Because the South Doesn’t Have Snowplows

We’re going into day three of our snow days in Atlanta. The snow started falling Sunday, then there was freezing rain on Monday and it’s stayed below freezing ever since. With only a couple inches of accumulation on the ground, this would be nothing for those of you up north. However, considering that the City of Atlanta only has two snowplows (that’s right, TWO), everything has remained frozen and almost every secondary street has turned into an ice skating rink  -schools are closed again tomorrow for the third day in a row.

Lar and I took these photos a few hours before it began to snow on Sunday. It  really wasn’t that cold outside, so I scoffed at all the southerners stocking up on milk, bread and eggs. That was before I realized that Atlanta only had two snowplows and no one down here seems to have any salt or sand of any kind. A co-worker picked me up in his snow chain equipped SUV on Monday, but I’ve been working from home ever since. Hurrah for the internet! Kind of. . .

These outfits are basically two takes on cold weather wear – and I’ll be the first one to admit that Lar’s is by far more elegant: her hat is a recently thrifted purchase, scarf from Vivid (a local boutique), coat from Victoria’s Secret, jeans? I have no idea, and Frye boots. My coat is from Delia’s ages ago, Cheap Monday jeans and Lar’s H&M boots.

Here’s proof that the south is (or at least Atlanta) is frozen over. (My leather Frye boots have held up pretty well in the snow and ice). Troy and I shuffled about half a mile to our local pub this evening. Nothing like a pint to warm you up and I didn’t even fall once! Do you like my Team Zissou hat? It’s Troy’s roommate’s hat. I snatched it before we headed out and hate how it clashes with my pink plaid shirt, but was so grateful for the warmth. I usually can’t relate when people say they choose comfort over fashion (bring on the 5″ heels!), but when it comes to icy weather I could care less that I’m wearing a brown scarf with black accessories, a coat that would fit a high schooler better and a red hat that gives me terrible hat hair.

For those of you like my sis who can stay stylish when the weather is nasty, I salute you!

18 thoughts on “Because the South Doesn’t Have Snowplows”

  1. you two are adorable in your winter garb!! since moving to chicago, i’ve had to learn to be stylish in the cold or else i’d be a frumpalufagus at least half the year!! it’s funny that after living here for just over a year, i am so used to driving in the snow now- it’s been snowing all day and we were leaving the house as they were plowing our neighborhood. when you have the equipment, it’s a lot easier to get around i guess!

  2. Jeez that weather is a NIGHTMARE !!! It is snowing here in Seattle and I am about to lose it LOL !!! I Hate snow and Ice !!
    I do Love Lar’s coat ! Victorias Secret is my Favorite place to shop for clothes and shoes ! I got a Great coat from there last year.
    I think you look Cute in your snow wear. I Love the color of your puffy jacket and your handbag and boots Rock !

  3. Damn, I’m getting cold just looking at snow pictures.

    I am a true thin blooded Hawaii native and throw on my leather jacket if it dips a smidge below 70.

  4. you girls look so cute. it just started snowing again last night here- and i really could do without it 😉 i want spring now.
    hope you’re having a wonderful week

  5. I can’t resist giggling, ladies. If you could only see the snow up here in MN . but you both look perfectly attired for some freezing weather!

  6. Oh, the’s so adorable how little snow makes everything go crazy! We’ve been having some crazy stuff up here in Ohio since last Friday-it just won’t stop. I’m telling you guys, it really does come down to warmth over fashion sometimes, haha! Fortunately, you both look wonderful. Stay warm! Enjoy the fun!

  7. Well, I love both your winter getups. And seeing as Chicago doesn’t shut down for anything less than 18 inches (if we’re lucky.), I’m jealous of your snow day!!

  8. You girls seem to be holding up pretty well in the snow! It’s getting nice and warm here in SoCal, I will wish warm weather your way! 🙂

    P.S. I miss wearing winter clothes! Your outfits are adorable!

  9. i heard about the crazy weather in atlanta! my friend is there on vacation and basically stuck in her hotel room! of course, you two still look adorbs all bundled up! aren’t boots the best?!?

  10. haha, i haven’t looked in a mirror in the past 3 days. probably look a hot mess. my outfit totally clashed and did involve some eeyore pajamas.

    stay warm, ladies!

    xx. lin

  11. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go on an overnight drunk, and tomorrow I’m going to set out to find the shark that ate my friend and destroy it. Anyone who wants to tag along is more than welcome.”

    Best movie ever.

    Yeah, considering you guys have little to no accumulation on the ground, that is nothing compared to the 6″ we have, but if you have no snowplows, I can see how that’s a total recipe for disaster and city shut down. It’s all about being prepared, and if you’re not, bad times.

    At least you two look super chic.

    I like you comfortable you are, Cath, and how chic and feminine Lar is. I wish I looked HALF that good in MY Northface coat. The best I can do is a cute beret. It’s 16F. no such thing as cute in that type of cold. I bring dress shoes to work and change from my ugly snow boots.

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  12. The best thing about being from north of the Mason-Dixon line is being in the South when it snows. Every time, I drive around laughing my supervillain laugh. (you know, muahahah!). It’s okay, we get to make fun of you guys for your lack of winter skills like you guys get to make fun of us for wearing shorts when it’s like 55 degrees.

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