Au Revoir, Kaleidoscope!

Cath and I spent all Saturday morning at the Boutique Sale in Decatur. Tons of our favorite local boutiques participated: Jac*, Rockit, Evolve Boutique, Boogaloos and Squash Blossom. However, our main purpose for attending the Sale was so say farewell to one of our favorite Decatur boutiques, Kaleidoscope. Remember that post where we got to play dress up? That was all Kaleidoscope owner Camille’s doing.

We love you ladies, and are so sorry to see one of the best retailers in Decatur close up shop.

Cath and I will still continue to shop at our other favorite local boutiques as much as possible. We both left the sale with armloads of gorgeous things from Evolve and Rockit (a necklace made from a sari, and a gorgeous leather belt— we’ll show them soon!). Still, I always feel a little helpless when one of our independent retailers shut down.

Do you guys try to support your local boutiques? Have independent shops/restaurants been hit hard in your city?

*We just heard that Jac is also closing its doors, but they will still sell items online. Huzzah!

28 thoughts on “Au Revoir, Kaleidoscope!”

  1. It’s lovely to support independent boutiques and shops! I always try to shop local as much as I can although the internet is mighty tempting, but my favorite favorite stores have always been independent designers and beautifully curated local boutiques. So sad when they close down!

  2. I was mysteriously super busy all of a sudden this weekend and didn’t get to make it out! I’ll have to link Kimmers to show her how famous she is! I was so sad to hear that Jac was closing too!! They have the best selection of my favorite, hard to find brands in Atlanta.

  3. It used to never cross my mind to shop at smaller boutiques, because I found them to be slightly more expensive. Now I understand why, because usually the quality is better and plus you’re supporting your hometown, so I try to pick up a few key and unique pieces 🙂
    I always have such a strong urge to visit Atlanta and Decatur after reading your blog! I want to shop!!! Actually. I was at the Atlanta airport once during a 3 hour layover. I bought a magnet that says Georgia on it lol. But that doesn’t count!

  4. i hate when those kinds of stores close down, I have a small shoe shop like that in my town and try to support it as much as possible (which isn’t too difficult). I think the thing is, it’s really hard for owners to keep up with the economy. Sadly, most boutique owners that aren’t having trouble seem to be little kiddies of uber rich families that just have their little shops as a side project. It’s just not fair.

  5. absolutely! shopping local is huge here in Vancouver. local boutiques and eating local (within 100 mile radius) is good for the local economy plus you get better stuff there anyways

  6. Bummer about the closing. It’s always a little daunting to hear about independents shutting down. The real reason to go to the smaller guys for me is the service. Always a little more patient and willing to go a little farther.

    ps. yeah the Franny+Zooey quote was from the 1st edition.

    pps. girls in elbow patches? AMAZING. Tweed too. Opening Ceremony in Tokyo had a sick Harris Tweed cape-style jacket.

    ppps. I like that you guys say things like huzzah.

  7. i think support local boutiques it`s great!, here the endependent fashion design has grown nationally, in terms of clothes, bags and all kinds of accessories including shoes. I think it’s great, they are beautiful and unique pieces, or generally lesser amounts.

    About me, i made a serie of accessories which sometimes i sell here, in my blog i put some models also 🙂

  8. My small city doesn’t have much in the way of boutiques or independent restaurants, which I REALLY miss about living in a big city. When I was going to school I was always shopping at locally owned grocery stores and eating at independent restaurants.gosh I miss it!!

  9. I know how you feel, you want to support and see local ventures thrive. I sometimes get frustrated because good places don’t do any advertising and rest on nothing to get customers in (marketing people, it’s not an empty word) and the ones that do advertise and do well have far too much polyester.
    I have long dreamt of owning a boutique but it’s a scary venture.

  10. Vegas has a couple independent boutiques, this post makes me want to have a little dress up session at one of my favorites and get them some publicity. Our thrift shops are doing a bit better, I think. Sorry to hear about your faves, looks like they had some cute pieces!

  11. Oh it’s especially sad when it’s a store you love. I wish her all the best with her future endeavours.
    It’s wonderful that you support your local boutiques, looking forward to seeing what you snagged, sounds good!
    Happy weekend to you both!

  12. What a shame one of your favourits is closing down. I wish there were more independent boutiques where I live. It would make the shopping experience a little less predictable!

  13. I really don’t get out enough and try to find good local places to shop. The Atlanta traffic keeps me confined to internet shopping for the most part. Possibly Decatur is the place to check out soon?

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