Summer Time


My summer festival outfit (note my hair flattened by sweat): Milly for Kohl’s tank | Rkitekt necklace | secondhand Coach bag | Marc by Marc sunglasses

It’s not technically summer yet, but it already feels like it in Atlanta. I hate the summer. I know. It’s a strong statement, so let me rephrase: I hate the summer unless I’m at the beach. Here are my five reasons to dislike the season:

1. The heat makes me sleepy and I feel like I’m much less productive when it’s hot out.

2. It means the cockroaches come out. Troy and I pay top dollar to get our house filled with chemicals to ward off the little buggers, but there’s nothing that gets rid of cockroaches completely. It’s just part of living in the south. And there’s nothing you can do about them when you’re outside in nature – like on a city sidewalk at night. My coping mechanism is to constantly prance around so one won’t run over my foot. I’m open to other suggestions.

3. I’m naturally a heavy sweater (as in I sweat a lot, not the article of clothing). If I’m walking outside for a few minutes I start getting gross and then it takes me forever to cool off once I’m inside. Troy is a lucky guy!  I have to shower at least once a day and wash my hair every day.

4. Even though sweating in the heat is miserable, I also hate the super frigid, overly air conditioned rooms. My office is so cold in the summer that I wear a sweater and use a heater under my desk. That means the air conditioning is in high gear AND I’m using energy to run the heater, which means I’m giving the environment a double slap in the face (plus there’s that whole showering multiple times a day thing when parts of the country is in a draught).

5. On an even more vain note, sweating outside + freezing inside makes for some seriously unfortunate outfits. For example:  sleeveless dress with ill-fitting sweater I keep in my office for emergencies that makes me look like I stepped out of Lands End catalog from the 1980s. I always forget to bring a better sweater or coverup alternative with me to the office because as I’m running out the door in the morning into the god forsaken heat, the last thing on my mind is more layers.

Am I alone here? I know it’s ridiculous to be so down on summer when I live in the American south, but you have to take the bad with the good. Hot summers also mean not having super cold and long winters. So there’s that. And then Creative Loafing just published its 2015 Summer Guide this week that made me not hate this time of year so much.

I hope you all have a not-too-hot weekend!

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  1. I swear by Combat roach baits – those little black plastic disks. If we start to see roaches (in our old house in a warm and humid climate), it’s probably been at least six months since we stuck new ones in a few key spots.

  2. Cath,

    1) You never look frumpy — not even in your 1980s-esque Lands End sweater

    2)Mmmm sun and heat!!!

    3) Edinburgh has been a consistent 55 degrees and rainy all of May. Tank tops? You can wear those outside?!

    4) Sun and heat!!!

    5) You never look like a sweaty mess and I think your new tank is perfect.

    p.s. Cockroaches are the worst and I don’t miss those — so yeah, actually, maybe I’d take the rain and non-existent summer. almost ;D


    1. Right?! I mean, i think it would take a while to get used to a colder climate, but I would not miss the roaches at all. Like, i don’t get why people want to retire in Florida. The roach problem is even worse!

      Also, I sweated in Scotland just because I walked everywhere and because it was cold there, it would just be cold sweat. So gross!

      I can’t wait to enjoy the cool weather with you this summer!

      xoxo, Cath

  3. I’ve never actually seen a roach but the thought of them just creep me out, so gross! I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with summer, on the one hand I love the sun and the energy boost you get from that, but on the other hand I hate humid heat, I’m also a naturally heavy sweater, so I hate it when in during a hot summer about 5 mins after showering I’m already sticky. But our office is not overly airconditioned, and I don’t have one at home (people rarely do here), so generally thin short sleeved clothing works best for me when trying to stay cool and at home I have a fan running, I bought a dyson fan last summer and although it wasn’t cheap it was so worth it, it doesn’t make much noise, is efficient and just brings the temp in the room down a couple of degrees without blowing everying about (In fact, the breeze is so gentle, last year the cat actually sat in front it on really warm days which he never did with the old fan).

    1. I love those Dyson fans! Maybe I’ll save up for one this summer. And definitely consider yourself lucky having never seen a cockroach. I had never seen one growing up in Maryland. The worst was southern Spain – don’t ever go there if cockroaches totally freak you out. They’re like the size of cats down there!

  4. “naturally a heavy sweater.not the article of clothing”: I laughed so hard 😀 I am with you! I HATE sweating! I always feel prissy to say that, but there it is. And the bugs, ugh. And with kids the car is always an oven and then their seat is an oven within an’s miserable. Summer should be confined to the beach.

    1. It feels so good not to be the only who thinks that way 😉
      The oven-hot car is the worst!

  5. As a fellow summer-hater, I hear ya! I am stuck right now in the Southwest and summer is here. I was not expecting to be here for this hot weather. By the way, your hair looks good, summer or not!

    1. Thank you! I think the photo doesn’t fully show how stuck-to-my-head my hair is. I can’t imagine the heat in the southwest – it’s definitely worse than the southeast!

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