Dress Up Time!

In honor of Fashion Over Atlanta, Lar and I headed over to Kaleidoscope Boutique tonight to check out their new stuff. Camille, the owner of the store, was there even though she’s nine months pregnant (her due date is next week!). Since the store just got in a bunch of new stuff, Camille asked us to play dress up and try on a few items.

Trying on flirty dresses and military jackets is tough work, but someone’s got to do it. So Lar and I eagerly graciously agreed. And of course we took some pics to share with you all!


Lar ended up getting this leopard print dress because we both loved the draping so much. Isn’t the red dress gorgeous? It’s one size fits all (Camille wore the purple version of that dress to her baby shower) and the jersey is draped perfectly. I think Lar is already counting down the days until her next paycheck so she can buy it.


I’m all about the print and cut of the halter dress on Lar above. It would look great with some nude-colored, strappy heels. The military dress is totally my style. I think I could get away with wearing it at work under a cardi or blazer.


I loved, loved, loved this purple wrap dress. The shinny material had a lot of stretch in it, so it was really comfortable AND the dress has pockets. I can’t tell you how much I love dresses with pockets. I was wearing my Payless booties tonight, but I would probably pair this dress with more ladylike shoes. On the right I’m wearing a military jacket over a really cute, Swedish-looking sweater dress.


I loved this silk Milly dress (left photo), but it was slightly too big for me. It’s hard to see the actual colors of the dress in the photo, but the pattern looks great and not too busy in person. On the right I’m wearing a Tuelle sweater dress/cardi set, which I would totally buy for work and wear with my cream, platform Mary Janes.


I will not spend money and save up for this dress. I will not spend money and save up for this dress. I will not


A close-up of the dress Lar got. Even though the pattern makes it look a little crazy, it’s actually a really versatile piece. She can dress it down with a boyfriend blazer and boots or dress it up with lace black tights and 10-inch McQueen Alien heels – Lady Gaga style FTW!

48 thoughts on “Dress Up Time!”

  1. Bwaa ha ha ha! You’re scaring me with your Alien heels ideas!

    Cath, the navy military style and the navy sweater and sweater dress Tuelle combo look outstanding on you and both could totally go to work. The purple is fabulous! I totally get why you love it.

    It’s cool that Lar got the grey leopard print dress. It’s very fresh. And you’re so right about the white and green dress: killer with nude heels.

  2. Oh man who doesn’t love dresses with pockets. I think my ‘stuff for your girl’ would be all dresses with pockets if I didn’t watch myself. I like that jacket a whole bunch too.

    ps. I totally didn’t know girls said FTW too! haha

  3. Wow you guys lead a tough life. How do you do it? πŸ™‚

    You guys look amazing. I’m in love with that red drapery dress. Hot!

    Have a good weekend!

  4. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never been in that shop β€” I think I’m afraid of what damage I’d do. SUPER cute dresses, ladies!

  5. It’s crazy how many different colors, prints, and silhouettes you two can wear! I love the animal print, and the military looks best.

    1. I think Kaleidoscope only has it in red, but give them a call and see what the brand is. Camille told me and I completely forgot. I’m guessing it’s available on line somewhere.

  6. You should saw my expresion when saw that purple dress xD I just love it, I’ll be a bad influence, that’s why I’m telling you, Buy iy, Buy it Buy it.
    Love al the dresses, what can I say, every single dress is amazing!

    Thanks for visit my blog! <3

  7. Hey Cath! I can’t wait to post the full shots of all the things I grabbed this weekend. Lots of fun colors indeed!

    Today’s pho was from Pho Dai Loi Restaurant II (rec. of the Eat Buford Highway blogger). Concise review tomorrow or early next week! πŸ™‚

  8. Ahh you girls look stunning dressing up. and it must’ve been so much fun! my favs are the red one (GOSH!! its stunning) and the purple wrap dress really looks great too, hope youre having a great weekend girls. take care xx ediot

  9. Ooh I love that wrap dress on you- it is gorgeous!! OMG and it has pockets I am SOLD!! Lars dress is SO FUN too! I am so glad she picked that one. You ladies are so stunning!!


  10. Ahh, this just have been so much fun! I think I could play dress-up in my favorite stores all day. sigh. My favorites are definitely the leopard print dress, the draped red one and the military one. Oh and the wrap dress of course. I’m a sucker for pockets as well!

  11. looks like you ladies had a fantastic time! πŸ™‚
    i’m loving just about all of the looks shown above.especially the dress Lar got.and that red one next too it too!
    you gals would look great in anything though!

  12. C-Basically you need to stop buying gifts for others and get yourself that damn dress. Ok?
    L-That leopard dress is great. It’s totally one of those from morning to evening dresses. Or morning to morning dresses, it depends on how you party I guess.

  13. I really love the leopard print dress and the black military jacket — so chic!

    My sister and I just started our blog, and we are half-Asian and from the Atlanta area too (well, Gwinnett, but I work in Atlanta so I guess that counts)! Great to know that there are so many awesome area blogs out there. πŸ™‚ – JoAnn

  14. There isn’t anything I don’t like here! But particularly that halter top dress you mentioned going with nude shoes. Love it, you guys look gorgeous!

  15. How fun!! I totally love playing dress up. All those lovely piece look great on you ladies! Tht red asym number is fabulous! I want one. πŸ™‚ oooooh and I’m still gagaing over Gaga! I can’t get enough of her Bad Romance video. She’s so lucky to be sportin all that Alexander McQueen!!! and those Alien shoes!!! OMG! I want a pair ha ha. Xoxo ladies. take care.

  16. Gorgeous ladies in gorgeous dresses! Love the leopard print dress and the dress/cardi set.

    Lauren – if/when you do buy that red drape dress, you MUST do a separate post! πŸ™‚

  17. You ladies always look so beautiful! I love how while you’re twins, you each have a different style. You both manage to look amazing in every post. I love it!

  18. I’m so sad I was swamped with schoolwork this past weekend! I really wanted to visit Camille and my bestie at Kaleidescope but didn’t really get to leave my desk. I love all of those dresses, ahh!!

  19. Okay, seriously, girls? The military details on both of the items you picked from the boutique are major perfect. The military dress really suits Lar’s body perfectly, and the flair waist of the jacket accentuates Cath’s tiny waist.

    You girls, you girls. oiye. So jealous.

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