AsianCajuns at Auchinleck House


Cath and I spent seven glorious days together at this Georgian estate, once the family seat of biographer James Boswell (not to shabby, Bozzy!):



Isn’t she lovely? We rented her with a dozen other wonderful friends from The Landmark Trust to spend the week reading, watching movies, taking long walks in the Ayrshire countryside and eating and eating and eating. It was all very Jane Austen, if JA wore skinny jeans and watched Lord of the Ring movies on a projector. She must have left those bits out of her Pemberly descriptions.

I still can’t get over how massive the house is. We had 11 people in our party and were constantly loosing each other. The dinning room was cavernous, the library had squashy couches and the kitchen had an industrial stove. What more could you ask for, really?


Here’s part of the gang eating in the kitchen (yes, even the kitchen is fancy pants ):


And to work off the piles of food and drink, we tramped around the muddy farms surrounding the estate during the day:



hawthorne-berries muddy-boots

And then of course, there was the main event: Thanksgiving dinner!


American readers, we hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too. Canadian, British, et al readers, we hope you are having a wonderful start to the holiday season. Tell us what you’ve been up to this past week.


Dear Cath,

At this very moment you are flying over the Atlantic somewhere — noooooooo. How did that week go by so quickly? I love that we’ve gotten to be together so much this past year for two people living on opposite sides of a ginormous ocean. But somehow I get even more homesick for you when I see you more?! I don’t like it! ARGH!

I know I should stop moaning because I’ll see you in four weeks (yahoo!!!) but I don’t think I’ll be truly happy until we are living within spitting distance of each other again.

Love you to Auchinleck and beyond!!!


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  1. What a wonderful recap! It all went by so quick and yet I can still feel the squishy couch cushions under my bum, smell the cow and sheep-fertilized pastures, and taste the copious amount of red tea I drank!

    It’s so true about missing you the more I see you. How is that possible? I wonder if I had the time and money to visit you once a month if that would make it worse or better. I’d love to be able to test that theory. Surely someone out there wants to study twins missing each other enough to fund that research!

    I’m going to read this post over and over again to I can keep the memories going!

    1. YES! Twin research. Very important.

      Though as you say, once a month would be so hard — saying good bye every four weeks. That makes me sad just thinking about it and that’s just stupid because I would also get to see you every four weeks. When are we just going to become bajillionaires already and just buy houses in the States and UK. Time to switch places with the Olsen Twins.

      Can’t wait to see you in THREE weeks! (Good lord, we ARE living the almost-dream!).

      xoxoxoxo, Lar

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