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So Cath was here and then what felt like a blink of the eye she was gone again! Six days is just not enough time. We galavanted around Edinburgh and Glasgow eating lots of nice food and drinking lots of nice drinks. I can’t believe it’s been just a few days since she left because it feels like weeks.

But I shouldn’t whinge. I’ll see her in seven weeks time in Atlanta! I’m both so excited to be back stateside and extremely sad to be leaving Edinburgh, our home for the last four years.

The next few weeks sound like a traveler’s heaven: one week in Edinburgh, then one week in Cornwall, back to Edinburgh for two weeks, and then a road trip around Croatia for 13 days before we fly into Atlanta. We’ll have a few weeks in Atlanta before we move to Seattle. It sounds exciting and dreamy . and terrifying.

The traveling sounds just perfect, but around the days of travel and exploration are packing and long good byes to friends in Edinburgh. I hate to think about leaving even if change can be exciting and refreshing. Ending the chapter in one city and country and starting afresh in a new one is thrilling, but also very hard. Learning to make new friends, finding a job, working through the culture shock of moving to a different country again (even if it’s home), feeling homesick for Edinburgh and Atlanta and Washington D.C.

I’m a homebody that’s ended up as a sort of nomad and my mind and heart become bamboozled when major change happens. My instinct is to wish the messy time of transition over so I can just soothe my ruffled feathers and settle on a secure perch at the end of the journey. But I know within that “mess” you miss so much if you choose to not sit with that discomfort and fluttering feeling in your chest. So this time I’m going to try to let it happen — and enjoy the change even while being terrified. And I hope you guys don’t mind coming along for the ride!

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  1. Good luck! And Croatia? Whoa! I’ve seen so many amazing photos, it is huge on my travel list now. Love the thistle pic up top, btw. Thistles have kind of stolen my heart since I arrived in Edinburgh. Hope you have a peaceful transition back “home”!

    1. HI Deserae

      I’m so sorry that we are just missing each other in Edinburgh! I feel the same way about thistles (though I do love them less when I’m hiking around and stumble into one unknowingly). I hope you and your family have a wonderful transition here and get to enjoy the Festival!


  2. I can’t believe it’s been four years! You must be so excited to go back. I hope your last few weeks are so so amazing, and perhaps even sunkissed-Edinburgh in the sunshine would be a nice goodbye, right? xx

    1. Hi Ashley!

      I know! The time has flown by and I’m so so sad to leave. We feel really at home here and i would 100% stay if Cath was on this rainy island with us.

      So far Edinburgh seems to want to leave us with rain-soaked kisses. We are fleeing to Cornwall next week, but it looks much the same there too — what gives, Cornish coast!

      Hope Brighton is being sunnier and warmer for you guys!



  3. wow that is so much traveling and SO MUCH going on!!! you got me a little stressed out just reading about it all. ha!
    i hear that croatia is amazing.take lots of photos. i wanna hear all about it.
    best of luck to you guys moving back to the states!

    1. Thanks so much, Diane! We are very excited, but also feeling overwhelmed and sad to move. I promise to take lots of pics!

  4. Wish I could have stayed in Scotland and travelled with you to England and Croatia – although I’m sure matt wouldn’t have been too keen on that – ha!

    It already seems like it’s been ages since we’ve seen each other, doesn’t it?

    I miss you like crazy, but I’m so glad you’re enjoying the south (of England not U.S.)!
    xoxo, Cath

    1. Haha! Matt would have loved it because I would have been so happy! It does already feel like YEARS since I last saw you — it was way too short! It’s only a month until I see you again, but that feels too far away.
      Miss you ooooooodles!

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