The Best At Home Pedicure Trick


Butter nail polish in Trout Pout

I love getting pedicures – especially if I go with a friend and we look at trashy magazines and hilarious Instagram accounts together. It’s the best! Too bad* I’m trying to save money this summer, so I’ve cut out spa visits completely and do my own pedicures at home.

I’ve never had a lot of patience with painting my nails and I end up coloring outside of the lines. So here’s how I get around that little problem: I paint my nails in the evening a couple of hours before bedtime (if you paint them a little bit before bed, the polish might not dry completely and you’ll get sheet marks on your nails). Then, I take a shower in the morning and simply rub off the nail polish that’s on my skin while I’m showering. After I dry off, I paint on a top coat and let it dry as I blow dry my hair. Voila! Perfect pedicure!

*It’s really not too bad since I’m saving up to go visit Lar in July!

8 thoughts on “The Best At Home Pedicure Trick”

  1. That’s such a genius idea, Kitcath! I haven’t actually done my toes in about a year. I think I wear sandals here maybe five days total. For instance, it’s June now and about 55 degrees. No exposed toesies for me. Maybe in July? Or August? Either way, it doesn’t matter — you’ll be here and that makes it all better!!!

    1. I think you probably won’t get chance to try out this trick until you move to Seattle ;P

  2. is it beyond crazy that i have never had a pedicure in my life? i don’t really like strangers touching me.especially my super ticklish feet. that seems anything but relaxing to me.

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