Thank you, Ferragamos!

I think one reason we have so much stuff in our closets is because, well, there’s so much stuff in our closets! We can never find things and gems get buried and aren’t unearthed until we have a good clear-out. And after a wee while, we start buying things again and the cycle continues.

So Cath and I thought it would be a good idea to write about specific pieces in our closets that we love. It will be like a gratitude journal for our wardrobes — we’ll focus on what we already have and not feel like we constantly need more. As an added bonus, we thought we would sketch our favorite items — a small act of homage to the things we tend to take for granted in our closets.

So to start, here are my much-prized Ferragamos:

I’ve always loved Audrey Hepburn’s style, and what says ‘Audrey’ more than a classic ballet flat? And not just a flat, but a Ferragamo flat?

A few years ago, I had saved up enough money from our sponsorship with Shopbop that I could actually afford what would normally be way-too-expensive shoes for me. I also was thinking the whole time “I’m getting Audrey’s shoes!!!”

When I finally held them in my hands (and then put them on my feet), I felt ready to be whisked away by Fred Astaire or run through Paris at night with Cary Grant. After I bought the shoes, I learned that this particular style was not actually worn by Audrey (she preferred one of Ferragamo’s lower-heeled flats), but much loved by … Margaret Thatcher. Heyho. They are still a lovely pair of ballet flats that have just enough of a heel to give my already staggering height of 5’3 a bit of a boost.

On a more personal note, I first put these shoes on after I had been in the hospital for two weeks due to complications from Endometriosis. I still felt terrible and incredibly sad and vulnerable, but getting to shuffle around my flat in my Audrey/Thatcher shoes, I momentarily felt as light as air. 

So thank you so much, Thatcher Ferragamos. I look forward to many more years of floating through the air with you on my feet!

7 thoughts on “Thank you, Ferragamos!”

  1. LOL-ed so hard at the fact that these turn out to be preferred by Thatcher- Wear them in the spirit of Audrey I’d say 🙂
    In my view Thatcher was the epitome of dowdy prissiness, but these shoes are lovely and I have always admired them whenever I saw them come by in pictures on the blog.
    Can also relate to the concept of something so stylish and beautiful being uplifting when you are physically and mentally at rock bottom – when I got out of hospital and was more physically tired than I had ever thought possible I got so much joy out of putting my fave ring and jade bangle back on, really lifted my spirits (unfortunately the bangle was lost last October while on a trip, I feel silly but actually felt quite bereft once I realised it was gone! Was about to yell “And this is why we don’t have nice things Michelle!” at myself when I realised I needed to Get. A. Grip.).

    1. Haha! Thanks for your support, Michelle, in saying they don’t look Thatcher-esque. My mouth literally dropped open when I saw a pic of her wearing them.
      I’m so sorry you lost your jade bracelet. I would have felt bereft too! I’m glad we’ve both had items that lifted our spirits post-hospital stay.
      xoxo, Lar

  2. I still want a pair of these! I think you look soooo much like Audrey (not Margaret) when you wear them. I remember you saying that you didn’t even have to break them in, which sounds so luxurious and magical to me.

    Also, have I mentioned how amazing your drawing is?!?! Still can’t believe you have so much talent in the drawing department – well, I can believe it, but I’m in awe.

    Also (again), I love that we’re doing these posts. It makes me appreciate what I have more 🙂

    xoxo, Cath

  3. Thatcher Ferragamos! Oh my gosh I will never be able to think of them in any other way now, haha. They are lovely though- and you sound so happy to have them! 🙂

    1. Hahaha! I think of them that way too, Ashley! Seriously, I wish I felt like Audrey in them, but I don’t feel too free-market-conservative in them, so I’ll take it.

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