Happy Homemade Christmas!

Hello Dearest Lar!!

It’s been too long! I figured that as soon as I finished my finals I would have plenty of time to clean my house, write blog posts, and just get my life organized. Ha! How silly of me. Between work, catching up with friends, and getting ready for Christmas I’ve hardly had any free time.

Last weekend I spent every waking hour making Christmas presents. Since I’ve been trying my best not to spend any money I’ve been determined to make as many presents as possible.

This year Lena and I decided to make cinnamon ornaments for everyone at the office. We roughly followed the instructions on this blog and made a few additions:

cinnamon ornament dough

We used letter stamps to personalize the ornaments:

cinnamon ornaments letter stamps

cinnamon ornaments cath and lena

The dough darkens as it bakes and it became hard to see the stamped letters on the ornaments. So we outlined the letters with a silver paint pin. Festive, no?

cinnamon ornaments

Lena found some really cute bags and tags to wrap the ornaments and my house still smells like cinnamon. Homemade office prezies FTW!

cinnamon ornaments packaged

I also made some marbled clay ring dishes. Do you remember Sculpey clay?! We used to make so many beads (and dollhouse food) with the stuff. Well, these bowls are made of Sculpey clay (plus some gold paint and Mod Podge).

clay jewelry bowl steps

clay ornaments rolling pin

I ended up making teeny tiny dishes for rings from the left over clay. I think I like them even better than the larger ones!

clay jewelry bowls

Just tell me which color combo you like best and I’ll make a large and small dish for you 🙂

I’m also making a gift for Troy, but since he reads this blog, I’ll tell you about it after Christmas.

You know what I realized? This is the first Christmas we won’t be celebrating together – ever! It almost doesn’t feel right, but I’m trying not to think too much about it. Next time we see each other we’re going to have to have a little mini Christmas. Deal?

I can’t wait to hear about your Christmas Eve dinner and Home Alone-watching Christmas day!

xoxo, Cath

7 thoughts on “Happy Homemade Christmas!”

  1. Hi Cath!

    You and Lena are amazing!!! I can’t believe how much work you guys did and how creative you are. Using those letter stamps and the silver paint pen was genius — genius! And I love, love, love those marble dishes. They are beautiful!!!! I totes remember making doll house furniture out of sculpty clay — oh and a blobby cat and dog for the doll house family — and those horrifying lumpy babies ;D
    It breaks my heart that we aren’t together for Christmas this year, but I’m so glad we will get to skype each other tomorrow! Also, mini-Christmas done! So August okay? 😀

    Merry and Happy Christmas, Kitcath!!!



  2. Merry Christmas ladies!!! I LOVE the marble clay rings! You could sell those somewhere, I’m certain!

    I am sure you both made the Nice List and can’t wait to keep reading about your adventures in the New Year. Holiday wishes to you and yours!!! *CL

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