Engagement Photos: Round Two

So not only do I have two wedding dresses, I also have two sets of engagement photos. For a girl who claims to be scared of big weddings and spending lots of money on one day, I sure do sound like a hypocrite, don’t I?! (If you missed the first set of engagement shots, Cath posted a few here. They were done by Matt’s uber talented sister on Tybee Island a day after we got engaged.)

These gorgeous photos were shot by my wedding photographer Aharon (pronounced like “Erin”) Hill. And boy am I glad I found her! Not only are Aharon’s prices uber reasonable, she also happens to be an absolute genius. She makes a teeny parking lot carnival in the burbs of Atlanta and a grassy patch behind a Checkers drive-through look like heaven. I don’t think I could photograph heaven to look like heaven.

Oh and the other serendipitous bit of this shoot? I had my favorite make-up artist Amy Weissenberg of Smink do my make-up. I was planning on doing my own and having Amy  show up for my wedding day, but she will be out of town (ahhh boohoooo!!!) on the day-of, so she offered to do my make-up for this shoot. I’m so glad she offered because 1) I have learned all my make-up skills from growing up putting on stage make-up for Nutcracker perfomances and YouTube tutorials (that combination is probably not ideal) and 2) she is amazing!!!

About the clothes:
On Moi: I took my Rodarte for Target dress and tied a red ribbon around it. The shoes- ahhh the shoes. I’ve always wanted a pair of ruby slippers (“The Wizard of Oz” has been my favorite movie since I was 1.5 years old), and I finally found them for $13 at Burlington Coat Factory. So the brand name is “Bumper” (yikes) and not “Louboutin.” I think they’ll still take me to the wizard either way.
On Matt: I think I spent much more time thinking of what Matt could wear because I get tired of looking at my worn-out closet duds. He ended up in a H&M blazer and jeans, Frye boots, and a shirt by some company I’m totally forgetting, anddd the piece de resistance, a ribbon bow-tie! I love the ribbon bow tie on a man. I haven’t seen this done too much, but when it’s done right it makes me swoon. It takes all the stiff, overly-pert-ness out of the regular bow-tie. What do you guys think?

So after this shoot, you know what happened? Cath threw me a surprise engagement party! I’ve never had a surprise party before (it makes it difficult when your best-friend shares your birthday and, you know, your DNA). It was the PERFECT end to an already wonderful day. Kitcath, thank you soooo much. Sharing that evening with you and all of our wonderful friends made all the stresses of the wedding melt away. XOXOXOX

Okay, I’ll stop babbling and just let you guys look at the photos. You can see all of them on Aharon’s blog here. Let us know what you think!



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34 Responses to “Engagement Photos: Round Two”

  1. Rosemary Says:

    Absolutely stunning pix! You can really see how crazy you two are about each other. And I’m *loving* your dress and shoes. Oh those shoes! What a steal!!


  2. Behind the Lashes Says:

    Ohhhh they’re gorgeous Lar!!! I’m so excited for you!!!!


  3. olivia Says:

    Freaking adorable. The red shoes are amazing!


  4. Aharon Hill Says:

    Aw, thanks :) But seriously, you guys were spectacular! I can’t wait till the end of the month!


  5. Christy Says:

    So stinking cute! How creative and fun and silly, love the mask shots y’all are lovely.


  6. Shen Dove Style Says:

    What lovely photos, you both look great!


  7. laura Says:

    {squeal!} I can’t help it, the pictures are just soooo gorgeous! I love the whimsy! :)


  8. ediot Says:

    these are so sweet- the mood, just playfulness and joy really shines through.
    thanks for sharing
    and again congrats on the engagement



  9. lin Says:

    Cath, these are gorgeous and so you!! it showcases your personalities perfectly and will be a great memento for years to come :)


  10. So-So Good Says:

    So gorgeous. I love the whimsical carnival theme, and it seems to suit you two perfectly! I really love the masked picture, unique, charming, and a wee bit creepy (in a good way!). Congrats!


  11. Em Says:

    Amazing photos! I love the red accents with that dress, they add so much excitement to the pictures.

    As a side note, I always find it interesting when you include a description of your beau’s wardrobe. I’m always at a complete loss with men’s clothing. I have a friend who is a *very* casual dresser, and I’d like to encourage him to step it up a little for special occasions, but I have no idea what to suggest! I think it would be great if someday y’all provided a beginner’s guide to men’s fashion.


    AsianCajuns Reply:

    Thanks so much for reading, Em!
    I’ll try to include more about my bf/fiance’s clothing- especially once we’re married (I’ll raid his closet alot more).
    In the meantime, checkout the blog:
    Jon has an awesome sense of style and great tips for all the men in your life ;)


  12. Ashley Says:

    Beautiful! Oh my gosh, i love it. Jon and I are doing our engagement photos when he’s here in June and I cannot wait! I have no idea what to do (or wear!) though…this is so inspiring:) Love love love!


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  14. Sally Says:

    Lauren!!! MY GAWD these are glorious!


  15. Dabay Says:

    These are STUNNING! Congrats again, and happy planning!


  16. Suzanne Says:

    These engagement photos are so adorable! Love the carnival setting!


  17. Heidi Says:

    So stinkin’ cute!


  18. Emma Says:

    These pictures are Beautiful ! I Really Love how you styled your dress with the red ribbon and those Gorgeous Ruby Red Shoes ! Stunning !


  19. anh Says:

    LOVE EM!!!!!!!!


  20. tailorstitch Says:

    aww these are so cute! I love how whimsical the pics look :)


  21. Mae Lu Says:

    This looks like a magazine come to life.

    That’s all I have to say.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!


  22. ET in NYC Says:

    You are too cute! Love the ruby slippers (especially in the kiss-behind-parasol picture).

    Erica @tinseltwine.com


  23. fhen Says:

    oh lovely lovely photos!
    really adore your dress and the photo tone! :)
    so happy for both of you



  24. Lesley Says:

    Ahh I adore this set!!! You guys look amazing and so happy! :-)


  25. Style with Benefits Says:

    LOVE. these need to be on a wedding blog stat! Haha. They’re all adorable but I love the first one the most. You both look SO happy.

    Great find with your shoes too! They’re perfect with the dress and the addition of the red ribbon.

    xx, becs


  26. ana b Says:

    AMAZINNGGGG engagements photos. Amazing. Your photographer did a wonderful job, especially the last one at night. Low lighting kills me. You look beautiful, Lar. And you guys look so so in love.


  27. justagirlLaura Says:

    What fantastic photos! You both look so adorable. =)


  28. WendyB Says:

    OMG! Stunning! Like a magazine editorial!


  29. Winnie Says:

    OH WOW! Seriously Lar, I am totally swooning over these gorgeous shots. Amazing!! They must look even better all printed out and framed, gosh!


  30. Heidi Says:

    So cute!! I seriously want to have photos taken at a circus! So. Much. Fun!


  31. Liv Says:

    these photos are so fun and different than typical engagement photos – I love them!! your red shoes and blue dress are way way way too cute.


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