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Sun! Lots of brilliant warm glowiness hitting my face — ahhhh heaven. My body is totally breathing a sigh of relief from the influx of much-needed vitamin D. Thank you, thank you, San Luis Obispo (and Pam!).

I truly forget how very dark Scotland can be. I complain about the darkness constantly to anyone with a pair of ears, but at a cellular level I think my body believes it will forever be lacking a key vitamin and has learned to live with it — ungracefully. Our few weeks in Atlanta were pretty gray and now Matt and I are in Seattle for a month — more perpetual grayness. But the second we stepped off the plane in San Luis for a long weekend I swear I became a different person. With sun I’m the lighter, happier, blissed-out version of my Scottish self.

Apart from the glorious sun, this SLO trip was: cool nights by the fire, the sweetest raspberries, orange trees ready for the picking, cool sand and even cooler waters, deeelicious for-reals Mexican food, Monarch butterflies, water swirling around pier posts, avocados that taste like avocados, the murmur of prayer, desert hills, sparkling water.

We are back in Seattle now and I feel like a tantrum-throwing two-year-old. Wahhhhh! Where’s my sun?! I want my sun!!! And there aren’t enough SAD lamps in the world to make up for the real thing. Maybe I’ll just move SLO to Edinburgh. Sounds like the most feasible option to me.

In the meantime, the best next thing? A visit from my twinie!!! Cath and Troy get here Friday and I can not wait!!! They will add some much needed glow to the pacific northwest.

I hope those of you under piles of snow right now feel the heat of the sun through these piccies and have lovely beachy day dreams to keep you warm and roasty toasty.


Dear Cath,

Atlanta, Seattle, and then Atlanta. I feel so spoiled!!! This is the most I’ve seen you in years!!! Getting more surgery sucks, but I feel like it has the biggest silver lining known to cloud-land (aka, the sky).

I think you would really like SLO, but I think I will forever be biased about it because of the sunny sun sun and the Scissor Sisters and having a SIL there who is the hostest with the mostest. Can you believe we’ve never been to Cali together? You in LA and me in SLO and SF. We should meet in the middle. Between the bright lights of Los Angeles and the tawdry lights of San Jose.

I can’t wait to see you guys!!!!!!



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  1. Dearest Lar,

    SLO really looks like heaven! I didn’t even realize that we haven’t been to Cali together. That’s so wrong!

    Did you get some yummy Mexican food? That (fish?) taco in your photo looks so good! I just had a big lunch, but I’m craving a fish taco now.

    I’m so, so, so excited to see you on Friday. Having you home for 2+ weeks for the holidays totally spoiled me and I’m once again not used to not having you around.

    See you sooooo soon!
    love, cath

    1. It’s a VEGAN taco and it was deeelicious, Kitcath! What looks like fish is actually spicy chunks of potato, veg, guacamole, rice and beans — I was in heaven! I think I could seriously eat Mexican every day for a year and not get my fill after the desert that is Mexican cuisine in the UK.

      I have the distraction of hopping and bopping and around the west coast, but being apart is nooooooo buenisimo. Things will be right come Friday and come February.

      SEE YOU SOOON!!!!

  2. WHAT IS THIS? Do I see you in a sleeveless dress and bare legs? The sunshine looks glorious! I am very jealous even though it’s sunny here, it’s just FRIGID! Happy that you’re having a lovely time with the yummy Mexican food and nights by the fire!

    1. Buahaha! I know, Laura, shocking! I felt neked because is so used to being encased in multiple layers. Hope you get some warm days soon!

  3. I’ve only driven through SLO but I’ve always wanted to go back and wander through the city. After seeing your instagram of the Madonna Inn, I think a quick weekend trip would be perfect!

    1. Oh you definitely need to, Ronida! I’m not sure I could sleep in Madonna Inn (themed bedrooms from the 50s) but I’d love to try ;D. Let us know if you do make it back to SLO.

    1. Hi Amanda!
      Yes! It is soooo beautiful here on the west coast.
      And thanks so much for picking up on the surgery thing. Yep — it’s kind of sudden for me to. Decided to have more endo surgery. I’ll do a post on it shortly.

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