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Shirt H&M (old) | Leggings Marks & Spencer | Shoes Ferragamo

I don’t usually do outift posts anymore. Cath still inspires me with her style posts, but I honestly seem to wear about the same five basic outfits . mainly centred around stretchy trousers.

There are a few reasons for my sartorial shrinkage. Around the time I moved to Scotland four years ago, I really cut back on my shopping. Part of that was just down to having very limited funds after an overseas move (costly things, they are!). I had also started researching how horrendous working conditions are for many of the people who make our mass-produced clothes. I wanted to be more aware of all the stuff I had and think about where my clothes were coming from.

So with all of that, my outfits have become really boring the last few years. And I’m not saying that needs to happen if you start caring about the ethics and environmental effects of your shopping habits, but it did to me. I just really had a lot less interest in having lots of different looks and more interest in buying fewer, higher quality pieces (hence the spendy shoes above — the most expensive items in my closet by far).

I’d love to strike a better balance again where I could be a bit more creative with my style, but still keep my consumer habits humbled. I think these more frugal years in Scotland were an important stage in finding that style and learning about what I could do without very much. My secret hope too is that when we move to Seattle in September, I’ll be able to wear fewer layers year-round than I do here (my next post is all about how I’m still wearing a coat . in the summer — egads, someone pass the vitamin D bottle!).

How do you guys approach the complexities of personal style and consumption?

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  1. i’m always so inspired by your ethical ways of thinking. Once and a while I try to keep that stuff in mind. Like I really have no problem not shopping at Zara anymore since all that racial discrimination stuff came out about them. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love their designs, but it’s not worth it. But some times I’m so tempted by the cheap prices at Old Navy, Joe Fresh, and Primark – and I just kind of ignore the ethical stuff.
    Moving forward I would like to have less clothes and more investment pieces, but like you I tend towards a uniform. I think when we get together in a few weeks (just 16 days!!!) we should do some mood boards like we used to and talk about what our styles are.
    Did I mention how gorgeous you look in your outfit pics?!

    1. “But some times I’m so tempted by the cheap prices at Old Navy, Joe Fresh, and Primark – and I just kind of ignore the ethical stuff.” I’m the same way. :/

  2. As a rule of thumb, I try to buy things that I can wear to work and on my own time, so I love having a “uniform” – mine usually consists of either skinny jeans, flats/heels and a patterned top or an A-line dress, flats/heels and a cardigan. I’m in California, so a good year-round dress is a must!

    I’ve had those Ferragamos that you’ve featured above on several wishlists but have yet to add them to my cart – do you find that they’re pretty true to size?

    1. Hi Ro

      Yes, the Ferragamos were true to size for me. I was worried they would be too tiny because I have wide-ish feet (but narrow heels).

      I really do love the idea of wearing a uniform and might give that a go when I move to Seattle. At least having a uniform for my work-days.


  3. We’re in Vancouver (WA)! If you ever come down, let me know!

    Lately, I’ve been wearing the same sort of uniform, t-shirt and jeans. It’s easier especially since I’m with my son all day. It’s saved me quite a bit of money too since I don’t time to online shop 🙂

    1. I think having someone else to care for would make picking outfits out much less a priority, Kaolee. That sounds like such a good thing. Sometimes when I get too caught up in ‘fashion’ and ‘style’, I try to do something for someone else so the world doesn’t seem so narrow.

      I will definitely get in touch when we visit Vancouver!!!


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