Weekend Frills

Just a quick little outfit post for your Saturday afternoon/evening! This year I’ve resolved to 1) be more creative with layering and 2) actually use what’s in my closet. With that in mind I pulled on some ole leggings (which I use as tights during the frigid winter months), an AA mini skirt (hardly risque at all when paired with opaque leggings), Tarjay boots from five years ago (they are my old stand-bys), a thrifted ruffle blouse ($3 at Goodwill!), an H&M blazer and scarf, and my $1.60 Bottega Veneta bag (at some point I promise to stop being tacky and take off the “$1.60” before I utter the words “Bottega Veneta”).

I was actually looking for an over-the-top ruffly blouse at Goodwill, but found this demure beauty instead. I’m also wearing my grandmother’s (costume jewelry) “pearl” choker and my favorite pair of earrings that I bought for two euros when I studied in Spain years ago.

Happy weekend, Everyone!



p.s. If you are wondering about the weirdness of what’s going on with my hair. it’s called a Sally. My personal hair style includes this weird little (sometimes big) bump that I do at the front of my hair. For some reason I can’t do bangs (like Cath) or a sweeping side part, but I can do bumps (or “Sallys” as one of my friend’s calls it- no idea why). Sally got a little smushed under my hat the day I took these pics, so you see what she looks like after she’s had one too many and can no longer stand up straight.

23 thoughts on “Weekend Frills”

  1. I love the color story here! You are working your BV find! And “Sally” is a great term for the hair fluff. I might work that into my vernacular.

  2. The micro-pattern is sick!

    I’m theorizing that calling your pomp a “Sally” is a direct reference to Charlie Brown’s little sister. She does have a prominent squiggle front and center on her cartoony cranium.

    I’ve also just got to say thanks for having opened your own website, sister girls. Now this non-blogspot-account-holder can leave comments freely!

    1. Charlette, you are so right! Another reader emailed me about “Sally” being a Charlie Brown reference. It makes me like my hair Sally even more!
      p.s. I’m so glad you can now leave comments. I’m so sorry you couldn’t before. Just email us if for some reason we reverse something and you can no longer comment 😉

  3. I think in the UK, a Sally is called a Quiff!

    Ahhh very very jealous (and in love) with that Bottega Veneta! It’s so perfect! Still amazed you got for soooo little. It’s actually crazy.

  4. Hi there-a fabulous outfit, very chic and stylish and well done for shopping your own closet, I’m really going to do this myself more this year too! Have a great Sunday!!

  5. you look great, lar! love the layering and the “sally.” i made a vow to wear more of what is in my closet, too. i figure it will kind of be like going shopping with the stuff in the very back!

  6. Love your scarf hon and I will never ever tire of seeing your BV bag, and it makes me smile everytime I think of what a steal it was – how it sat there, waiting just for you to take it home 🙂

  7. lol, of this is your hair looking ‘tipsy’ than consider yourself nothing short of blessed, my bad hat hair days will remain undocumentedi think your hair still looks pretty
    love the boots and bag!

  8. Great look! I love it.

    I’ve been finding lately that the less effort I put into my hair, the better it looks in the morning.

    Great frills.

    Our Goodwills around here never yield that kind of booty.

  9. In reference to the hair – What about the song. “Sally the camel has, one hump. Sally the camel has, one hump. so ride Sally ride.” hehe. I adore the Sally : D

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