in no time! Thanks for the preview/review! 🙂

  5. The H&M in Atlantic Station did get the Sonia Rykiel line. I don’t know if they have any more of it left now, but it was pretty well stocked the day after the launch, which gives me hope for the next SR collab that’s coming out in spring.

  6. I’d seen a lot of preview shots, but none of the leopard dress. And I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for one! Thanks for the tip . here’s hoping one of my local Targets will deliver.

  7. it isn’t in the mid-west yet (i hit up target this past weekend hoping there would be a preview). i can’t wait to see it in person though! too bad about that yellow cardigan- that looked so cute online.

      1. I only picked up the nude tulle dress with the big shoulder bows. My boyfriend and sisters hate it so I might take it back on Sunday morning and exchange it for tights, a belt, and that blue dress. Oh well.

  8. oh my i am SO jealous! I have been really excited about the coming rodarte at target. i am about to go stalk the nearby targets now! Did you try the skeleton dress at all? I have been so wanting that one, but worry about it maybe being just too much in person.

  9. You guys look like total rock stars. Holy cow, that leopard print dress is totally calling my name — and there’s a Target like 3 minutes from my office! Excuse me, I need to take a “lunch break”.

  10. i. am. going. today!!! hope they still have everything!! if not-just FYI for anyone else in the ATL area.I went to the Target in Sandy Springs at the Prado (right off 285) for the Anna Sui collection and they had everything.and no lines!

  11. Me-ow! Loving the leopard on you!

    Unfortunately, there’s not a Target (technically) in San Francisco. You gotta drive out to Daly City, and my scooter doesn’t it on the freeway. So I’m jealous of your preview, too!

  12. We have Rodarte here in New Orleans but I was not feeling the collection. I was so excited about the collaboration but the quality is lacking. I did buy the mustard color cardigan. The Tavi video made the dresses look pretty but it was a hot mess on me. bummer I love Rodarte .

  13. Love these dressing room shots! You actually bought the one dress I’d buy from the line! There was one store east of LA which accidentally had put the Rodarte line on the sales floor last week. It’s not near where I live so I didn’t bother going, but the line was pulled a few days later after realizing the mistake. HA!

    xo, Becs

  14. Eek! I so wanted that leopard dress but it was/is sold out online and no Targets in Canada 🙁 BOOOOOO
    It looks fabulous on you!!!

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