Working out at home: my favourite 10 Minute (HIIT) workout

In my last post I talked about going to the gym and my former gym-phobia. I have had an official gym membership for nearly eight months now — and that sounds so weird still! Going to a gym (any gym) is still new to me. And I still find lots of certain aspects of working out tricky.

For instance, if it’s a cold, rainy, windy evening in Edinburgh (the usual spring/summer weather here), the idea of gymming it after a long day in the office sounds about as appealing as rubbing chili seeds in my eyes.

So I found what works best for me is to go to the gym during the weekend and do some workout at home during the week. My favourite one at the moment is this high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. I know 10 minutes isn’t that hard-core, but I feel really proud of myself when I make it through this. Though I have to say, I’m so very glad I can do this in the privacy of my own home. By the end of most of the sets I can barely lift my legs off the ground and my arms go all wobbly — I look a bit like a turtle trying to do a handstand. It is heeerrrrd!

Speaking of my hermit-like tendency during the week, I should be completely honest and tell you that I also still get a bit overwhelmed at the gym if it’s really busy. After work is usual peak time at my local gym and I found it hard to stay focused with tons of people running and cross training all around me.

Another bonus for doing some at-home workouts? I work different muscles than when I go to the gym. I tend to stick to a routine at the gym (2 miles on the elliptical, a few wights and then yoga) and I know I won’t get Michelle Obama arms just doing the same thing over and over.

As I mentioned earlier this week, I used to detest working out. It’s still not my favourite thing, but I’ve been very motivated by the Endo Monster and it really helps to blog about it. So hope you guys don’t mind me sharing what I do from time to time!

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8 thoughts on “Working out at home: my favourite 10 Minute (HIIT) workout”

  1. I can’t wait to try this workout. . . out! I’ve only done a few (who am I kidding, I’ve only done one) HIIT segment at home and it kicks my butt every time. But you definitely feel like you’re accomplishing something when you’re done.

    When I belonged to the Y I hated when it was crowded, but I didn’t find it intimidating because most folks at the Y just look normal and not overly fit, so I felt like I belonged. I’ve never done a non-YMCA gym membership and would probably stick to the weekends if I did 🙂

    I’m excited to try Pure Barre, even though I know it’ll be painful and I’ll look “like a turtle trying to do a handstand” (heehee), I like how it works on lengthening muscles like ballet does.

    Can’t wait to work out with you when I come to visit in July. We can take embarrassing workout photos of each other!!

    1. Hi Cath
      I can’t wait to work out with you too! We can get you a one day gym membership! Or we can do some videos together and turtle-handstand! ;D
      I can’t wait to hear how Pure Barre goes for you — and I’ll take a class with you when I’m back in Atlanta!

  2. Ooh yes, the need for the workout routine that kicks your butt. For a while I was just doing half an hour on the elliptical, followed by half an hour of yoga. Like you said, not exactly a recipe for Michelle Obama arms haha. Since going to Bar Method semi-regularly though, I’ve felt a real difference in muscle tone and strength and notice that I’m improving my form in the exercises from week to week.

    More fitness posts!

    1. I’m so excited about the Bar Method, Lisa! I’ve heard such good things about it. I’ll probably give it a go when I move to Seattle.
      I’ll definitely share more fitness posts!

  3. Oh man, I hear you about the gym phobia! Then my husband got me a gold’s gym membership along with his and I’ve actually really liked going to the group workouts. Will have to try this HIIT workout for the days when I’m at home.


    1. Hi Faith
      You are so good to do the group workouts. I’ve done one class and really liked it, but I tend to be fickle. Once I sign up for a class, I end up not going. Hence the working from home sometimes ;D
      Good luck with your gyming!

  4. I’m not a huge fan of the gym either, it’s partly being intimidation, partly being overwhelmed but mostly I prefer to sweat in private. So I mostly work out at home (I have a crosstrainer/elliptical and alternate it with youtube vids for coreworkouts or yoga and switch it up by using one of the various exercise dvds I have every now and again, or this 23 min routine, which is also a bit of a challenge: At the moment this is my fave core/ab workout:
    It’s pretty low key, and all standing up and no crunches but you do feel like you’ve done something once you’re done (not in a HIIT way, but still).
    Next month I want to do the 30 days of yoga series ( my colleague’s daughter did it and she loved it, it’s exactly what the title says, 30 days of a daily yoga session, each one is different.
    Every 2-3 months I generally change my routine a bit, do a different youtube vid, do power walking, jogging or swimming instead of the elliptical.
    I’ll defo add your HIIT video to the mix once I’m done with the 30 days of yoga.

    1. Hahaha! Michelle, I totally understand the wanting to sweat in private thing too! And I’m definitely going to check out those videos — thank so much for sharing them. And let us know how you get on with the 30 days of Yoga. I’ve never done it and would love to know more!

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