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We apologize for the lack of outfit posts lately. Cath has been running around being a super-awesome City employee, and I’ve been . uninspired in a rut discovering my cold-weather uniform! Black leggings or skinny jeans, large blouse/shirt, blazer and boots (thigh-highs preferable). It’s the most comfortable uniform yet, and apart from the boots, darn cheap! The shirt and blazer were thrifted and the leggings are from Tarjay.ย 

I always have grand plans for awesome next-day outfits in the evening, and then come morning, I’m crawling out of my nice warm bed looking for the next best thing to my robe. And do you know what’s comfy? Leggings! And you can hide this cop-out version of pants with some chic boots and a boyfriend blazer. Nice, huh?

(Lord, someone get me out of this shopping-freeze/fashion rut I’m in or I’ll start wearing sweat pants to work!)

Do you guys have a uniform for cold, early mornings when you’re in a scramble to get ready for work or school? My closet would be eternal grateful for your inspiration.

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  1. I hate to break this to you, but leggings pretty much are sweats. see the San Francisco Stylephile for proof.

    Nonetheless, if this was what I looked like when I was in a rut, I would be all kinds of thankful and lucky! You’re always the hot stuff!

  2. I have the exact same issue!
    my uniform:
    H&M cotton and satin leggings (they have like geometric black satin applique)
    Mens H&M wolf sweater (so warm and fits in that perfect slim but long way)
    JCrew Long sleeved shirt completely hidden under aforementioned sweater but super soft the tissue paper ones
    thigh high boots brown or black
    hair in a bun with a headband so it looks like im going for a 1920s style but really im too lazy to shower and only focus on coffee

    leggings and boots is what Orange County and apparently Paris do as complete cop outs.
    My goal is to wear a skirt eventually. In the semi-near future.

  3. You always look so great rocking the thigh highs! A simple outfit for cold weather would be a leather jacket, v-neck tee or plaid button-down, scarf and skinny jeans/leggings with boots. That’s pretty much my go-to outfit when I have no clue what to wear in the mornings and I’m in a rush for work. ๐Ÿ™‚

    xo, Becs

  4. jeans, a tee, blazer, and black heels are my basics for a cold day and i have no idea what else to wear. o and also a scarf! and those thigh highs are looking hot on you as always!

  5. i don’t care if you’re in a rut- i LOVE those boots!

    my cold weather uniform here in chicago is a little more heavy duty: thermal leggings, skinny jeans, knee high wool socks, boots, long sleeve, tunic cotton sweater, wool sweater (if i’m going outside for more than 5 minutes), scarf, gloves, long wool coat with a hood. i gain about 20 pounds every time i leave the house in the winter time.

  6. haha I only WISH my cop-out outfit looked as good as this ๐Ÿ™‚

    Early mornings and winter weather test my already poor fashion abilities. But leggings are a fantastic choice – especially with those boots!

  7. I’m facing the exact same issue! I usually fall back on jeans, a tank a slouchy sweater and silk scarf. then kick myself for not being more creative. Yours is much more stylish! I really like the striped top peeking through.

  8. Um, there’s nothing wrong with your uniform!
    Perhaps add your pop of color with some thigh-high socks over your leggings on an extra cold day? I think that could be cool peeking out over your boots.

    But don’t take it from me, I live in Hawaii ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. UGH! I totally hear ya, thats me lately too. I find it best to plan the outfit the night before.when I am not in the mood to be uncomfy I avoid jeans AT ALL COSTS, and I have like 12 pairs of them. Leggings = best idea. You can get so many that look like pants. I think you look like a hot rut person.

  10. I think my winter uniform is pretty much the same as my summer uniform. Raw denim, oxford cloth/flannel, and timbs or clarks. I’m lame. Although a good hat is essential too. But then I’m a boy. Billy Reid has some pretty sweet leggings-

    I think it’s funny you went on a shopping ‘freeze’ during the winter.

  11. My beat up flat black boots, black leggings, a tunic or oversized sweater of some sort(need more of these) a huge scarf and my leather jacket. The end.

  12. Wow if I could look like you when I was in a rut, I would gladly welcome it. You look adorable!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    When I am in a rut and its cold out, I tend to do alot of layering with my accessories. A plan outfit can totally be chaged with a great statement necklace and awesome boots (just like yours- wow love them so much)!


  13. In the winter I always revert back to converse, tights, skirts and jumpers.with a handy scarf and beanie in my bag!

    I love the stripes in this outfit!

  14. I can never get enough of those boots on you! I have a cold weather uniform too: riding boots, skinny jeans, thick knitted sweater, fitted jacket and big scarf on top. Sigh. I love dresses and skirts, but lately it’s just been too cold.

  15. We don’t have cold mornings in Florida, unfortunately. and at my age if we do I wear a cardigan. Not too interesting I know.

    But your blog is great, I love the changing pictures on the banner.

    Keep the posts coming.

  16. Cool boots!! I first thought they were leather pants!! My outfit for cold mornings and if I’m in a rush, I just put on a long sleeve shirt with a jacket and black skinny jeans and added two scarfs and socks with ankle boots!! xxooxxoxooxxo

  17. Lar you look adorable as usual here. i don’t think i have a “uniform”.i think my uniform is more about colors than actual pieces.i wear WAY TOO MUCH BLACK.but i also like to throw in a bold item or two in almost every outfit. for instance, today i have on a black skirt, and black cardi.but i am also wearing bright red tights, a red skinny belt, and a colorful plaid top.

  18. I need boots like that!!

    My in-a-rut uniform: Dark wash skinny jeans, long colorful cardigan, belted waist, simple tee & bold patterned scarf.

    and BIG freakin awesome earrings.

    Just found your blog & I Love it! I definitely have twin envy though. It’s gotta be so much more fun with 2. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Thanks for responding! The Karaca dress is dreamy. The One of a Kind Show that I described on a my blog will be happening in NY, so it’s a little closer to you.

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