Coming to Terms With My Winter Coat

This title might be a little dramatic, but hear me out. Even though I’m on a journey to reduce my worldly possessions, I still care about being somewhat stylish. If I had all the money in the world, I would create my ideal, minimalist wardrobe from the ground up. But I don’t have gobs of money and it’s probably for the best. For one thing, it would be wasteful to give away all of my clothes and go on a shopping spree. Also, I think having a budget and working with what you have builds character – at least that’s what I tell myself.

My winter coat is one of those character-building instances. Before my KonMari purge of my closet, I had at least five winter coats. Most of them were easy to get rid of because they either didn’t fit or they were dated. I was left with two coats: an Eddie Bauer puffer and a wool J. Crew coat. I ended up giving away the J. Crew coat even though it was well-made because the style was a little cute for me – it had toggle buttons.

That left me with the Eddie Bauer coat, which is a fine, practical winter coat, but not the best when it comes nicer outtings – weddings, professional networking events, etc. It just doesn’t look right to mix the informality of a puffer coat with a dress and heels. At least that’s what I thought and had my eye on buying this coat. My only problem was that I didn’t have $250 to spend on a coat. So I’ve had to make do with my puffer coat.

I know in the great scheme of things, it’s not a big deal (first world problems of only having one winter coat and what not), but I just don’t feel super pulled-together when I put on my puffer coat. For example, this outfit would be so much more chic if I had a wool trench on instead.

Nevertheless, I’ve slowly come to terms with only having this one coat this season. For one thing, it’s not overly puffy and frumpy – before cleaning out my closet, I rarely wore it because I thought it made me look like the Michelin man. I’ve also realized that my life is not as glamorous as I thought because I rarely have a fancy event to go to where a nicer coat is required. And lastly, I’ve been inspired by James Spader and his parka.


Eddie Bauer coat (similar) | Baggu tote | YARNZ scarf | Old Navy jeggings | Jeffrey Campbell boots (similar)

10 thoughts on “Coming to Terms With My Winter Coat”

  1. Oh my goodness, Kitcath. You (and now James Spader) are my inspirations! I have two winter coats: a black puffer and my toggle (yes, I still cling to the toggles!) red coat. I use them both during the week, but I’m sure I could get away with just one of them. I also shamefully have about four jackets which I need to streamline a bit once spring hits.

    Also, you do NOT look like a Michelin Man. You look beautiful and chic and I wish my hair looked like yours (mine is the lazy version of yours = frizzy curly in the wrong places).

    More over J Spader, AsianCajunsCath is my winter fashion inspo!

    1. Your hair can look like mine – you just have to put tons of product in it, straighten it and then curl it! So low maintenance ;P

      Who would have thunk it – James Spade as fashion inspiration!

  2. You most definitely do not look like the Michellin Man, you look very cute.
    I have two winter coats. Although I often love long wool coats on others, I have yet to find one that looks right on me, so both of mine are of the puffy variety: one short but super warm down one (similar to the Canada Goose coats in style) that I wear most of the time and a longer less puffy one that comes to my knees in grey. This coat is not as warm mostly because it doesn’t keep the wind out as well, but it’s long and isn’t quite as casual in style as my other one, so this is the one I wear when I need to pair it with a dress or something else dressy.

    1. I don’t know if I could really pull off a long wool coat since I’m short, but I’m up for the challenge! Plus I do think they look better with more dressy pieces. I like the Canada Goose style coats a lot – they’re stylish and warm, best of both worlds!

  3. “I’ve also realized that my life is not as glamorous as I thought because I rarely have a fancy event to go to where a nicer coat is required.” So true of a lot of stuff that didn’t survive my closet clean-out: dresses, fancy tops…

    1. Right?! I mean, I have to look pulled together for work, but not fancy. Plus a lot of dressier items are dry clean only, which I no longer have any patience for.

  4. Well I finally gave in and bought a puffy parka (that looks similar to the one you’re wearing) last month. It might not be the cutest thing…but when the winter gets chilly I no longer care!!!
    Puffy coats for the win! 🙂

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