Happy Rainy Sunday

Today was rainy and a little on the cool side, but it was also a Sunday followed by a holiday Monday – woohoo! At least those of us who work for the government get tomorrow (that’s President’s Day for you non-United States-ian readers) off. So tomorrow I’ll be thanking the presidents for an extra day of studying for my midterm on Wednesday and the chance to get to sleep in just a wee bit.

Sunday was also great because my friends invited Troy and me over for lunch. We had vegan tacos, fried plantains and coconut rice. It was so delicious. Usually I end up wearing jeans and a t-shirt on Sundays after a week of blouses and pencil skirts, but I thought I’d step it up a bit this weekend:

Outfit details: Norma Kamali for Walmart shirt, J.Crew sweater (from 10 years ago), Blank corduroys, and H&M shoes.

I twisted together a curtain pull and black knotted necklace I got at a secondhand jewelry sale. I just recently cleaned my AsianCajuns name necklace, so I threw that on for a little sparkle.

Troy wore his trustworthy Chuck Ts. Sometimes we end up wearing our Chucks on the same day and I worry that we’ve become one of those lookalike couples. Good thing he isn’t part Chinese and part Cajun too!

Along with the Mexican/Cuban/Panamanian food, my friend also made this awesome fruit salad: watermelon, mango, pineapple, cucumber and jicama. Anyone else out there a Fiestaware fan?

After lunch, I went home and finished my reading for book club (we’re reading this book and I love it) and then ended the evening by watching Drive for the first time, which made me want to wear tight-fitting jackets, drive a vintage car, and chew on a toothpick. I’m always a little thrown off when I’m more inspired by the guy’s style in the movie than the girl’s. Why does Carey Mulligan’s character wear so many damn long, flowy skirts?!?

Happy President’s Day!


Dearest Lar,

Look at the card that Alison had on her kitchen counter when I came over for lunch today:

Do you remember when we danced at the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange for two summers in a row? Well, apparently Alison’s friend is the artistic director of the company! Such a small world.

She also has this on her kitchen wall, which reminded me of the blue version you had/have in your Atlanta house:

I love RLand’s work and want to get the Pray for CATL version at some point – maybe when I’m not desperately trying to save money to come visit you in August!

So glad we finally got to Skype each other today!

Miss you, as always,

– Cath xoxo

7 thoughts on “Happy Rainy Sunday”

  1. Even smaller world: my roommate did the same exchange!

    As I’ve been on a small bloging hiatus, it is so nice to read AsianCajuns and get my fill of wonderful writing (not to mention a piece of ATL-how I miss it!).

    Thank you for that!

  2. Kitcath you look beautiful! I love the way you wore that curtain tie I left behind. And you are so right! WHAT a small world! (And I just say Victoria’s comment — who would have thunk it!).

    I’m so glad you have an extra day to study today. Even though I’ve read this post and you told me yesterday, I still keep imagining you at work.

    I miss you mucho and wish I could eat vegan brunches with you!


  3. Speaking of Drive.

    I was nursing a nasty flu the past two weeks so I went over to my parents’ house and bunked in for a few days for some good old mom cooking. My mom is a movie fiend so one of the DVDs she made me watch (we watch an average of 6-8 movies a day when I come over) was Drive. She hasn’t seen it before and neither have I and after the movie, she goes, “That was an awful movie. I didn’t know it was a silent movie.” I’m like– silent??? And she goes, “Yeah, you know, no “talkies”.” LOL. Come to think of it, there were hardly any dialogue for Ryan Gosling. Then she made me watch Death Race. One of her favorite movies. If you don’t know what it is, it’s the most gory, most violent movies of this decade. Oh and she made me watch a couple of pay-per-view boxing matches too.

    Love the wall plaque!!!

  4. Hot book club pick, I loved that one! Bill Bryson isn’t always my cuppa, but I love dorking out over social/domestic history.

    And I’ve got that R. Land piece too, for frequent reminders to pray for ATL.


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