Lar Hearts Scottish City Life


By now Lar only has a few more weeks left in Scotland. As much as she hates the lack of sunlight in the winter, she’s going to miss her adopted home of four years so much. When I asked her what she was going to miss the most about living in Edinburgh, she said her friends and coworkers. She and Matt have created a lovely life in Edinburgh and surrounded themselves with amazing people. They’ve also totally become completely at home with the way of life there. Lar walks and takes the bus/train everywhere while Matt bikes to work every day. They live in the center of the city where they’re within a one minute walk of an amazing beer bar (Hanging Bat), corner shops, a coffee shop, pubs, an Indian restaurant, and a chip shop. And they’re totally smitten with how unpretentious and open folks are in general in Scotland.

I have no doubt Lar will create an equally fulfilled life in Seattle, but I imagine this last month won’t be easy. I know she and Matt will make a number of return trips to Scotland and hope they let me tag along when they do 😉

I took the photos in this post while I was visiting two weeks ago. I love how at-home she looks in these photos – but not as much as I love the fact that she’ll be moving back closer to me! (insert maniacal laughter here)





4 thoughts on “Lar Hearts Scottish City Life”

  1. I think it is fun that you posted this. Seems so candid, from the photos. And just getting started here in Edinburgh, I can see why there is so much to miss.
    Also, that dress Lar is wearing is fantastic.

    1. She’s had that dress for ages and I love it every time she wears it! I think it’s from H&M, but I could be wrong. Definitely from a high street store.

      I can’t wait to see all of the places you discover in Edinburgh!

    2. Thanks, Deserae! I know you are going to love it here!

      I actually got that dress from Primark the first year I moved here. Even though they are cheap, some of their stuff is actually well-made. But I try not to shop there too often just because the company isn’t that ethical. Still great to check it out of you’re on a tight budget like we were when we first moved here!

      xo Lar

  2. Cath, you are the sweetest! It’s weird to see so many pics of me — I didn’t realise most of the time you were taking them ;D

    We do always feel so at home in Edinburgh don’t we? I know the UK will always feel like home to a certain extent after living here for four years — it’s in my blood ;D But I don’t like that it’s so very far from you — other than that it’s perfect (even with the weather). ;D

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