Sunbathing on a Scottish Beach

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This past weekend Matt and I took a short train ride east to North Berwick, a lovely little Scottish seaside town. Edinburgh is right on the sea too, but we don’t have a beach and I miss the susurration of waves lapping the sand.

But you can’t be picky when you’re in Scotland. Going to the beach usually means being an intrepid toe-dipper or agreeing to sunbathe in layers — yes, even in spring (and summer!).

We had a beautiful sunny day, but it was wiiiindy! And I shed my winter coat momentarily to take some pics, but generally I was bundled up tight while my hair whipped around my head and I tried not to get it in my butter garlic lobster dipping sauce. A hard life, I know.

Ahhh to be by the sea!


4 thoughts on “Sunbathing on a Scottish Beach”

  1. Oh my goodness. I know you were freezing your butt off and a Scottish beach is no replacement for a warm, soft sand beach, but these photos make it look so magical. Seriously, awesome photos – especially the last one! You’re so elegant. I could do that pose, but I would look like a sideways turtle trying to do a cartwheel.

    That lobster looks heavenly. I don’t think I ever ate lobster all the times I’ve been to Scotland, but I can imagine how great it tastes with the (cold) sea air blowing through your hair.

    i know you’re sick of the cold, but I’m already sick of the heat here! If only we could try weather for a few days!

    1. Hahaha you would not look like a sideways turtle — you would look exactly like me. I’m so glad there was hardly anyone else on the beach — I fell over a couple of times. I blame the wind ;D

      Remember when we went to North Berwick as students?! I think we got fish and chips right on the beach (lobsters weren’t in the budget then ;D). I remember having so much fun even though it was cold.

      I totally wish we could switch weather for a day or maybe a week?! Everyone in Scotland would melt in Atlanta heat though and not know what to do — that happens when it’s above 70 degrees here ;D

      Can’t wait until you can have some cool summer weather with me — in July!!!


  2. So sunny! Funny that it was still so cold. Not what I would expect from the pictures. What a colorful and cute place. I’d love to visit.

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