How many rings does one girl need?

For the last few posts, I’ve been blabbing on and on about how good I am at getting rid of things and learning to live with less. But there are still a few categories of stuff that I have that I just can’t seem to whittle down. Jewelry is one of them.


I don’t wear a lot of jewelry anymore (though I used to — accessoriessss!), but I can’t give away things given to me. I know the memory of that person is more important than the thing that I have, but that line of thinking doesn’t work for me with jewelry for some reason.

When I sorted through my closet, I did go through my jewelry and got rid of some pieces that I was loath to part with but never wear. I felt very proud of myself — carefully putting the pieces in ziplock baggies so that the Good Will staff didn’t just have a tangled mess to deal with:


But I still have way more left over than I will ever wear: my alma mater ring, a pearl necklace given to me by my cousin when I was 9 or 10, a mood ring given to me by my favorite design client, a butterfly brooch that makes me think of friends in Scotland.


For now I’ll let my collection be and maybe tackle it in the future.I know Cath mentioned how hard it was for her to get rid of books.What do you guys find the hardest to part with and how do you grapple with letting it go?

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  1. It’s so funny – jewelry is actually pretty easy for me to get rid of. I think because most of my stuff wasn’t gifts or reminders of someone, but just crap I purchased on a whim. I was able to cut my jewelry collection by around 80% when I Konmaried and I think I can still get rid of a few more. That being said, I do think you have nicer pieces than me! And I totally felt proud of myself for giving away each piece of jewelry individually wrapped so the poor volunteers at the charity shop didn’t have to untangle everything ;P

    1. Yes! I was thinking about your jewelry board when I was sorting through my stuff. I was like, how did Cath do it?
      I don’t think I have nicer stuff, I think all my sentimentality shifted into jewelry because I’ve become ruthless with everything else ;D
      xoxo, Lar

  2. I think that jewelry is just one of those tricky categories to sort. First of all, it’s so easy NOT to sort! They’re small and probably tucked away in a box, in a drawer, or on a closet shelf. Other categories get in your way during your day, while something like jewelry just perches and waits for you to be proactive about editing it. Also, it’s designed to be lovely! – and to be very little else. 😉 No wonder holding each piece in your hands Sparks Joy! That’s what it’s meant to do.

    I recommend waiting for the right mood to strike. And when it does, cancel your other plans and jump on it!! 😛

    1. Ellen, you are the voice of reason and one of my biggest minimalist/KonMari inspirations. I really am truly going to try to tackle this again when the mood strikes.

  3. I am the same way with jewelry! My neighbors have given me tons of stuff like a flower pendant from Hawaii and a garnet pendant and earring set from Avon (or something) — pieces I have never worn and will never wear. Totally not my style, but I just can’t part with them because the neighbor (the mom) never had daughters so she always buys my sister and me girly stuff she wishes she could have given to a daughter. OY!

    1. That is so sweet, Amanda! And yes, exactly how I feel about some of my pieces. I think I’ll give myself a few months and then try to tackle it all again. I’ll let you know if I get on any better than this first round!

  4. I’m ruthless with costume jewelry, but anything that’s fine or that’s sentimental I’ll keep even if I don’t wear it. I don’t wear any of my rings except my engagement ring, nor do I wear bracelets, but I have quite a few of both because they were given to me as gifts or they’re sterling silver or gold. I won’t buy any new rings or bracelets for myself though.

    It seems like your jewelry collection sparks joy and/or nudges gratitude—or at least inspires a lot of warm, fuzzy feelings in you when you think of the cherished people connected to each piece. Surely keeping these pieces even if you don’t wear them is alright?

    1. I really like your thinking, Lisa! The jewelry doesn’t take up much room at the moment (I have a jewelry bag that hangs in my closet) — so I feel like its okay if I just let those things settle for a little. And you are right about asking if they spark joy/nudge gratitude ;D I should take my own (and Marie Kondo’s) advice sometimes!

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