Even though Lar and I moved into this apartment about four months ago, we’re still in the decorating phase. Why is it that we never seem to have enough bookshelves? Last weekend I decided it was about time to put up these floating shelves from Ikea. My dad was kind enough to help me anchor them on to the wall. Two hours, six giant holes in the drywall, some books and two paintings by Lar later, my weekend project was complete!


I wore this outfit a couple of days later and thought it kind of fit in with the bookshelves somehow. You can’t see the shoes, but the dress is from Miss Selfridge (years ago), H&M belt and cardi and my favorite Nixon watch.


The lighting wasn’t great when we were taking these photos, so I’ve only included one closeup view.

26 thoughts on “Handy(wo)man”

  1. floating bookshelves. bookshelves that are built in to the wall. they’re all a godsend its weird how excited i get about them, i have things thrown all over my floor they’d be quite practical and cute for me to have and those little animal bookends are really cute!

  2. Not having enough bookshelves is a good problem, no? And co-sign on the Franny&Zooey!!! (although you guys already knew that.) Cool watch. All girls need cool watches.

  3. I love doing little projects like this because they’re so satisfying and you can get sucked in so easily. The shelves and the paintings look great. It’s also kind of funny how your outfit blends in.

  4. Cute dress! Love those animal bookends too adorable. Yea, Mel and I still need to decorate our new place too. Maybe I’ll get motivated now after seeing these pics. 🙂

    xo, Becs

  5. i’m so inspired! i just moved into my place a month ago and am still at that phase where i’m living out of my suitcase (terrible!) i must start decorating!

    p.s. i love your blog! you both have great style 🙂

  6. Your place looks amazing and has inspired me to fix up my apartment! Also, you look so cute! I need a good watch and am very jealous of yours!

  7. p.s @lars i used eggshell latex black paint. i had to use a damp cloth to wipe the chalk off. other than that i was able to write on it with chalk without any problems. thanks for commenting!

  8. haha, i think you just described the slowness that bec and i suffer from when it comes to decorating the apartment! love all of the things on your shelf and absolutely adore those bookends!

    x ws x

  9. Your apartment is gorgeous!!! S and I have been in this house over a year and it still looks so bare.even with furniture.we need to put things up, more photos around the house, we need more shelves – we actually had those ones we installed in our last home, but find a new room for them in this home. It’s amazing what you girls have done in such a short period.
    And I love your dress, cardi combo!

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