A Favorite Necklace

You know when you have one of those weekends that’s so busy it feels like you haven’t had a weekend at all? This past weekend was one of those. I had plans to take some great outfit photos for the blog (plus clean the house and do some yard work, which definitely never happened). Instead, I had a couple of minutes Sunday afternoon to take some quick photos on my deck. Not the best outfit and not the best background, but it still counts, right?!


Zara Top | Asos Skirt | r-ki-tekt necklace | Rialto wedges (secondhand from my sweet friend, Meredith)

The skirt has an elastic waistband, so totally Lar approved 😉


I wear this necklace all the time. It’s all black, my favorite color, and has a tassel along the back. I purchased it last year at Root City Market from Kel, a local accessories maker. I love all of her products, own two of her necklaces, and have been eyeing this one for the summer.

Any of you local Atlantans planning on going to this month’s Root City Market? I’m hoping I’ll be in town for it. Kel won’t be there, but two of my other favorites will, Block & Hammer and Oakleaf & Acorn.

P.S.: To see my daily outfits, add me on Snapchat: asiancajunscath, and I’ll follow you back. Is it “follow” or “add as friend”? I’m not on top of Snapchat lingo, but I swear it’s not just an app for middle schoolers!

6 thoughts on “A Favorite Necklace”

  1. I love the tassel necklace. I like pulling on the tassel like it’s an on switch for something, or using it to fake brush makeup onto your face, even though you hate it when I do either of those things.

    Also, FYI WARNING to those of you with Nexus 4 phones considering downloading Snapchat, do NOT. The app is not compatible with the firmware for the camera on the Nexus 4, and will cause many errors on your phone after installing that will not go away even after uninstalling. Either upgrade to a Nexus 5 or 6, or any other type of phone, or go buy yourself a sweet tassel necklace!

    1. So when are you going to upgrade to a Nexus 5/6 so you can follow/add/friend me on SnapChat?

      And yes, please stop treating the tassel like it’s anything other than a necklace tassel. 😉

  2. i love this necklace. soooo pretty!

    i have been thinking of joining snapchat too.but i dunno that i get the point of it. how is it not like instagram? and why would i want my images to disappear?

    1. I didn’t get Snapchat at first either, which is why I wanted to try it out. I actually really like it now and I think you will too. I think the Story feature is perfect for bloggers. You can see what other bloggers are up to and the videos last for 24 hours (vs regular snapchats, which go away after you see them). Give it a try and let me know what you think!

  3. Oh my goodness, Cath! I love that necklace too! I wish I was going to Root City Market with you!

    You always look so chic. I seriously wear about the same 10 outfits and rotate them. i do blame that partially on the winter-that-will-never-end. I’m seriously wearing the same outfits in JUNE as I do in December – noooo!

    I also want that necklace that you want — we should both get it and be twinsies! (Twin -ier twinies!).


    1. Dude, I seriously wear the same thing every day! Ever since I started snapchating my outfits, I realize that I wear black pants all the time and rarely wear color. I’m so not creative anymore when it comes to shopping – plus, you’ve always been the more creative one.

      yes to being necklace twinsies!

      xoxo, Cath

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