Thank you, red coat!

I wear black most of the time. It’s so easy! And so forgiving! And I can pretend I look artsy or Parisian-ish. But apart from the preponderance of dark neutrals in my closet, red is the other favorite. It’s as if the brighter, more exuberant side of my sartorial predilections smacks the moody dark attire out of its moribund ways when things get too gloomy.

The red item I wear the most, when in need of de-moribundification, is this lovely toggle coat. I figure as Cath was talking about her winter woolies, I would as well.


I love the toggles, the hood (no umbrella needed — take that, Seattle drizzle!) and, most of all, the crimson red of its wool blend exterior.

I’ve owned the coat for nearly three years. It’s the only item I managed to snag from the brief, but delightful Kate Spade line called Saturday, that is now defunct.

It’s been around the world (or bits of Europe and the US) and back, and made me feel pulled together at a fancy dinner in Edinburgh and stomping around the streets of Berlin (with my beautiful and brilliant friend Dexin — see above).

Having lived for nearly five years in places of incomparable gloomy weather, my red coat always makes me feel a wee bit more cheerful: armor against the gray. And for that, I am most grateful.

12 thoughts on “Thank you, red coat!”

  1. Red for me is just one of the colors I love, then I buy a piece of red clothing, and NEVER wear it. You pull it off so naturally. I would feel awkward and non-me in that coat, but to me it’s so Lar! It was actually one of the reasons I was excited to get the J.Crew toggle coat (in Navy) a few years back because I loved the way you looked in this red one. Mine was definitely not as fitted and I realized that toggles made me feel like Paddington Bear, which is why it ended up not sparking joy. The fittedness and modern black triangle toggles on your coat are the opposite of Paddington Bear. Definitely a keeper!
    xoxo, Cath

    1. I want this coat. I love it and the pockets! I used to have a red coat I loved a lot lot lot. But alas it was forever 21 and only lasted a few years. One day…

      You look great in red! Don’t get rid of this coat ever, and if you do call me first. 😉

      1. You are so sweet, Clare! And you can bet I’ll call you if I ever decide to relinquish the red coat.

    2. You did not look like Paddington Bear at all! But I do know what you mean — I had to get used to the toggles and convince myself that I don’t look 2 years old wearing a headed, red coat with toggles. Do you remember that children’s book “The Snowy Day”? Sometimes I feel like I look exactly like that — but that makes me love the coat more ;D
      xoxox, Lar

  2. Red is such a great colour and it really suits you and the toggles give it a whimsical quality without detracting from how classically stylish it looks. All in all, a truly great coat! 🙂

    1. Ooo I bet you looked great in it, Diane! Red is such a flattering color for most people I think!
      xoxox, Lar

  3. You know, I always think that I need more red in my closet, ESPECIALLY because I always wear black. Red is just the perfect color to go with black to make one look polished and very confident! I’m impressed you don’t carry an umbrella and opt for the hood instead!

    1. You are so right, Laura! Like you, I wear a ton of black so it’s nice to have my red coat on days I don’t want to blend in with Seattle gray.
      Oh and I wish I could say I was hardy — hence the hood and no brolly — but really an umbrella is useless in Scottish wind. For the most part I carry one here in Seattle though ;D

  4. You’ve expressed so eloquently all the gratitude I feel towards my own bright blue J. Crew coat! Loving this series of blog posts so far.

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