A Sheepie Sunday

So I thought since Cath told you about her Sunday in Decatur a post ago, I would tell you about mine across the pond. For one, I put on a dress! I haven’t worn one of these in roughly five months because they expose the legs too the wily Scottish wind (how is this the country where men decided to wear skirts sans knickers?!).

What did I get all dressed up fer, you ask? To walk two blocks from our flat, buy some delicious German bread from Konditormeister Falko, and come back home. 20 minutes later I was back in my sweats another tres chic outfit. We then proceeded to eat butter, jam and bread for the next hour (my first slices of bread since I started that diet thingy). My, it was delicious!

This is what it looked like on our two block walk (blue sky!):

We spent the rest of the afternoon reading, and I started a mini art project (I’m calling it Sheep in Party Hats. because, you know, the world needs more sheep in funny attire):

The scuba dress I donned to buy bread is from Primark — a shopping trip that happened in December, before I let my guilty conscience get the better of me. The dress and belt were only £17 -ish, so you can see why it will be a hard vice to back away from. I did get this ring on Friday that’s from a fair trade shop called One World Shop to make up for my sinful shopping:

So not a particularly productive Sunday, but isn’t that how they should be? What did you guys get up to? Any lazy plans for this weekend?

Oh and thank you for the sweet comments about our wedding! xoxox

Hi Cath!

How was your midterm?! It sometimes boggles my mind that we’ve been out of undergrad for so long. “Midterm” sounds like something 21 year olds worry about. Are they easier at 28?

It’s been so warm here (mid 50s!) that sometimes I keep the window open all afternoon! Lovely!

Miss you so much!



8 thoughts on “A Sheepie Sunday”

  1. Maybe you’ll have to wait to you hit 32 like me but I’m finding exams way easier than they were in my early 20s. I think you have so many other things in your life you don’t focus on them to the same extent. The increase confidence and self awareness also helps.

  2. I can totally relate to getting dressed just to run a quick errand – I take advantage of all opportunities to put together an outfit these days! Super cute outfit and I LOVE the sheep in party hat project!

  3. Hey Larbar! Cary is right, midterms do get a little easier. That’s not to say I don’t care about grades anymore – we are half Asian for goodness sakes – but being in the real world does help put thing into perspective a bit!

    I’m so glad the weather is nice while Chris and Esther are visiting. I can’t believe you keep your window open when it’s in the 50s. It was in the 70s yesterday and I didn’t even open the window – heehee. Your skin must be much thicker than mine by now.

    can’t wait to see the finished sheepie project.

    love, cath

  4. Bread. so essential. I don’t eat white bread anymore, so I miss the delicious things like sourdough, French bread, croissants.

    But things like whole grain, honey wheat, honey oat with a bit of coconut butter and agave drizzled on it? Heavenly.


    me ke aloha, Mae

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