Fall Things

Dearest Lar,

Hello!!! It’s only been 2.5 months since I’ve last written here – and oh, how I’ve missed it!


I’ve missed sharing photos with you and telling you about random stuff that’s happening in my life. Skype, Instagram, and FB are great and all, but blogging is better. That being said, I haven’t had much to blog about. I don’t think photos of my school work and regular work are AsianCajun worthy. That’s why it took me 2.5 months to get you a quasi-outfit photo and a picture of my fall mantel. Tah-dah!

fall mantel

Not great styling and vignette-ing, but autumnal! I made the wreath and garland last year and miraculously found them packed up together in the garage (a.k.a. the storage/catch-all room).  Some day I’ll have a Restoration Hardware/Pottery Barn worthy mantel, but not this year. Speaking of home catalogue/stores have you seen the Ikea holiday decor? I want it all!

fall garland

It’s been a typical fall here in Atlanta – 70 degrees one day, 45 degrees the next. The polar vortex is supposed to hit us on Friday so that’ll be the first time I’ll legitimately have to wear a winter coat – maybe even gloves!


DKNY wool coat (remember when we bought these over 15 years ago?!?!?!) • Hat & scarf from H&M a few years ago • Gap jeans • H by Hudson boots

I so wish I could fly to Scotland next week and we could celebrate Thanksgiving in a giant house together for the second year in a row. I’ll be working for most of Thanksgiving break drowning my I-miss-my-twin sorrows in a bucket of wine. . . I kid. . . kinda 😉

Drink lots of tea and eat some Tunnocks teacakes for me!

Love, cath

8 thoughts on “Fall Things”

  1. Dear Cath!

    You are so right. There is something about seeing you in a blog post that makes me feel more like I’m getting to see YOU! Love your fall outfit — it’s perfect!

    And your mantle is perfect! No more styling needed! I love that you decorate your house for fall. We don’t really have any place to put much decor. I was even thinking I would do fairly minimal Christmas decor too just because we don’t have much space ;D. I haven’t seen the Ikea decorations yet and I probably shouldn’t because I find the twinkly glitteryness tooo tempting — even when I don’t have the space!

    I so wish you were going to be at the house next week too — now it feels very wrong to not have you here. You must be in every Landmark Trust we go to — that’s part of the deal!

    Miss you ooodles — will drink lots of tea and eat tunnocks for you!


  2. I second Lar—your mantle rocks! It’s a pretty nod to the season without reading “try too hard”; life doesn’t have to look like a Pinterest board all the time to be beautiful. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for that reminder, Lisa. You are so right! I think Instagram and Pinterest have made all of us forget at times that we don’t have to be Martha Stewart to have lovely things 🙂

  3. your scarf! your hat! that mantle! i love this post. 🙂

    i hope that you stay warm. this weather is so messed up. it’s raining here (and possibly snowing.although i refuse to believe that).

    p.s. is it spring yet?

    1. Right?! Is it climate change? Why has polar vortexes become a normal thing now? Lar got so giddy the other day when she realized that Atlanta was significantly colder than Scotland on the same day. Ugh. Stay warm, my friend!

  4. This whole polar vortex is INSANE, Cath, INSANE. But you look so darling in that coat, hat, and (AWESPOSS) scarf ensemble! I also really adore your falltastic mantel– the decor is so lovely!

    1. Thanks Laura!

      So I heard that apparently it’s not a polar vortex when the cold air comes from Siberia, which apparently this recent cold snap did. It’s only a polar vortex if it comes from Canada. All I know is that it is too dang cold!!

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