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See Cath’s closet inventory here.

Sheesh! I thought after my ruthless KonMari-ing last summer that it’d be easy to take stock of all of my clothes (plus accessories). Writing everything down has been an eye-opener. I was being all smug thinking that I had a pared down closet, but I clearly have some work to do.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m much further along than I was a year ago. I pretty much wear everything that I own, and no longer have a summer/winter clothes box. Nevertheless, there’s still room for improvement and I’m going to use this online list to stay accountable.

Over the next year, I’m hoping to make the following adjustments:

• Purge some of the tops I don’t wear often or don’t fit well
• Replace my worn t-shirts slowly with a few Everlane t-shirts
• Save up for better quality blouses for work, get rid of cheap ones that aren’t holding up in the wash
• Purchase some more bottoms: long pants for work, another pair of black jeans, gray skirt
• Cull through purses and necklaces again
• Purchase two more t-shirt bras (nude and black)
• Purchase camel or gray cardigan
• Find replacements for Feiyue sneakers (they’re falling apart)
• Purchase a winter wool coat (wait until winter sales)

Apart from the winter coat, pants, skirt, and cardigan, I won’t be adding anything else to my wardrobe – just refining it. I should be able to get rid of a few shirts without replacing them with something else.  And if I add any other item, I’ll get rid of an item – one in, one out. I love the idea of having a more monochromatic wardrobe than I currently do because I think I’ll save money in the long run by being able to mix and match more. My biggest downfall is that I always gravitate towards black when I’m shopping. Soon I’ll just be one giant black blob. So I need to work on adding some other neutrals to the mix.

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  1. I love how you already have a plan, Cath! When I was last in your closet, it was already such an inspiration to me!
    Oh and I totally understand the black blob tendencies — in fact, I’m working that look right now! That said, one of my favorite pieces in your closet is your red and white lippie blouse — and you look so beautiful in it. It makes me want to wear more color!
    xoxo, Lar

    1. That’s my most “out there” top and i love it too. I wish I could wear it in the winter, because I don’t have a cold weather equivalent. I think one of the things that is never addressed in the whole capsule wardrobe movement is the amount of money it costs to overall your wardrobe. There are still some pieces in my closet that don’t spark joy, but I don’t have the money to replace them!

  2. Ladies, the blog looks awesome! And I LOVE your new focus. This is so great, really, and inspiring too. I actually just posted about creating a capsule wardrobe, but these inventory lists have really got me thinking I should do the same. I have done a lot of whittling lately, but I need to do more. The tricky part is I have some maternity clothes still because that’s all that fits as well as some nursing tops and dresses that will only stick around for the next year or so. This whole changing body and baby weight stuff has thrown a wrench in my quest for the perfect (for me) closet! Love that you have everything on pretty hangers, too 🙂

    1. You know what’s crazy about the hangers? I’ve had them for years, but I had so many clothes that pretty hangers were mixed in with a bunch of plastic white hangers and it looked so hodge podge. I still can’t believe that I was able to whittle down my wardrobe enough to just have those hangers – definitely an unexpected benefit to cleaning out my closet.

      I can only image how hard it is to work on a capsule wardrobe when your body is still going through so many changes! I know you must be itching to develop your perfect wardrobe, but just keep reminding yourself that it’s a process. And it’ll come faster than you think!

  3. Love the posts and the new look of the blog–I can relate to wanting to pare down. Do you have any resources (books, websites, etc) about how to start putting together a more minimalist wardrobe? I’m just bad at figuring out what items to focus on that will be the most useful or long-lasting. 🙂

    1. Check out our resources page here:

      Also, a lot of people love the blog Unfancy – she did a great job showing the evolution of her capsule wardrobe.

      And even though it seems extreme, Marie Kondo’s book is amazing. I would actual start there before even thinking about putting together a minimalist wardrobe. It’ll be much easier once you’re able to see what you actually love and have.

      I hope that helps!

  4. I love both of your inventories… it’s really a great way to keep track of what you wear and when! And i also really like the clean/sleek look of the blog 🙂 If anyone has suggestions for a great non-see through reasonably priced white tee, I’d love to hear that. I cannot stand tees that require a cami underneath and that’s all i seem to find, even at higher-end stores 🙁 And thanks to Troy for fixing the all-caps on what I assume was his freetime 🙂

    1. You assume correctly 😉

      I still haven’t found a great white t-shirt. I used to wear Hanes v-necks a lot, but the fit is not great for women. I plan on purchasing a white Everlane tshirt at some point this season. i’ll let you know on the see-through front.

      And thank you for being such a great blog friend in general!

  5. Love the new direction of the blog! So fun to follow the evolution, especially as I’ve been leaning towards a minimalist wardrobe myself. Word of caution: do you own any everlane T shirts already? I have about five and I am so disappointed – even with a gentle wash and line dry I have found that the seams have totally twisted on me :-/. Wanted to love them because the cut, colors, and philosophy are all things I can get behind, but, alas…. The search continues. Good luck on all of your efforts!

    1. Hey Dianne, I only have an Everlane cardigan and rain coat. i’ve been wanting to try their t-shirts, so I’m bummed to hear that they don’t last. Did you buy a specific cut/material? or have you tried all of them. I’m so curious!

      1. Ooh, good call. I’ve only owned the v-necks, though they have a new name since I purchased them last year, so perhaps they have reinvented them! My friend purchased a u-neck and liked it but advised that she would not recommend sizing up. I am sure they would be willing to accept returns if you found that to be a problem, I just got lazy about it and never pressed the issue. Good luck! I look forward to what you find.

  6. Rebecca and I have been keeping up with your bloggie relaunch side-by-side during our lunch breaks! Thanks so much for the inspiration. We’ve challenged each other to do our own wardrobe inventory, and even after KonMari-ing, we’re scared of what our numbers might be!!

    Things are lookin’ great, ladies. I’m so energized by your good work here. <3

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