The Sideways Braid

My typical hair routine is pretty boring (and not as low maintenance as I would like). I wash my hair every other day. On the days I wash my hair, I blow dry it straight-ish – on rare occasions I’ll whip out the straight irons – and on the non-wash days I usually create a sally and pull it up into a pony tail or leave it down.

Last Friday, inspired by Alexandar Wang’s Spring RTW hairstyles, I decided to try something new: The Sideways Braid.

Side Note: Sorry for the crummy photos. Lar is out of town, snow-shoeing north of Seattle or something, and I can’t figure out how to work the remote control/timer thing-a-ma-gig on her fancy camera.

The inspiration:

Now looking at the Alexander Wang runway photos again, I should have swept my hair down the front a bit more – and found a hair piece or something that would have given me a longer braid. But it already took me 10 minutes to get the braid angled right so I’m glad I didn’t fiddle with it any more than I did.

Ultimately my casual Friday outfit consisted of Alexander Wang-ish hair and a very un-Alexander-Wang-ish outfit: American Apparel oxford button-up, H&M cardi and belt.

I have to admit that I’ll probably keep this hairstyle for the weekends instead of a work day. The side braid has a tendency to want to slip apart during the day so I found myself re-braiding in between meetings to make sure the look was pulled together enough.

PS: I found this blurb on the Huff Po about the popularity of the Alexander Wang braids. According to the runway show’s hairstylist, the braids are popular because they’re “attainable” by the, uh, average woman. Harumph. I guess I just proved that.

36 thoughts on “The Sideways Braid”

  1. You look fab. as always ! I do have a fashion related question for you. If you had the opportunity to buy 1 pair of Christian Laboutins or get about 6 pair of other shoes, what would you do ?

  2. I love braids and the way your hair looks after!

    Your hair is so long now, I love it. I am not very good at braiding my hair, there are days it looks like I know what I am doing and theres that it look like crap. I wish my mom would braid my hair when I want it to be braided. hehhehe.

  3. i totally loved that Wang braid look when I saw it on the runway – it’s just so chic and glam and laidback all at once.

    too bad i cut my hair short so this is one look i won’t be rocking =(

  4. So chic! The soft neutrals in your outfit with the effortless hair is so fab! If I saw you out in a coffee shop I probably would have stared.

  5. Hey your Saints won!! I guess I just assumed you would be rooting for NOLA. oh and sideways braids always make boys swoon. always.

    ps. taking pictures in the mirror is what all the cool kids do.

    1. I was definitely rooting for the Saints although I’m I think I could only get really excited if the Redskins were playing – and that’s not going to happen for a loooooonnng time.

  6. Hey, not everyone can pull of f the side braid, but you definitely can! Don’t worry 🙂 I don’t do it very often either because of the slippage and I hate having to use bobby pins, it just doesn’t look as nice then. Perhaps hairspray would help!

  7. looks great!!!!!!!!!!! makes me wish that i had long hair again. but i do the braids on each side of my head and pull it back.

  8. That braid looks great on you. I see it more as a week day look than weekend, tho. If you have a tripod, you can set the timer and run in front of the camera. That is what I do. I need a remote thing.

  9. Adorable side braid Cath!! Braids rocks!! One of my really good friends, is kick as at braiding I wish I had her skills. 🙂 Hope you are well!!

    xx Love & Aloha.

  10. lookin so cute with the side braid. i love braids- however theyre done wish i could make more than regular ones but i dont know how i want to make baked braids hmm
    xx ediot

  11. I love the sideways braid. It’s always a simple way to sweeten up an outfit and a hairstyle without putting a lot of effort into it!

    You look great. And I love the camera, too! XO NIKON!

  12. Love the braid! You make me wish my hair would grow overnight. It’s getting there but i think I’ve got a good 6-8 months to go. At least. Boo.

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