Snow, Snow, Snowwww

Just a few snowy pics from my Christmas in Montana. We didn’t exchange very many gifts this year, but getting to take a sleeper train through the snowy Rockies made me feel very Poirot-meets-the Polar Express. So pretty much a dream come true.

Experience over things. Wins every time, doesn’t it?

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    1. Hi Diane! How did I miss this last month? Yes, those are sticky buns homemade by my MIL — she is the best baker and makes these every time we get together. Even when I was on my super-strict endo diet a few years ago, I made an exception for these ;D
      x Lar

  1. I’d love to know some more specifics about this train ride! We have family and friends in Montana but were afraid to drive out therein the snow at Christmas. The train sounds like a fun solution!

    1. HI Amanda!
      Oh I totally recommend the train then — it’s so beautiful to see the snow zooming past the windows as the train rocks you to sleep. We took the Empire Builder from Seattle, but you can take it from California too — and it goes all the way to Chicago.
      My two favorite parts of the train are the dining car (I totally felt like Bing Crosby was going to pop out and start singing about snow) and the observation car — tons of beautiful big windows to watch the landscape go by.
      Just a heads-up, the train isn’t necessarily cheaper than flying — in some cases it is more expensive, but the experience is way nicer than being crammed in a airplane seat. Also, the train was not at all timely. We left Seattle about three hours late (and nearly missed dinner in the dining car) and we got back into Seattle the following week about 9 hours late! We were told by lots of train travelers that this was definitely not out of the norm. The train often stopped for freight trains to go by (they get right of way as they own the rails).
      But if you have the time and want a different travel experience — I totally recommend it!
      x Lar

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