Thank you guys so much for the sweet messages here on AsianCajuns while I’ve been away.

These past six weeks have been bewildering, scary and exhausting. As Cath mentioned a few weeks ago, I was in the hospital for two weeks due to complications caused by endometriosis. I had a burst cyst and a tenacious infection that was treated with surgery and mah-hooosive doses of antibiotics. Slowly, but surely I’ve been on the mend (woohoo!) — but it’s the “slowly” that takes me by surprise.

This is going to sound like such a naive and stupid thing to say, but who knew recovery could take so long and be so hard. I assumed recovery would be just feeling a bit tired and getting to watch netflix for hours on end while loved ones ply you with bowls of soup and plates of buttery toast (thank you Matteo and mom!). But when your body is trying to knit itself back together post-surgery and been pummeled with what one of my doctor’s described as “liquid bleach” (aka the burliest, muscliest batch of antibiotics) and an unending supply of potent pain killers, surprisingly your body doesn’t just bounce back.

Part of my impatience at this slow recovery has come from wanting to get as far away emotionally, mentally and physically as possible from this experience. I know we are meant to build character and inner strength during very difficult times, but I seriously want to say “erm, thanks for this opportunity for spiritual growth and wisdom and all, but I think I’ll take a pass. Rain check (for never)? Okay then! Buh-bye!” And then run as far and fast as I can from reminders of hospital machine beepings and long moments of pain.

Unfortunately, it isn’t a choice — this long-haul recovery. It’s not letting me stick my fingers in my ears and go “LA LA LA LAAAA” until it’s all over (fist shake!). But with all my graceless grumblings I feel very lucky to have had so much support from family and friends. Also, if you are going to feel unwell for weeks on end, it’s not too shabby to get to spend one of those weeks in an Italian villa with some of your very favorite people in a place that I’m pretty sure might be heaven.

IMG_8519  IMG_8493 IMG_8466 IMG_8390


Dear Cath,

As beautiful as Sant’ Antonio was, I feel a little cheated. I didn’t get to properly soak up Cath time because I had to spend energy on recovery (again with that patience thing — when will I learn?). Recovery is a little like a haze that blurs moments that should stand out in sharp relief: I was in a beautiful Italian villa with my twinie! Instead, the blurriness makes me think of sitting on my bed grumbling about some pain.

I can’t wait to see you again without the haze and with less grumbling on my part! And it isn’t so very far away is it? December is practically right around the corner!

Miss you to the moon and back!

Campari Spritzly Yours,




We’re Back!

Cath and Lar in Tivoli Italy


Hello, Dear Readers!

Sorry for the unexpected blog sabbatical! I don’t know what made me assume that I would have plenty of free wi-fi in Italy to blog constantly. Apart from the flat in the Venice apartment and weak service at the flat in Florence, we were internet-less for about a week and a half. I suppose being disconnected was probably best because it really got me in vacation mode (there’s so much more to see when you’re not Instagramming every five seconds!), but Lar and I missed our blog and our readers.

We’re now back at home in our respective countries and ready to share tons of photos and stories about our Italian adventure. We’ll also sprinkle in some regular blog posts too so this site doesn’t become filled with nothing but vacation photos – I promise!

Also, thank you to everyone for your sweet words of support in regards to Lar. She was in the hospital for almost two weeks and was not able to meet up with us in Rome as planned. But she was able to come to the villa we had rented where she spent most of her time recovering and resting. I’ll leave it to Lar to fill in the details of her hospitalization – if she wishes!

To wet your whistle for upcoming posts, here are some of my favorite things that I experienced during my 16 days in Italy (Lar was with me for 8 of them):

• Being reunited with Lar after not seeing her for 7.5 months.

• Consuming large quantities of delicious food and alcohol. Campari Spritzes, where have you been all my life?! Also, Troy and I found some amazing restaurants in Florence that I’ll blog about.

• Living in a 500 year old villa for 7 days – I seriously can’t wait to tell you more about this! We’re already planning another stay in a few years.

• Reading Enchanted April with Lar while lounging in the villa’s loggia – my idea of heaven.

• Attending a Vivaldi concert in Venice with my mom. It’s a super touristy thing to do, but I loved every minute of it – especially when the older British gentleman sitting behind my mom, leaned forward while she was drinking from her water bottle and said, “I hope there’s gin in there!”

 In the photo above, Lar and I are walking in the upper garden of the villa we shared with seven of our friends and family members. I think everyone should get a chance to live in an Italian villa for a week. . . just saying.

Hot Venice










It doesn’t have the same ring to it as Hotlanta, but it is seriously burning up in Venice. I feel like I’ve been one big sweaty mess since touching down in Italy. Plus all of the practical shoes I packed have given me blisters so I broke down and bought a pair of Birkenstocks yesterday – so glad fugly shoes are back in style!

Apart from the heat, Venice has been amazing! No matter where you look, your eye always rests on something beautiful. It’s so fun to get lost in the maze of streets.

I’ll post some more photos and write something more compelling when I get back to the states and am not typing on my ipad.

My parents and I are heading to Florence today and then I’ll get to see Lar in Rome on Wednesday!!

Thank you to everyone who has been commenting on my IG photos!

Xoxo, Cath

See You in Italy!


The day has come! I’ll be leaving for Venice this afternoon. I can’t wait to explore Venice and Florence, but I’m really, really, really looking forward to seeing Lar in Rome in 7 days.

I’ll start posting as soon as I find some decent Wi-Fi.

Thank you for all of your comments on the last few posts! I can’t wait to share our travels with you.

xoxo, Cath

Trying Something New For a Few Weeks



Old Navy top | necklace from Mingei World Arts boutique | J.Crew skirt | Seychelles heels

I’m blogging from my iPad (usually I use my iMac) in the hopes that I’ll be able to blog from Italy! The posts will definitely not be as robust as they usually are, but at least I’ll be able to blog when I’m abroad for 16 days – and hopefully you’ll see some pics of Lar.
Speaking of Lar, I have good news! She should be leaving the hospital today – woohoo. We might not be able to meet up in Venice like we originally planned, but we’ll most likely get to see each other on this trip, which is something I lost hope of last week. I’m so grateful that she’s on the mend. It feels like it’s been an eternity since I last talked to her.

Eesh, it is not easy to type on an iPad! Just one more thing, the sparkly earring giveaway ends at noon today. Thank you to everyone who entered! I’ll announce a winner tomorrow – the day before I leave for Venice!