A Winter Sea

winter sea
Saddell House

Dear Cath

I think Saddell House will always be one of my favorite places in the woooorld. I’m not sure how many people wouldn’t enjoy a large, comfortable home by the sea — even though it’s a blustery, wintry Scottish sea. Somehow the remoteness, the shush-shush of the waves and the sound of the wind through the pines makes it all the more perfect.

And once you’ve had your daily tramp along the pebble beach and your cheeks are rosy from the buffeting wind, you can snuggle up on the down couch by the fire and enjoy your cuppa and a plate of buttery (or coconut oiled) toast. Heaven!
pancakes jam

I know it’s not Saint Antonio, but I think you would just love Saddell, Cath! It makes me feel the way we first did when we fell in love with Scotland the first time as uni students!

I didn’t take as many piccies of the house this year because I had a ton from our first year there if you need a refresher.

Spending a week Thanksgiving-ing was just perfect: delicious food all the time and roaring fires and candle-lit dinners. But the setting is what makes it all that much better. If I could wake up and see the sun rise over the water morning I wouldn’t ever complain about the Scottish rain later in the day.

I hope these piccies make you feel nice and relaxed during your last, very, very hectic week. You are almost done, master’s student!!! I’ll be crossing my fingers and toes for you whilst you do your exams and writing!

Love and sweet potato pancakes,

saddell sunrise
saddell bay
winter beach

6 thoughts on “A Winter Sea”

  1. Gah! So gorgeous! Why would anyone want to live anywhere else? Sure the wind might be a bit blustery and you can’t go swimming in the ocean, but the whole rugged romantic-ness of it all is so wonderful. I really feel like I can almost image the sounds, feel and smells of the place.

    Whenever I spend some time by the sea/ocean/water, I always feel let down when I get back to my land-locked home. There is just something about the water that is so invigorating and soothing at the same time – definitely soothing if you have a giant, but cozy, house nearby to curl up in.

    I’m so glad you had the chance to go back this year. After everything you’ve been through you need a wonderful vacation like this one! Just think, even though it won’t be Saddell House, we’ll probably be together next Thanksgiving!

    xoxo, Cath

    1. Oh I’m so glad you feel transported there, Cath! I remember the first time we went to the midwest I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that we were getting further and further away from the ocean — I think I’ll always have to leave on the coast and can’t do a land-locked state.

      And as much as I love, love, love Saddelll House, I don’t care if we are in a tree house in Kentucky — as long as we’re together it will be the best Thanksgiving next year!


  2. Beautiful! And I feel the same way as Cath – i *hate* coming back to Atlanta after I’ve been home in FL. Just seeing water outside of my bathroom makes me happy 🙂

    And, thanks for that answer on the last post! So interesting that you ‘build up reserves’ – I may need to try that method!

    1. CL

      I remember when Cath and I first moved down to Atlanta we couldn’t grasp how far we were from the coast — I was devastated that we felt so land-locked.

      Definitely try the reserves thing. I’m doing it right now because everyone weekend has been a mince pie fest, so I compensate by eating tons of green stuff and very little sugar during the week. Seems to be doing the trick. Let me know how it goes for you!


  3. Lauren, it’s GORGEOUS!! Again, I know YOU know how fortunate you are to be having these wonderful experiences — just thank you for sharing them!!! Lovely!

    1. HI Elizabeth

      Thank you so much! Yes, I feel so very, very luck and I’m glad I can share them on the blog.

      I always think of The Wynd when I stay in a large Landmark Trust house. I hope next time you’re in Scotland, you can stay at one!


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