We’re In Atlanta Weddings Magazine!

I hope you guys don’t mind some personal horn-tooting, but remember that teeny weeny wedding we had last year? Well it’s in the Spring/Summer issue of Atlanta Wedding Magazine! Woohoo! Yippeee! Huzzah!

I feel like I hit the jack-pot in Atlanta wedding vendors: they all listened to the vision I had and helped make it happen in three months. And the queen of all the vendors was without a doubt my lovely wedding photographer, and now wonderful friend, Aharon Hill (all these photos in this post are swiped from Aharon’s blog). I stumbled on her  just googling Atlanta Wedding Photographers, and feel so incredibly lucky!

It’s kind of ironic to have our teeny wedding mentioned anywhere because I still kind of feel like The Anti-Bride. Matt and my mom had to convince me not to elope. I’ve just never been a big wedding person. Getting to be with this wonderful human being (hi, Matteo) for as long as I’m here . words can’t express that euphoria! The hype of a super big party with a super expensive dress . eh.

Once I was convinced I should at least have a mini-ceremony for immediate family, I thought “okay, I’ll treat this like a styling job.” And I knew that if I was going to put the creative effort in, I wanted it captured on film. I spent the majority of my budget on photography and flowers, and the rest was three months of DIY blood, sweat and tears (wrapping all those books in white paper!). I had major help from my family and friends, Candler Park Flowers, Red Queen Tarts, Tinsel and Twine and of course Aharon Hill. Et voila, dream mini-wedding!

If you guys want to read more about all my wedding stuffs: click here (or under Categories, Lar’s Wedding Stuffs).
Engagement photos: click here.
Wedding photos: click here.

The wedding was also mentioned on Style Me Pretty here and here and the engagement was mentioned on Wedding Chicks here.

Okay, done with the horn-tooting, I promise!

P.S. Local Atlantans, definitely pick up a copy of Atlanta Weddings Magazine if you can (Barnes and Noble carries it). The cover shoot was styled by the uber-talented Ginny Branch. And if you are Top Chef fans, Kevin Gillespie’s wedding is shown on the pages right after mine. You go, peachy city!


Dear Cath,

Sorry if you feel bludgeoned over the head with all this wedding stuffs again. Thank you for searching hi and low for a copy of the mag for us!

Good luck on your midterm today!

Muchos LOVES,


15 thoughts on “We’re In Atlanta Weddings Magazine!”

  1. I could never feel overwhelmed with your wedding stuffs. It felt so magical and Aharon did such an amazing job capturing it. Plus, I’d much rather hear about your wonderful wedding than think I’ll ever have to go through wedding planning – eesh!

  2. Love it! I’ve been beaming for over 24 hours now. Lauren, you had such an amazing vision. you totally deserved for Style Me Pretty AND Atlanta Weddings Magazine to take note! xoxo– miss you!!

  3. AMAZING! I loved the whole stye of your wedding so I can see why the mag would want to feature you. Congrats, what a wonderful way to remember the special day.

  4. Just noticed the Atlanta Weddings came this month with our Atlanta magazine subscription. You both look so happy and in love. Great photos. It was really lovely! How fun for you!

  5. that is so very cool- toot away!!! the photos are to die for! love the “peachy” city getting some love. I had the pleasure of meeting Cath last week- you have a really cool sis! (I’m sure you’re just as cool too, you can tell a lot by a blogger:))

  6. Congrats, LAR! I loved, loved, loved the wedding photos. Even your engagement pictures were so inspired and so essentially Lar-Style. I love the whimsical, playful attitude and style in your wedding, and indeed, it was magazine editorial worthy, and so glad you got featured. It’s not a moment too soon, honestly.

    Now, can you please teach me how to make those awesome paper flowers and buntings for my cinderblock flat?


    me ke aloha, Mae

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