Glasses and a New Purse

A quick outfit post for the middle of the week. It was depressingly chilly and rainy today. I blame the weather for making Lar and me unmotivated to workout. Not working out is usually not a big deal, but we’ve both decided that it might be a good time to start getting in shape for her wedding – which is in 11 days! Never too late to start, right? Eep!

Lar’s outfit: secondhand shirt, Blank cords, Frye boots and secondhand purse.

As you know, Lar and I are twins, so that means we have quite a bit in common. One of our similarities (apart from the obvious)? We’re both blind as bats, both have glasses so thick our ears start to ache after wearing them for an hour and because of that, we both wear contacts.

One of our differences? Lar’s eye are much more sensitive than mine so she can’t always wear her contacts. And as much as I think she looks great in her glasses, she always takes them off for outfit pictures (evidence above).

Outfit details: Target blazer, Michael Stars t-shirt, H&M jeans and Payless shoes AND. . . my new Kate Spade purse – woot woot!

I’ve been looking for a work appropriate bag for a while and finally found this beauty online during the Kate Spade sample sale. It’s the first time I’ve invested in a bag and I’m so happy with it!

And because no post would be complete without some wedding info, I’ll leave you with with these decor details: some tissue paper flowers, a sweet sign, the library shelves and a thrifted candled stick.

One more thing. You know this post about choosing a bridesmaids dress? Well, the ModCloth Exhibit B won out and I returned the others. However, I’ve found another dress that I love even more. Stay tuned!

18 thoughts on “Glasses and a New Purse”

  1. I also take off my glasses for outfit posts lol. This is a Great Classic handbag. I LOVE Kate Spade ! I got one of her bags a couple of years back and still Love it as much as the day I got it. These wedding decor pics are Beautiful !

  2. I wear my glasses almost all the time because my eyes can’t handle contacts very well. I only wear contacts on very special occasions.

    Catherine, I love that kate! Your whole jeans, tee, and blazer outfit is perfect!

    That yellow poof peaking out of the corner is too sweet!

  3. lol. i love that you guys are thinking of getting in shape 11 days prior. and omg, you must show me how you made those beautiful flowers!

  4. Ooh those tissue paper flowers are so pretty! I made a bunch for a birthday party once and it’s so difficult to get them looking nice and pretty. Mine were all like lopsided.

    And i’m blind as a bat without my glasses too!!! But Lar looks so cute in hers. I just look like a dork in mine. 🙂

    Love the H&M jeans!

  5. i absolutely love these photos, and you girls look stunning.
    hope you’re having a good week- so excited for the wedding!

  6. I adore Laur’s bag and your blazer Cath! You guys look amazing, as always. I can’t wait to see more of the upcoming wedding. 🙂

  7. I too am guilty of taking my glasses off during outfit photos. My optometrist recommended that I not wear contacts because I read too much, but really now, this whole glasses business is just ugh. It messes with the whole hair color matching, etc.

    Oooh and I love your Kate Spade! So very classy chic!

    the wedding teaser photos are great. The sign is just gorgeous as are the tissue flowers! I hung some multi-colored ones on my ceiling for my alice in wonderland costume party!

  8. Ooh the wedding is so soon, that’s so crazy! I wear glasses too and always take them off before outfit shots. I find glasses so much more comfortable when I’m working on the computer but also wear contacts!

  9. Such chic work outfits! And adore those tissue flowers–did you use the Martha Stewart DIY? We made them for a friend’s baby shower I hosted back in October and I loved them so much, I left them up until last month! 🙂

  10. Though you girls both wore the hair pouf, I can still tell by your smiles which one you are.

    I used to wear green contacts. I hated contacts, but the look of green eyes was so amazing.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  11. aww you both look so cute! and I think sometimes it’s okay to just not workout. And there are other times when you have to force yourself to!

  12. Ahh, you ladies both look so great. Lar, love that color on you along with your bag! Cath, you look tres casual chic.

    Eeek, the big day is so soon!! I’m living vicariously through your wedding planning. It must be so fun, though I can imagine also a bit stressful.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    xx, becs

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