Fashion Over Atlanta


Sure, New York has its Fashion’s Night Out, but Atlanta has a 4-evening fashion event known as Fashion Over Atlanta. Boutiques around the city are celebrating fashion with trunk shows, live music, bourbon tastings and personal styling opportunities, from November 12 to 15.

Lar and I are super excited (like the local shop owners in the photo below) because some of our favorite Atlanta/Decatur clothing boutiques are participating: Boogaloos, Evolve, Kaleidoscope, Squash Blossom, Meringue and Jac . For a full list of participating shops, click here.


There’s even an awesome t-shirt involved designed by Pecan Pie Couture (which we’ve gushed about previously here and here). See? Even Mara Davis of Dave FM loves hers.


Lar and I are planning to hit the town Friday evening to show our love for local boutiques. Hopefully we’ll see you out there!

Update: Daily Candy Atlanta has a great rundown of Fashion Over Atlanta events today and a sweet photo of Clint Zeagler wearing the FOA tee with tulle skirt. Nicely played Clint, nicely played.

16 thoughts on “Fashion Over Atlanta”

  1. I’m down with the bourbon tasting. Oh and the fashion stuff would be fun too. But thing I do love about the South is the booze.(I fear I may be coming across as a bit of a lush here so I’ll stop)

    ps. don’t let London’s tales scare you of cold weather-really making snow angels is fun and being cold.well you get used to it, I promise.

  2. oooo sounds so fun! i wish houston had more of these types of events. i hear that next year we will have a fashion week! i am excited and hope to get a pass to go!

  3. This soudns like such a great event! I can’t wait to read your coverage on this. I know the typical fashion capitals tend to get all the big events, but to be honest, I think this will probably be more cooler to attend than any Fashion Night Out!

  4. I wish I could come, but being a single mom its hard to get away. Please tell us all about it. Thanks again for posting my drawings on your site. I’ve gotten a lot of visitors the last couple of days who were referred from your site.

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