Summer time?

sweater weather
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So you know how last week Cath was complaining about how hot it was in Atlanta? Well, I was super jelly. I mean, even though I vaguely remember those swelteringly humid days that made it hard for your lungs to work, I can’t help thinking summer heat is amazing! And I know I’m just saying that because I live some place that doesn’t really do summer.

I’m still wearing long sleeves and trousers and a coat most days. The only difference between my spring wardrobe and my full-on winter wardrobe is I allow for a generous amount of ankle sliver (see pic above) and I don’t wear a scarf or gloves with my coat.

If you are a sweater-weather fan, Scotland is the place for you. Our winters aren’t too cold (but boy are they long and dark) and you can wear layers year round. Yes, year round! Summer is jacket-weather except for those few blissful days (and I mean days, not weeks) where the heat breaks just over 70 degrees . and even then you’ll probably need a jacket at some point because it does still cool down at night.

I’m sure that all must sound heavenly to you guys fighting it out in the heat right now. And I do feel incredibly lucky to live in a beautiful city where even cockroaches don’t dare to tread. I know I will miss this stoney, shadowy silhouette of Edinburgh when I’m living in the freshly scrubbed Pacific Northwest. I will romanticise Scottish rain (because it’s totally different to Seattle rain) and I’ll miss the history and the stoic dreichness of this beautiful place. But, in the meantime, I miss the heat and the sun and the lack of a true summer.

Billy Connelly was so right when he said, “There are two seasons in Scotland: June and Winter.”  And when he says “June” he means “kind of Spring, but not even.”

Good luck with whichever weather you are facing now: sweater or sweat-er. And tell me how you’re coping!

8 thoughts on “Summer time?”

  1. Billy Connelly is the best!

    Also, you always look so glamorous in your photos and no matter how hard I try, i cannot. Aren’t we twins?! Anywho, I’ve been showing ankle sliver since February – ha! I don’t know what’s worst – a long, dark winter or a super hot summer. There are always trade offs, aren’t there? I’m sure I would miss the heat if I didn’t live in Atlanta. I think Seattle summers will feel very balmy for you after shivering year-round in Scotland.

    It’s weird thinking about packing to come see you in Scotland. I want to pack sandals and shorts because it’s the summer, but then I realize that is not at all appropriate for Scotland in July. This Atlanta heat is confusing my brain!

    1. What the what? You always way more glamourous! And I don’t think we are twins because you definitely have the better hair. Sure mine is curly, but way more frizzy and harder to tame (or actually I think my skillz with hair tools is just not nearly what yours is).

      There are always trade-offs, I wish it weren’t so!

      Let me know if you need help packing. We’ve had a wet and cool-ish spring so I’m hoping that means summer will be dryer and sunny (a girl can dream, right?)!


  2. I’m really interested in how the Pacific Northwest is for you after Edinburgh. Oregon is one of our favorite places, but even that is nothing compared to Seattle for rain.
    No cockroaches? That is a definite plus, in my opinion!

    1. Hi Deserae!

      We’ve already checked weather charts and it looks like Seattle has more inches of rain but fewer rainy days than Edinburgh (weird, huh?) and much more hours of sunlight overall. Edinburgh has such short days in the winter. The summer days are lovely and long, but I think the cloud cover prevents us from feeling the full effect of that sun. I definitely recommend vitamin D drops or pills whilst you are here!
      But no cockroaches = amazing! I rarely ever see any kind of bug in Edinburgh. The highlands can get midgies in the summer, but we are almost bugless being so close to the breezey sea.

  3. Um, so.when are you coming to the Pacific Northwest? Because the weather in Vancouver is amazing right now and this summer is supposed to be much warmer than average. 😀

    1. Argh! Lisa! Wish we were there now! We’ll be moving there at the end of September which is probably just in time for rain and cool weather, but at least I’ll be used to that ;D

      So glad you guys are having such a lovely spring!



  4. Ah, even your musing about Scottish weather sounds optimistic to me! Maybe because I know that I’m not leaving the UK, ha. I’m feeling like my S.A.D is kicking in and I’m just waiting for a few days with 70 degrees and sunshine to pick me up out of it, but it’s just not coming :/ I haven’t even worn a dress without tights yet and it’s nearly June! Ugh.

    1. Oh Ashley, it is 100% because I’m leaving the UK. Everything seems perfect here now, but believe you me, I am the poster girl for SAD here. And it starts in September for me in Edinburgh. I can feel the days getting shorter. Matt and I both own two SAD lamps each and Matt will literally lay in the morning with it smushed on his face (in the dead of winter that is). I totally feel you.

      The first summer we lived in Edinburgh it didn’t get above 15 degrees all of June and July and rained roughly 86% of the time. I nearly went crazy.

      I always imagine the south has it so much easier, but I know even Brighton isn’t even warm enough yet. I’ll be crossing our fingers for both of us!


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