Lovely Edinburgh

The Shore Leith

THe shore

Robert Louis Stevenson memorial

Castle farmers Market

St Cuthberts

Edinburgh castle

Matt and I have two months left before we move back to the States after four years in Edinburgh. Because I’m a mushy sentimentalists, I’m already starting to get very nostalgic. Edinburgh is such a beautiful city. These pics above are all places I pass every day on the way to work. Yup, I walk by a Castle (or what essentially looks like Hogwarts), every single day and it’s about a five minute walk from my front door.

But I have to thank Edinburgh for trying to keep my nostalgia slightly in check by giving us a wet and cool start to summer (I still wear my winter coats some days!). I seriously wouldn’t have it any other way though. A place this beautiful has to be tempered by something or it would be too unbearably perfect.

See what I mean about the sentimental nostalgia? Someone pass me a hanky!

Another way to stop the sentimental sniffles? Thinking about being on the same continent with Cath again!

2 thoughts on “Lovely Edinburgh”

  1. I know leaving Edinburgh will be so tough – i mean, who gets to walk by a castle every day?! But there will be so many benefits to you moving back to the states: being closer to me, better healthcare, being closer to me, longer winter days, being closer to me, etc.

    I’m so glad I have the chance to come visit you before you move away. I can’t wait to have a tour of Leith – a place that you go everyday and I’ve only been to once to see the touristy queen ship thingy.

    We’ll get to see each other in less than a month!!!
    xoxo, Cath

    1. Being closer to you!!!! YAHOO! Nothing else matters.

      I will definitely be taking you and Troy to Leith — you guys will love it!

      Let the count down begin!



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