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Happy Friday, lovely readers! Lar is going to be in Atlanta in less than 24 hours! I’m so excited I can’t sleep, so I’m writing this post to past the time. I hope you enjoy the links!

• The Warby Parker Class Trip is in Atlanta!

• Love the Ikea Monkey! Here he is as Margot Tenenbaum.

• A modern day Pride and Prejudice TV show? Jennifer Love Hewitt produced? Say what now?

• Anderson Cooper tries out meggings – not really, but it’s funny.

• A little tidbit of what to expect with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as the Golden Globe hosts.

• Thank you, Refinery 29, for this lazy girl’s detox guide – I’m going to need it this holiday season.

• How to: Break in leather shoes

• Did anyone catch the Geminid meteor shower last night/this morning? I saw my first two meteors ever!! If you live in a city and another meteor shower comes around, read these tips to prepare for optimal viewing enjoyment.

• I’ll be tweeting/Instagraming pics of me and Lar tonight!

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  1. Hope you two have fun in Atlanta! I’m really excited about the P&P TV show, but have you heard of the youtube series the Lizzie Bennet Diaries? It’s a series set in the present day, and Lizzie is a true-to-source incredibly witty, charming grad student drowning in debt (with awesome style). Not to mention Bing and Darcy are incredibly cute. Here’s the first one! Watch out, they’re addicting!

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