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Cath and I are both making long lists of what we currently have in our closets. It’s a way for us to see how much we already have and to evaluate if there is anything else we might need.

As we’ve mentioned in this post, our goal is to learn to live with less and switch out quantity with quality.

We know that looking at itemized list of what is in someone’s closet isn’t the most thrilling read, so we aren’t including the lists in our posts, but we do have them on a separate page on the site. We’ll be updating the inventory page as we subtract and add (a wee bit) to our closets.

There are many areas of our lives that could use pruning, but we thought it would be easiest to concentrate on our closets first.

A heads-up on my list, over the past five years, I have gotten rid of most of my wardrobe. I had roughly three times as many clothes in my closet in my 20s than I do now. And this process didn’t happen overnight. I’m a pack-rat at heart and sentimentalize everything — even a pair of socks. But once you start, I promise that it really does get easier.

One thing that did surprise me, was how long it took me to write an inventory of every piece of clothing I own — stuff really does add up and the process makes you realize how much you already have. If you are joining Cath and I on this journey, let us know how your inventory goes and if it’s an eye-openner for you. I think it works as a great cure any time you get itchy shopping fingers. Just look back at your inventory list or start one, and your credit cards will let out a sigh of relief.

I plan to go through my closet this weekend and see if I can whittle any more bits out of it as well as figure out what I need (if anything). I’ll be posting updates in the following weeks, so stay tuned if you’d like to know my closet-clearing process.

Cath already has a plan of action for her closet — check back this afternoon to see her post.


7 thoughts on “Lar’s Inventory”

  1. I think what surprised me the most about writing everything down was the fact that I still have soooooo much. I thought it would take me no time to write it all down, but that wasn’t the case. I just konmari-ed in August, but I have a few things that don’t “spark joy” that have crept in. I think another go-thru is in order. I can’t wait to see what you whittle down this weekend – it’ll be inspiration for me to get my butt back in gear. I’m also about start going through my book collection, which I think might be a little harder than clothes!

    1. I felt the same way! When I look in my closet I think “I don’t have that much” and then writing the inventory felt like it took forever.
      Books are way harder than clothes! I feel like most books spark joy in my hands, but Matt and I have given away a lot in the past few years. Remember our Olsens book? It feels slightly dated now, but I still love it.
      xoxo, Lar

      1. So you kept the Olsens book? I wondered where that had gone. Did you move it with you to Scotland and back?

        I’m tackling books tomorrow so wish me luck!

    2. Oh my god, books would be infinitely harder than clothes for me – I am usually pretty good at not keeping books that I won’t re-read or that don’t have a sentimental meaning to me (it helps that we have a yearly book fair at work for charity – everyone donates books and then buys new ones for a euro, and the proceeds to to charity), but would find it quite emotional to go through and cull the ones I have kept (which is still 2 small and one large wall to wall book cases full). I loved reading the lists and think it’s such a great way to stay accountable. I KonMaried my appartment a few months ago and love it. Found it difficult, but also strangely freeing once I was done. Didn’t to the books though because of the yearly review for the bookfair, but maybe I should take a shot at it one of these days. A big eye opener for me was my make-up/vanity products – the amount of cremes, lotions, hair products, etc that had ended up in storage products or in my vanity/bathroom half used, was downright shocking!

      1. Hi Michelle!
        I totally applaud you for all your KonMari-ing! I agree about the beauty products. That was the first thing I tackled years ago, switching our products that were more sustainable and healthy — which meant going through cupboards full of random lotions and potions I had saved.
        I think you are doing great and shouldn’t worry too much about your books. I love that your work has a charity every year — what a great idea! I still have a shelf-full of books that I’ll tackle eventually, and when I do, I’ll ask you if you have any tips!
        xoxo, Lar

  2. Love your new site and glad you’re back! Excited to follow along as you do this.

    A (small) suggestion for the inventory page: rearrange it so your categories are in the same order: i.e. You both start with tops, then pants, then dresses, etc….would make for easier reading.

    1. Hi Joy!
      Thank you so much for your encouraging words. And, yes, I totally agree about the inventory lists. I plan to do a bit of a closet clean-out this weekend and will rearrange my list to match Cath’s as I do.
      xoxo, Lar

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