Help Us Choose Cath’s Maid of Honor Dress!!!

So this whole low-key wedding/elopement involves a surprising bit of event planning. I know most of you are like “well durrr, Lar, we could have told you that.” but I think part of me thought I could get away with just doing the fun stuffs: making some simple decor, eat some cake, buy a dress(es), etc. Oooo how wrong I’ve been!

Luckily Cath’s dress is on the fun side of the planning, and having you guys help us out will make it all the more awesome.

A little background for you:
I want Kitcath to be comfortable and as the atmosphere will be very relaxed and informal, we aren’t talking ball gown, but a spring/summer cocktail dress. The images below are the inspiration: vintage, washed out colors, relaxed cut, something she can wear again – for reals (I’m completely blanking on the sources for these images, if they are yours, let me know!).

Exhibit A:
From Modcloth, it’s a dusky dusky champagne pink with some interesting pleating going on at the bodice.

Exhibit B:
Also from Modcloth, this dress is a more coral pink. We would accessorize it with a sash and some flowers and a not black bra.

Exhibit C:
Our last contender is from Madewell, it needs some steaming because the crinkles distract from the details on this dress. Cath would probably have get it taken in around her ribs too so it was quite so billowy on top. It’s a dusky gray/lavender in person.

So which one will it be?! Let us know which is your favorite and why by leaving a comment.

This is totally like Say Yes to The Dress, minus the drama and the money and the overly emotional family members. Win, win, win!

Thanks for your help, guys! We can’t wait to read what you think!

70 thoughts on “Help Us Choose Cath’s Maid of Honor Dress!!!”

  1. Number 2! Because it’s cupcake fairy on the bottom and sexy diva on the top. The cut is also super flattering. Also, one thing to think about is how it would look against the various locations you’ll be at (wedding ceremony, reception, photos, etc). If it’s against green fields and blue skies, pink will photograph so beautifull. Not that it’s all about the photos.

  2. I really like number 1 and 2. There’s something about the color of number 1 that looks great with your skin tone and I love the bodice. It’s different and interesting. Number 2 is simple and elegant and I love the hemline but the color, at least in the photo, looks too close to your skin tone. Either one will look gorgeous on you.

  3. OK, I’m agreeing with the majority and saying number 2. It’s just so chic and elegant. And if you didn’t go with the sash and flowers, I think it would look great alone (with a fabulous necklace or earrings!).

    xx, becs

  4. Dress #2!
    – For the wedding/elopement- I can see a sash and maybe an awesome brooch-y flower pom pom corsage type thing at the top?

    – For real life- She can wear it with a black belt and blazer for work, with metallic accessories and sandals in the summer, it would look darling with dark tights and a cardigan in the winter, oh I could go on.

    Now I kind of want one for me.

  5. Dress 2. The first is very lovely with the pleating, but will add bulk and heft to her top half, which is probably not something she wants.

    Dress 3 is also bulky up at top and bottom. I’m sure with a bit of creative tailoring both 1 and 3 could be made to suit her body shape, but 2 is the most elegant and the most perfectly suited for her body. Plus, it’s got CUTE details.

    I just hope you infuse some color into the outfit by way of flowers, accessories and shoes!

  6. I think number two is the most versatile. At face value it also looks like it fits her the best. Plus there are so many options for accessorizing. Number 1 has too much going on.don’t want distract from the bride! It looks like you are happiest in number three its a good compromise, but really, I like the second the best! So indecisive!

  7. I guess I’m late to the party.and a tad past fashionably late, at that! But I am starting to plan my own wedding (oh lord) and I haven’t even considered things like maid of honor wear. Thanks for reminding me!
    While my personal favorite is #1, I agree with everyone else that Cath looks the most happy and comfy in #2. And it’s simplicity will let it carry dressier accessories nicely. Lacy dove grey tights (if it’s not a beach wedding) and a jeweled belt or necklace would be lovely!

  8. I’m late. but I like 1 and 2. I like 1 for the color, fabric and detail on top. And 2 for the color ๐Ÿ™‚ and detail on bottom.

    Can’t go wrong with any of ’em. ๐Ÿ™‚

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